An Art of Behaviour and of Action.


Let us be very clear ! Useless to waste your time dreaming.

What do you want ?


Do you want ?

A life WITHOUT fear, WITHOUT doubt, and WITHOUT scare

Knowing that YOU are beloved and protected.

Here is what I can show YOU and communicate to YOU





DANCING with this primordial INTELLIGENCE living in every single cell of YOUR BODY.

TOUCHING this LOVE with no limit where the very name of suffering does not exist.


It is possible because we are PERFECT from the beginning.

Only human evolution has settled a veil in front of this comprehension.

But we can recover ourselves within the working conditions of this perfection.


It becomes an ART of BEHAVIOUR and ACTION.




THE EAGER, the intrepid perfectionist

the one who is passionate for life

and does not want to waste his time with the unnecessary.

The one whose PASSION is like an indestructible wind that nothing can stop.

Every single cell of your body already knows the way to your home. You just need to be shown how to go back there…





I have never had any masters.

My only guide: my passion to find my original STRENGTH and work with it amongst Mankind.


That FORCE was in every single cell of my body !


Its INTELLIGENCE made me see, understand, feel

and hear

beyond words and theories.

I have discovered that these states can be passed on.

The practices that I give to you allow you to find again the state of Liberation.

Do them and see for yourself.


No theory


See directly



Is it clear ? Let us not waste our time. Without practice nobody can progress. The practice is not just to sit down on a cushion or a chair. The real practice is your daily life.


It is clear. But it is also so easy to be isolated from life on the grounds of « spirituality », to establish a break between your sensations, visions, perceptions derived from the « exercices » of the Direct Way and to forget correct human behaviour. Also while saying that you want happiness you activate gestures and acts which bring unhappiness.


I say « gesture ». A movement is a gesture. But a thought, a word are also gestures of energy. Thought is “matter”. It has a vibration, therefore an action. Useless to go around in the labyrinth of actions, of thoughts, of emotions.


So, it is imperative to understand the challenge of life and not to play with it. The Direct Way is a very precise method, very logical, allowing the quickest possible entrance into this primordial challenge for which we have been created. In fact, through the attitude of spirit and of behaviour, with the Direct Way we immediately come into its natural movement. We do not beat about the bush! We act as Creation has conceived us.


It only recognizes the « gestures », that is, the « movements ». It does not recognize the mental and theoretical quibbling. This is not of its creation. It will therefore naturally nourish the “gestures” which are of It. All the gestures of the Direct Way are from this Dimension. Thus Creation supports this “actor” by its Force, its enthusiasm. This is what makes this Art of Behaviour and of Action be so effective and accelerates considerably the transformation of the being.


So, for those who are « in low speed », with a slow transformation, it is quite simply that you are not really in alignment with this work on yourself. You play with new sensations, visions, perceptions. You take them back into your former energetic system to examine them, transform them, understand them… you have not understood that it is about another manner of living without tearing up your original Dignity. You take everything back again to your analytical and reasoning brain. It grabs your new possibilities of comprehension and of sensation to build a new game in its system. You do not go out of this former system. You are content to use the new one to repair, to understand, even to reinforce the former...


In fact, the major danger is in the abnormal development of the reasoning intelligence compared with the intuitive intelligence. Also, you do not manage to trust your practice. The intuitive intelligence, very sensitive and set in movement by the practices of the Direct Way, provides you with very precise indications about life and behaviour. At the same time this vision and this perception bring an enormous energy with them, throwing you into action. You observe this very clearly in these moments of lucidity. There is no separation between the perception and the action. The energy which has produced the lucidity is the same as the one which carries the action. So, it will suffice to leave “things to happen naturally”. Easy! But you have this analytical brain that wants to control everything! It stops the natural movement of the energy and wants to examine it according to its criteria. Not only does it steal the movement and the enthusiasm that carries it. It also and above all steals the energy that carried the movement. Also, even if it accepts your action according to its own validation, you are empty of this energy that you have received. You are robbed!!!! Not possible to make the movement start again. You must wait again for another event!!! Thus, you are gradually robbed by a part of yourself. The other part is satisfied “to survive” but does not develop.


Yet this is so easy ! Trust your practice and you will be nourished continuously by this Force of Life which will recognize your “gestures” as those conceived by It.


