Application 2 of the bronze man 1



External cleaning.




There is a third application of the bronze man number one.


It is the expulsion of the aggressor out of the space in which we are.


There are, in fact, people who come into your space only to attack you. They have no desire to communicate. There is no reason to keep them in your space and to use the previous applications to turn the negative into positive. We must not be masochistic. We have no obligation to be gentle. We must not confuse kindness, gentleness and goodness…..with false compassion.


Goodness is also to know how to stop somebody, to throw him out of your space. Your preoccupation must always keep the space at a level of tonicity, of clarity, of cleanliness, of enthusiasm good enough for it to be a help, a dance floor for those who are inside it.


The loyalty is to the space. Understand this well, because it is excessively important for the organization of your life.


And there is no beauty, no real compassion in keeping a malicious and useless person in your space. One forgets this too often.


You can say it with words, but this is not the aim of the bronze man. It is an energy radiation. So, for this being who is neither welcoming nor participating and whose presence does not have any use for the collective space, you have the capacity to send the energy of this practice to control him and master him. It is a direct action where there is a projection onto the person by your intention and your will. The person is carried along in a whirlwind and becomes a real top. From here, he has two possibilities: either he stops his malicious attitude, or he runs away.

This practice cannot produce an effect from somebody who is still in the mechanism of pride, of pretentiousness of himself, of war with the others, because he will not have the necessary power. There is therefore no risk that I reveal these possibilities of applications. This little bronze man 1, which appears so simple, allows many things to be done. All its applications serve to help whoever has the intention to live with dignity. One must not enter into a false compassion, a false gentleness. If you let your space be polluted, you are going to die. Be aware of that. And there is no beauty in committing suicide or letting oneself being killed.









For a long time, I thought that I was a bit mad. Then, as the years went by, there were words coming in front of my eyes, also in my eyes, in my heart, and in my body. They rotated, waltzed. The more they rotated, the more they waltzed, the more it spontaneously came out from my lips: “My Love, I love you”.

This ended by making a poem written in blue on a white background, in front of me, there in the sky. Always a totally white sky, written in a very soft blue. When my eyes were closed, it was written into my eyes. When I slept at night, I realized that it was written in my heart.


« I love you, Woman of the universe, only Love.

When your body quivers, my heart bursts.


Ocean of love,

When your gentleness submerges me,

Your smile pervades me and my earth expands.


Rest yourself my Beauty, I will protect you in your works.

My spouse, do you feel my breath?


In this trapped body,

I show your presence.


The light rides itself and time bursts.


Only silence loves.

Action stems from it.

Without a trace.


But do they want to exist through you?”



When I too touched the gentleness of the universe, the reason of being of its creation, the reason of being of my creation, the reason of being of the creation of humankind, of the human being, then I understood these words entirely.

It flowed everywhere in all the fibres of my body and in fact, all is summarized there.


I could start from these verses, from these few lines to explain the entire relationship of the human being with creation and the entire relationship of creation with the human being and lastly, the entire teaching.

All is explained there. All is understood there.


But, for me, the constant question was: “But do they want to exist through you?”

I was about 27 years old when I had the total perception of the gentleness of creation and all this comprehension. I have then spoken of love.

I have noticed that there was a total inversion between love and gentleness. The ordinary world considers gentleness to be the daughter of love, one of the means of love to be able to exercise itself in the world. The other “children” might be brutality, severity, brusqueness, and so on.

I have tried to show this understanding through my movement. It has not worked. I was loved, but I did not transform.


There was always this leitmotif which came back to me: " But do they want to exist through you?"


Then, as years went by, I realized that if there are people who have this initial passion, who cannot live in any other way than with God, there are other people who are not interested in God. But there are also those who are very close, who love God deep down in their hearts, but who do not know how to do so.


How to do so is not only how to love Him, but how to come out of these so skimpy clothes which limit the movements, the soul, the happiness, the communication with oneself. I am not even speaking of communication with the universe. This would be too pretentious. Very simply, the communication with oneself. One feels that there is always something, behind here, hidden, which one would like to discover.


Then, when all passed well into my body, when I too could say,

« Peace of heart, eat my body, come into my body. In it you will find this space which is allowing you to discover yourself”, it was perfectly clear to me that I should understand, with my body, why the ordinary human being cannot perceive as I perceived, and cannot feel this peace which flows.

For this, it was necessary that I let their negativities flow into my body. Their negativities should be my meal, so that I could perceive what goes on when it is this kind of nourishment that is consumed, when it is this form of garment that is worn. It was necessary, with the help of this gentleness, which flows so freely into my body, into my cells, that I find the medicine.

Let me be frank. Many times I believed that I was lost. That I would not come out of these garments that I had buttoned up to my neck, of these poisons that I had taken in to completely fill up my stomach. I have cried out for help.


But, the results are the practices that I can teach. They are coming out of my body, which has decoded what one can do when this poison flows and clothes it.


What I can offer, as a means, is not to speak about love to you, is not to speak about gentleness to you, is not to show a bridge, or a way to you. That has been done before me. These are very precise practices, which have the purpose of progressively making space inside your body, so that this poison, which flows so freely into you and which clothes you in too skimpy a garment, becomes diluted, becomes less violent and is discarded. Not with force, but discarded because there is something that I can manage to make alive in you, inside you, and which bit by bit, as you put your attention on it, is taking its place and discarding the rest. Because the rest cannot resist it. Because it is the strongest. That is all.


So, the practices are very simply that. It is a method, absolutely mathematical. It is a means to make the gentleness spread out inside you again and to progressively give it some space.

But do not believe that it is going to be easy, that this is going to develop in a very linear manner. The world is spatial. It plays in all dimensions.

Therefore, if this fascinates you, if this fills you with enthusiasm, we can take a walk together.


Do not worry too much at the beginning, strength comes gradually when one walks. And then, it is not a problem to go down on one knee. The problem is to lament over oneself. If you then look inside you, there is this strength, this gentleness, this light. Call out to it for help. You have the means; you have the practices that are helping for the encounter. Practice. And you are going to see that it goes very fast.


But do not shut yourself into the too skimpy garment of suffering, of disillusion. Do not shut yourself into this very space that plays with you, making you believe that you are escaping when you have understood its space.

On the contrary, you free it when you come out of its own space. So make this space burst. Put springs under the soles of your feet and jump. You have the means to do so.

Do not let yourself be caught by this lack of enthusiasm, because this is the very bond of suffering. It takes the enthusiasm away. It takes away the desire to do. It takes away the desire to create, it takes away the earth under ones feet. So, be very careful when the enthusiasm goes away: “Danger, danger”.


Above all, do not strive on this way. Call out for help. You have the means, the practices, to work. Very quickly all the inner chemistry changes, all the inner space changes and the problem does not exist anymore. Because a problem can only develop inside a precise space which welcomes it, and indeed, which creates it.

These are my last recommendations before starting the walk. See you soon.