Application 1 of the bronze man 1


Inner protection.



The essential part of this bronze man is the protection. The term protection is wide, but its application is of very great subtlety.


At the beginning, when you work with it, you protect yourself from the negatives waves, from the attack of your environment. The noise and the external loudness no longer encumber you and you can hear your own little music. For the moment, it is important that you become very intimate with this little music of the heart. If you make the war against the world, the world will rightly give it back to you and your life will be hell. The bronze man 1 makes the protection inside you through the reorientation of the entire energy mechanism of which you are constituted.


When you sit down and do this practice, calmness settles. This is the first application. But this application is going to be confirmed when you will be deeply attacked. You are then carried! You just have your breathing and your will to get out of there. So, with your respiration, a very strong breathing out, you push strongly in your belly against the belt. Two or three minutes later, the calmness is remade inside you. The attack does not succeed in destabilizing you anymore. It is not a mechanism of protection like an outer shield, but it is an inner protection, which takes care that all the negative energy thrown towards you is automatically swallowed by your belt and retransformed into positive energy.


This is the first application of the bronze man 1, which is the protection of your energy system in order to immediately transform the attack into nourishment.


But the second application is to protect you against yourself. You have habits, movements that have always functioned like a ritornello that produces unhappiness while you say you want happiness.


When you do this practice without being attacked by the surroundings, it is exactly the same process which acts, because inside you, there is a set of disturbing energies. You come from somewhere, you have passed through territories, you have swallowed nourishment. You are a mixture of relative and absolute, of destruction and construction, of negative and positive. When your practice like that, your system acts on the disturbing energy it has already absorbed and transforms it into positive nourishment, giving you far more tonicity for life, for discovering your heart.


The second application is in action when you know that you are going to enter into a conflicting space. You are going to make the bronze man before going into this environment. Then you will go. You will enter into another dimension of relationship with the world, since you will not have to worry about your protection. It will be made naturally by transformation of the negative energy into positive energy.


So, you do not only do the cleansing of your inner space and turn the negative energy into positive energy. You produce, if your bronze man is strong enough, the same result within the space in which you are. Progressively, you change its vibration. The people then find themselves modified in their behaviour. You have changed the surrounding air and the new air they breathe transforms their inner chemistry.

Also, when you are in a difficult environment, instead of arguing, let the person develop her aggressiveness while you make, very simply, the bronze man 1, very strongly. There will be a very great calmness inside you, a calmness which is also going to settle in the space around you. The connection with the others is going to be changed.


This application of the bronze man 1 is just as useful for helping your family, your personal life, but also your professional life. Just simply be there, and practice. One cleans the space instead of discussing. One cleanses it. It is not difficult, because one realizes that through this action of clearing pollution, one increases ones power of action and ones enthusiasm for ones own life considerably. And what is more, by cleaning the space up, the others are no longer smothered in the same manner, and can breathe in a different way.


Never forget this possibility and instead of going on with argumentation, practice. Practice! The practice will be enough. And all will stop by itself without the need of a winner or a loser.








The Art of Breathing


Through commentaries and teachings, I have already spoken a lot about this bronzeman. I have provided details of working. But it is now essential to “repeat” the most important thing, the very heart of this practice.


It is the Art of Breathing.


This Art is practiced on an external, as well as on an internal and lastly on its secret side. We will look at these three principles.


°External: this is a protection against attacks coming from the outside. The energetic being is subject to the radiations of the space in which he is. These radiations provoke certain behaviours and comprehensions; they limit, even cancel the other possibilities of working that are yet in potential and pending. Also, to be able to exercise your own breathing, more ample than the one allowed by the surroundings, you have to escape from these radiations for a while. This is the external application of this practice.


°Internal: the attacks against your basic energetic system do not all come from the outside, at least not directly. All the mechanisms of rules, dreams, hopes, fears … also direct the behaviours and the comprehensions. These limitations are moreover much deeper and more pernicious than the ones coming directly from the outside. I say: directly, because the inner influences have also come from the outside of the basic energetic system, but they are older than the “now”. They are the result of upbringing, of society, of former lives… They also limit and direct the breathing of the being.


This bronze man then reveals the weaknesses of the main energetic centers through pains, illnesses, difficulties. In the face of them, the consciousness of the being must then observe, with a lot of attention, what is going on in his body and how it reacts to the circumstances of life. We then enter into a vaster and deeper dimension: Liberation through Knowledge. The Knowledge in itself is the real protection! When you know at last what the problem is and how the alienating system works to disturb the movement and the comprehension, you can act consequently.


However, this new knowledge will not be able to be practiced smoothly if the energetic structure is constantly submitted to external attacks. It is therefore within the external protection of this practice that this knowledge on the one hand can appear and on the other hand develop.


In order to go further into this inner protection, a complementary commentary. When you come towards the Direct Way, you are like a block without clearly defined sensations. You know and feel that you do not function correctly. But this big block of “problems” is a cluster of problems. You must break them up. They will become less and less solid problems. They will be more penetrable. Then it will be possible to examine them more precisely and in particular to feel and understand how each of them intervenes and acts on the energetic system. So the entire problem will transform itself into a multitude of particular problems which are easy to manage, analyzable and perceptible.


To help this comprehension, there is also the use of the technique of opening of the ordinary memories, which we also call the opening of the emotional body. This opening is therefore situated in the space of this bronze man, which makes these liberating perceptions easier.


So this is how the « inner» side of this bronze man works: splitting up the « general » into « particulars » and helping the opening of the ordinary memories. The perceptions become clearer and more fluid. It is possible to then have a precise knowledge of them and to intervene directly through the action and the decision.


°Secret: the energy produced by this bronze man is that of the Force of Original Life itself. Also, you do not do anything « special ». You are put directly back into the natural movement of this Force of Life. It possesses the intelligence to protect itself and to understand itself in the action. This is the specific « Art of Breathing » of this Force. This is its way of organizing its own space so that its action can be carried out. This is what this practice is so powerful for and transforms so quickly. As you are entirely disturbed at the present time, this Force intervenes to regularize your energetic system, so that it ITSELF can work with fluidity. If you really understand that, you will never have a problem with this practice. Your entire being will understand, will feel, will be intimate with this movement of your body. You will be with complete confidence. It will then no longer be necessary to be concerned about « freeing yourself », because this Force is the liberation itself. You will no longer be in the disease of effort. You will let things take their course with complete confidence and the modification through your body will be very fast. Then it will only be left to your consciousness and your will to accept the obviousness in front of your eyes and in your body… and to act consequently.


Everything can be very simple! You must only on the one hand have confidence to “let” this Force “act” and on the other hand “to act” yourself, under the impulse of the knowledge now very clearly present.


Such is the essence of the three principles of the bronze man one.