Bronze man 2




1. Presentation.


An awakened human being is not someone who knows everything. He has the inner chemistry to know everything, to understand in the event. A new and fresh spirit with each breath. The second bronze man reproduces that inner chemistry in the body that speeds up all the energy circuits linked with the intuition. There are two intelligences. One of reasoning, the other intuitive. The first one is part of the analytical brain, the second of the cells of the body.


2. Practice.


The second bronze man is the natural continuity of the first, which is a protection against the surroundings.

Do not rush yourself. Start it only when the cylinder of the torso goes up easily, when you have no difficulty in perceiving the belts when you press with the breath. I am talking here about the inner belts. You do not need the external belts to put your own system of protection into activity. It settles naturally.


With this second bronze man, one always activates with the Tan Tien. However, you no longer strengthen the belt with a pressure, but with some projections from the Tan Tien against its four main bearings that are the front, the back, the right side and the left side. You already have control of the respiration system and the pushing of the Tan Tien is done with breathing out. It is like a tennis ball that you throw against a wall, and which returns. You breathe out, it is thrown, you breathe in, it comes back. This is what we are going to do.


First, there is the perception of the Tan Tien that you throw onto the front bearing; it goes forth and back, many times. Four times should be enough for you to observe a solidification of the belt round the impact. You release, you relax. The place is warmer, harder. If it is not clear, you do it again. Take your time.


When this presence is there, you throw the TT backward. Perhaps you will need more than four times, because it is the most difficult area to put into action. Then the left side and the right side. The action is done below the ribs. Four times should be enough. The four bearings should be very clear. It is enough now to push slightly on the Tan Tien with the breathing out. A very strong inner belt settles.


You feel four rays in your belly, or two diagonals. With your attention, you make them turn clockwise. Quietly. Rotation always while exhaling and you release while inhaling. There is an expansion of the abdominal system and at the same time the head is drained. You enter into a far more floating dimension than the first bronze man. We cannot yet speak of luminosity but of lightness.


Now you make the bowl with the projection of your TT against your perineum. Exhaling, you throw, Inhaling, the TT comes back. Four times also. Then you close the perineum and you push strongly against the belt. The bowl settles, very strongly. Warm!


When the belly is solid, peaceful, filled, you move the torso. Tiny movements, front, back, sides, while pushing in your bowl, until you feel an axis which starts in your belly and ascends vertically. It goes up to the fontanel, but do not lose time with wanting to get a total perception. A beginning is enough with its starting.


You then push on your TT like a hand squeezes on a lemon. A liquid goes up into the central channel. Concentrate on your heart, the product will stop here. You use it like the TT of the heart. You throw it against the front, back and laterals bearings of the inner belt. Here too, four times should be enough.


You can have a pain which comes about at the back, between the shoulder-blades. It shows that your enthusiasm for life is meeting some difficulties; that in the past there have been some obstacles. Do not worry about this pain, it will pass. Later you will know how to work on its origins.


The four bearings should be very precise, really perceptible with the four rays.

Return to the bowl. Press on the Tan Tien with the breathing out. This strength goes into the central axis up to the heart. It nourishes the four rays of your wheel. Do this operation many times. Very full, make the wheel of the heart turn. The space in your breast widens, strengthens the communication with yourself, your enthusiasm for life. Take your time. Take in intimacy with this wonder, this possibility to enlarge everything. When it is large enough, you can have some great yawns, some great spontaneous breaths. You make the wheel of the belly turn. A cylinder, a vertical wall, is going to connect the space of the belly to the one of the heart. Pay attention to what is going on. The rest is comes about by itself. It is a question of energetic mechanism. You can perceive that the space that is now protected is far bigger than the one of the bronze man 1. It is lighter too, more interiorized.


When the wheel of the Tan Tien and the one of the heart are connected by the cylinder, you make a quantum of energy go up to the throat and there is the same movement as for the heart.


Here, you take your time. The communication with yourself, the others, the space, this is the big problem of your life. At least, the immediate big problem. Even if we can say that in the end it is a secondary problem regarding your relationship with yourself. Nevertheless the clothes that you wear around your body are there. You have to take this into account. So, be very careful with all that is the throat and its organs, such as the tonsils, which are managing the bundle of punishment and the thyroid which is the real center of communication. Take care of all of that.


Then, the same for the forehead.