This is the Direct View







Without respiration, no life and work possible. The two described respirations aim:

        *firstly to stimulate the organism and to give it the force of the breath.

        *secondly to relax the entire stimulated organism.


1.1 The abdominal or invigorating respiration


POSITION: sitting on a chair. The end of the buttocks on the chair. The belly made free of clothing for its movements. Hands on the thighs, palms downwards. Back straight. No tension.



       *breathe in through the nose but imagine that the air comes from underneath the navel and not from the lungs. Make this effort of imagination and forget the lungs.


       *inflate the belly while you breathe in so that it makes a balloon. Do not inflate only towards the front but pay attention to breathing the air towards the sides, then backwards towards the spine and the kidneys.

Do not force the breathing in. Relaxation and above all in the chest. It is necessary to feel the abdominal wall to inflate all the sides like a tyre.


        *breathe out by releasing the air, very naturally. Do not force anything.

Pay attention to the exhaling only, the belly grows hollow naturally and visualize that it comes closer to the spine, which is a reality. But transform this natural and unconscious reality into a conscious perception. Observe without effort and without modifying anything. You can thus perceive your tensions and your reluctances to release the air. Do not modify anything; only perceive and know yourself.


        *practice this movement of breathing in and breathing out 7 to 9 times. One time is a breathing in + a breathing out. After the breathing out, do not start the following movement again. Breathe at least once without attention, in accordance with its natural process. That permits to the body to relax, because an effort is made through the attention that you have brought to the breath and the attention has unconsciously sought to cancel the blockages and reluctances of the breath. Thus there was “work”. It is necessary to put an end to the war which is taking place inside the body. That cannot be done by forging some other weapons and constraints to destroy the blockages. On the contrary, your blockages are the richness of your body and your mind upon which we will work. The more they will strengthen, the more energy there will be to recover and to transform.

Because these « blockages » are consumers of a great quantity of energy to be installed or to be lost. It is this energy already put into movement, which will be the first “retrieved”, according to the very judicious popular saying, which says that to save up is not only to come into money, but especially to prevent it from leaving. Then, after a “movement”, make at least one, if not two or three free respirations.

It is clear while practicing: when the body takes its breath back, it goes naturally to the following movement once rested, because it takes pleasure in this breathing which is invigorating and will lead to an inner relaxation in a few minutes, which will be clearly perceived through a smile which will spread from ear to ear.





This will be another series of 9 inhalings-exhalings, this assembling being ONE “movement”. After the previous series, you have really perceived the movement of inflation and deflation of the belly, which you can compare to a tyre. Now, you will improve the movement by directing the intrusion and the extrusion of the breath so that this can continue in relaxation.


*in the first place, during the breathing in, you will slightly hollow out the chest. That is done by rounding the top of the back, bringing the neck down to the shoulders and carrying the shoulders forward.

This movement is not pronounced. Just an “impression”. But you will feel that the chest grows hollow and that the sternum sinks into the chest. This movement relaxes the chest entirely, which accepts the effort of the back and of the shoulders but it does not act. You must feel a relaxation of the top part of the body in the front and of the air in the belly, which enters even more freely by the navel, all this without effort.

You must practice this relaxation of the chest before going on to the following work. So pay attention to it while breathing in without any contraction of the ribs and an even less pronounced movement of the back. Just an “impression” of a hollow. When the movement is correct, you have the feeling during the breathing in (which is moreover a reality) that there is a ball (kind of tennis ball) which is forming at the middle of the sternum. It is warm and rests gently on a zone under the sternum and gives a sensation of well being and of invigoration.

This is a pressure of air against the thymus gland, a very important endocrine gland, to which we will often come back with explanations to define the advantages of this energetic “massage”. Through this technique, in addition to the massage of the Thymus, there is a clear attraction of the air in the abdomen and on the whole, creating the tube no longer carries a problem. On the contrary, there is a natural movement which settles.


*in the second place, during the breathing out, you will amplify the movement of the belly which goes towards the spine.

That should be done without effort. Also, like in the first series, you will let the breathing out start by itself. Through a simple releasing of the air contained in the belly. To do this, you will merely slightly lift up the top part of the body with a righting of the back and a pulling back of the shoulders.