Always look for relaxation. Concentrate on the wheel of the forehead, on its movement and the widening. You can have the feeling that your bones are being pushed aside towards the outside, of having an enormous brain and head. A brain and a skull, in which there at last there is room to move.


Completed, you concentrate on the fontanel. This simple attention is enough in order for the protection to include the head. Of course, there is always the wheel of the belly that is turning, because it is this that supplies the process with energy.

When the closing of the fontanel is done, you relax for a moment.


Relaxing is a relaxation without the opening of the perineum. If you open the perineum, the energy is going to escape through the legs. So, like in all the techniques, you have the perineum slightly contracted.


Make the four wheels turn together. You begin with the one of the belly. It puts the four wheels into action and links them together. The central axis, while turning, puts the wheels of the heart, of the throat, of the forehead into movement.


You are in a state of being very peaceful, a space for breathing, a discovery that we can enlarge ourselves, without effort and without war against the surroundings. This is easy. It is not at all warlike. Here, it is rather like a bird which perceives that it can fly further.


3. Commentaries.


1. The space determines the system of relationships, the behaviour with others and with ourselves. So, be very careful. The first bronze man allows you this backward movement with regard to the event.

Then a very subtle feeling arises, inside you, to “truly” want. When you become intimate with it, you have a new space inside you. It is this space which is going to begin to impassion you: what could I do with it? It is the action of the second bronze man.

2. Making the four wheels turn together can procure a great pleasure and a profound relaxation: yawning one’s head off.






External internal



A rapid commentary which makes sense for the questionings about the consequences of the bronze men 1 & 2.

The two BM are protections. This is often misunderstood, because there is an external and internal protection. Examine them:




It is a piece of armour which protects from the radiations coming from outside. In this way there is space inside you to practice your life according to your “feeling” that you discover step by step. When your energetic system is constantly rushed by the outside, there is no possibility for this intimacy. This protection is perceived very well by the body with this metal piece of armour which settles around you.


For many people, this is the only benefit and interest for these bronze men.




What is the foundation of the Direct Way? It is liberation through knowledge. Thus you escape from all the theories of adoration and of “faith” at first glance. You become master of your existence through the knowledge of its mechanisms of working, but mainly through the knowledge of the working of the universe. Then you “act” in full consciousness of your aims and your means.


That is the inner protection: to know! Then, it is a question of courage, of determination … in fact, all what I have already said so often about the Direct Way, which is for courageous people not avoiding conflict.


So this is a question for many of those who practice the two first bronze men. At the beginning, they feel well protected by the piece of armour. They make a habit of this comfort. Then, this protection seems to weaken and they perceive a deeper sensitiveness in the event, in the meeting, in the presence of the other beings and their intentions towards them. They wonder about it and have doubts about the maintenance of their protection through these two techniques.


Yet, this is the normal course of the external protection, which, when it is well settled in place with a very strong bowl capable of transforming negativities, develops the comprehension of the main centers of energy so that the person gains consciousness of the reality of the facts produced by her surroundings. This perception can now be made without damage under the protection of the outer piece of armour and of the bowl, transformer of energy.


It is in this way that under this protection, the person comes more deeply into the knowledge of the facts. She comes into a new domain which is the one of her own responsibility. Indeed, now that she “knows” and experiences the damaging consequences that she receives through her body, what is she going to do?




So the two first bronze men are not only protections, but they are also « doors » for the grandiose and liberating domain of your responsibility before you and Creation. This is liberation through knowledge. But it does not suffice to have the knowledge. You must also have the “power” to use it. Impossible in an inner space completely disturbed and saturated with the pollution of the environment. So the two BM have this triple function:


     *To protect from attacks to begin to be intimate with oneself.


    *To develop the main centers of perception. This is the “realization” that we can also call the « knowledge ».


    *To permit this knowledge to express itself in the body and to put the cells into vibration so that the action is the one

stemming from this realization.


The two first bronze men are thus not only a preparation for life. It is already life itself in action.


These techniques stem from the Look of God on the human. They already contain all the strength and the power of this Origin.



It seemed necessary to me to make this little commentary to lift a few questionings that I frequently meet. If I would like to summarize in a few words:


         Direct Way is a way of behaviour and of action.

        To “be able” to act, you must also “know”.


Then it is just a matter of courage! … He says, hardly humorous … in the face of the abundance of resistances to free oneself of one’s “small boxes”!!!!!! ….



But is life not a long, quiet river?