Even here, it is just « an impression ». No sporting movement. Seen from the exterior, you should not perceive this modification of the body. The movement is carried far more by the mind and its intentions than by the body. Later on, after weeks of practices, only the mind will command and the bodily movement will be infinitesimal but the result will be enormous.

The breathing out, initiated and started without effort, will extend the movement of the belly. By using visual imagination, you will imagine that the skin of the belly will try to press against the spine. Moreover, this intention will naturally provoke a movement of the muscles of the belly, which will (slightly) contract to push the skin towards the spine. Do not force. Observe the movement of the muscles which respond to an order from the attention, because what is asked of them is an old memory from before birth that has been impeded following the high retentions of the breath (lungs and upper lungs) due to the anguish to exist. Then they will go by themselves if you let them do so, by only giving your agreement for the necessary toning up.

This agreement is given by the extreme attention that you pay to the movement.

In breathing out like that, once, twice….and so on, you will perceive that the rest of the belly wants to follow. You will feel that this facing of the belly towards the spine is not a complete natural movement. But you have to start at one end and it is this basis which is presently laid down.

So, constantly come back to the preliminaries, at all the stages of the practice, because these preliminaries are, when all is said and done, far more important that the result. The latter will not last and will not provide its promises in time, if a reflex basis is not given to it.

You will feel, in the supple breathing out which pushes lightly from the belly towards the spine that the rear part of the back, at the level of the belly, also wants to be flattened towards the spine. When this feeling is born, it is essential to let it be and even to help it through an effort of imagination. You have the impression that the belly grows hollow from both sides, front and back. This attention to these two sides will lead to a natural muscular effort, which will really give the impression that the skin wants to be pressed against the spine and that the belly becomes “empty”. You have the sensation of a reversed pear. The hollow at the bottom while breathing in is reversed.


*But curiously, and this entire technique aims only at this result, you will feel there is a 3rd side of the belly which now intervenes naturally: the lower part. The zone of the genital parts and of the anus.

Thereafter, you will increase the delicacy of perception and you will observe that there is a very precise zone which directs the whole operation: the perineum. This space, which is almost like a spot of 1 cm2 at the most, between the root of the opening of the vagina and the anus. To perceive it well, you can massage it gently with a finger or a soft cloth. You will then perceive, through the sensation produced, that it is only a very limited zone.

For the moment, you only have an overall perception of it. The lower part ascends by force with the breathing out. You help it through a contraction of the buttocks and of the sex. Later on, this will only be a contraction of the perineum, which is the Door of Life and of Death. The work on this spot is essential for all those who want to be something else than a cloud carried by the draughts of life.

So pay attention to this lifting “in the belly” of the lower zone and observe how the belly becomes very conscious of the belt at the crotch and that you have completely forgotten the top (lungs…and so on.). Hold this lifting for a few moments through a contraction of the buttocks and the sexual zones.

Then relax. Allow a few normal breathings be made until you feel that your body is relaxed again.

Then, resume the following movement. 7 to 9 times in all. Rest for a long time.



        Breathe in, hollowing the chest, feel the pressure on the thymus, breathe out lifting up the chest, flatten the belly towards the back, flatten the back towards the front and lift the sexual organs up. This whole process is then done in its stride without effort. But to obtain this fluidity, it is important not to skip the preliminary stages. So practice those until you get a movement without any effort.

You will perceive the success with three symptoms:

        - during the breathing in, the pressure of the tyre in the belly will be dilating and pleasant. You will then feel the pressure of the small ball on the sternum better and this pressure leads to an obvious relaxation of the mind and of all the top parts of the body.

You will feel like a pear with the bulge at the bottom.

        - during the breathing out, you will have the feeling that the belly becomes a real hand and that you can “at last!” act according to your will. This hand will moreover press and decompress the inner organs and make the intestinal transit easier and eliminate constipations. You will feel like a pear with the narrowing at the bottom.

        - But the obvious and final benefit will be the impression of relaxation and force which will spread through the body. The lips will smile naturally and you will have the impression of a great inner force in the belly. It will not only be an impression. It is a reality. You will observe it if you get up and walk for a while. There will be a stability of the movement unsuspected before.


Lastly, when you feel at ease, you can make some light retentions of the breath, as well during the breathing out as the breathing in. The object is not to retain but to relax the body of its movements. You feel then that there is still a possibility to fill up or empty the belly even more. You have to do it.

This practice is of great interest for the moment during the inhaling, in order to check and to perfect the pressure of the air on the entire periphery of the abdomen and mainly in the direction of the kidneys. So do not hesitate to complete this “inner tube” by inflating it to a maximum in a regular and harmonious manner.

There can be several stages of retention-resumption. After one of these and a light rest, you can observe that it is still possible to make a 2nd… then a 3rd… and so on. It is personal matter and everything must always be done while relaxing.

Any search of effort or of performance would be harmful as much for the technique as for the memory of the body. Know that this latter is always on the alert. Useless to give it false notions. On the contrary, you must reassure it. So that it really understands that you are no longer playing the same music, that which has given it nausea before. To do this, it must register the absence of “authoritarian will”. It will become more flexible and will then open these drawers to let you see your past. It will then register your technique, its process and will reproduce it for you with an amazing exactness. So abstain from all performance. It is not because “yesterday”…. that today is supposed to be identical.


1.2. The branchial respiration


Leave the belly in the state of dilatation and of receptivity to which you have brought it. We are perfecting it through the top part of the body to lead to an amazing Whole. You will see.

You know what the gills of the fish are, through which they breathe. We will make some for ourselves at the sternum and on the back. This is what we will breathe through. The breathing should be VERY light. You thus make a stream of air enter very gently.


1. Imagine that you have two gills on each side of the sternum. Generally in the middle, but particularly, situate them at a place where you will have a specific contraction.

You have just done some work on the Thymus. It could be that you have a pressure in this zone. It shows that you have really known how to enter the chest in the previous exercise. The Thymus is slightly painful, like any muscle would be, which you would have made work without it being a long-standing habit. So use this “false pain” in the present exercise.

I assume that you have the possibility to work on both sides at the same time. Both gills. But if this creates a problem or a difficulty for you, do one side first, then the other, to lastly finish with both sides together. That will moreover permit you to check the difference between the respired « gill » side and the one still waiting for your work.


2. In breathing in, you will imagine that the gill opens. Slowly and with a great suppleness. You will quickly observe a slight resistance in the opening of the gill. Stop immediately and breathe out. The gill closes by itself without effort.

Start again many times but stop immediately with the perception of a small resistance. Never force. You would destroy the entire benefit of this practice.

When you are at ease and you really feel « the stop », you breathe in, will reach the resistance, but now you will retain the breath. You let the gill close again. Then you breathe in again and the gill opens again. You stop at the resistance. Amazing, it has retreated!

You start again. Breathe in, resistance, retain....breathe in, resistance, retain...until you could not breathe in without making an effort.

Release everything and breathe normally.


You have observed each time that there is a retreating of the blockage of the breathing. Now, breathing normally, you have the impression that your respiratory capacity is very increased. You even have the sensation that you have a corset on the chest and that this corset is now hinged to the collarbones. With each respiration it lifts up on its hinges and frees the front of your chest.

Work until you feel that the corset lifts up almost horizontally on its hinges fixed at the collarbones.

Relax and normal breathing.


Notice the difference and the well being. Unnecessary to hold forth. It is a fact. The rib cage is no longer an obstacle to the breathing. You can easily get past it and you enter into the world of energetic breathing.


3. But you must perfect this breathing and balance all the sides of your body. Then you pass on to the back. The two gills are in the middle of the back, under the shoulder blades. Same procedure. Hinges at the shoulders.

The sensation produced is like the shell of an insect which rises and frees you entirely of the weight and constraint of your back.


4. If you combine the two states of liberation, front and back, in simply normal respirations, you notice that the breath has acquired its Freedom.

You will add this new sensation of the top part of the body to the one of the freedom that you have gained at the bottom of the trunk through the abdominal breathing.

Breathe, observe and take pleasure according to your rhythm.


5. Then get up and walk slowly. Move. Stretch a leg. Take a step. Stretch an arm. Take hold of a book, an object...... etc. Notice the transformation. Now there is some strength and a kind of heaviness. This is the sensation of a Presence. You begin to be with yourself. Without this, no work and progress possible. We work with the concrete, the material. Energy is matter, is weight. It is what will permit you to progress step by step by knowing what you do.

You have still not come very far. You always have the shore of the old within reach of your fingers and of your heart. But there is something else in your hand: a possibility to constitute a small boat.