Application of the bronze man 2



The flower



The characteristic of the bronze man 2 is to develop the process of the intuition, this ability to perceive, distinguish, that an ample way of life can exist. The bronze man 1 has made you intimate with your own house. The bronze man 2 is going to allow you to have the desire to do something with it.


What do you do when you enter into a new house, after having tidied, cleaned, made all neater? You go into the garden and pick a nice flower. This flower is a wish for life. Put into water, it is going to radiate, in buds and blossom. This is the natural movement!

So, the first application of the bronze man 2 is the construction of this flower inside you. Within the depths of you exists this central axis, which is most primordial, most secret. It is from there that we are going to construct the flower, to position this opening of the heart, this desire to live.


Here is the process. You have already built up the bronze man. You press lightly on the TT like on a lemon. A quantum of energy goes up into the central axis. You stop its progression at the heart. You repeat this several times.

Very naturally, there is a very gentle diffusion of this quantum of energy which radiates of each side of your chest, towards the breasts. It is like a flower which opens its petals, and which gradually extends with its progression. Do you smell the perfume? When the two lateral petals have spread out, there are another two which extend themselves, one coming towards the front and another towards the back. Take your time. It is very beautiful. The breast opens and forms a new breathing. Pay attention to this opening of this flower, to its colours and its radiation. Make some small contractions of the Tan Tien, which nourishes this flower with the strength of life. You can stay here. But the flower carries on. And when you press a little bit more on your TT, a new stem comes out from the centre of this flower of the heart and goes up to the throat. It opens out into four petals. You do not have to intervene; it is your love for what is there that conducts the process.

You continue to nourish this flower through your TT like a good gardener. You let the throat expand. If you have difficulties in relationship with yourself and others, you can also have pains. It is an enormous work that is being done on you. You have to accept that it sometimes produces disagreeable feelings. The important thing is that you continuously enlarge your strength and your desire to live, your desire to create. According to what you are, this enlargement will either be supple or painful. Do not pay too much attention to your feelings, they are never very important. The important thing is your strength for life that is opening.


If you still have some time or during another session, you press a bit more on your TT again and from the centre of the flower of the throat, a stem ascends, which goes up to the two eyes. From here, the flower of the head blossoms directly into four petals. When this flower is here, well implanted, you gently make it rotate. In the same way that you make a pretty flower rotate between your fingers. Very natural.


There are three levels of petals which are rotating: the heart, the throat, the forehead. A smell, a light develop inside you. This light enlarges your bronze man. It gives it another dimension.

You have nothing else to do than to make this flower rotate. Many desires, intuitions are going to come. The flower develops all your desires, all that gives you the desire to create, that provokes your imagination. You have everything inside you, except that these tools have been so numbed, frozen, hardened. Here, with the bronze man 2 and the flower, you begin again to take up contact and life with your tools, which are there to give you the impulse for life, the imagination for life, the enthusiasm for action. You do nothing particular apart from giving this extraordinary attention to this perfume, to this expansion, to this radiation, which settles and which progresses inside you. It does this very naturally; you notice that happiness exists somewhere.


Somewhere, there exists at least a way to be alive, free, full and happy. This somewhere is inside you.


To go out of this state takes nothing particular. The flower continues to blossom, to radiate in your ordinary life. Inside your body, your heart, there is a presence that you will feel. And also a friendship for yourself. You will also begin to have a lot of friendship for the others.


When you want, you move the entire body, like elephants which shift from the right to the left. You turn yourself a little. You resume your usual breathing, less directed towards the breathing out and you get up. You go into your ordinary life.


You will notice that your gestures are no longer the same, that your look is no longer the same. You begin to perceive that you can have another life, that there is another way of existing while remaining in the same body, while being in the same space, in the same house, with the same family. The modifications of life are not external modifications, but always a revolution that takes place inside you, quietly, gently, in the intimacy of your heart, without making a lot of fuss with the others and without losing your time with explanations for someone who does not feel that he has any ability to understand what you are saying. He can just perceive your physical and behavioural modification. This modification will make him afraid or attract him and give him the desire to accompany you. And better still, he will ask you how you have done this. You will be able to teach him.


Such is the first application of the bronze man two, but we are already here, in the very essence of life.





The movement of energy:

A constant possibility of making a choice at each moment




destroying nothing.




Movement is the very essence of energy. It is constant transformation, permanent construction and destruction.


1. The exact process is the following.


A movement ensues from a quantum of energy. Even more exactly, a quantum is put into movement and accumulates a knowledge, which, at a certain point, has the possibility of expressing itself and understanding logically. The reasoning brain thus informed, gives a piece of information of conduct to the movement, which develops, until the next logical report and so on…



2. Can one stop or modify the movement?


Impossible to stop the movement, because this is the natural state of energy. On the other hand, there is the possibility of modifying the orientation of the movement, what one calls « the intention » of the movement. The understanding of this process is linked to the teaching no.2 about “the challenge of life”. In fact, if the “first movement” of the quantum of energy is always in accordance with the intention of “Dignity”, for this intention is incorporated into the very matter of energy and the two centers of control existing in your body: the Intuitive Intelligence and the reasoning intelligence. I will remind you that the first is linked to the cells of the body and the second to the analytical brain.


Therefore, if the departure of the movement is always with the intention of the Intuitive Intelligence, the reasoning intelligence has the possibility to change its destination at each “report”. But this possibility of modification of the orientation and of the final result of the movement is a constant law. So it plays in both directions. A movement can also be changed in the direction of Dignity while it was going in the direction of the Grid. That is very important, because the “judgement” is made at each of these moments of understanding. There is a constant choice and an enormous freedom given to the human being to direct his action, therefore the end result of his life. It is this enormous movement in all directions that one calls “the cosmic fair”, because everything returns to each other, because “everything” collaborates at the point of understanding.



3. « Everything » is useful and there is nothing to throw away.


When one has intimately understood the mobility of the energy and the only two possible movements, because there are only two main flows, one brings an enormous attention to the area of “comprehension” which permits to change the movement. Through the game of the two intelligences in the body, this is the “feast” of the alternations, researches, decisions… Everything can be played again at every moment and there is nothing to condemn and even less to take away.


- why nothing to « condemn »?


Everything is a carrier of a piece of information. The worst as well as the best. The energy, through its circulation in the events, which one calls its movement, accumulates some data at all levels (thoughts, consciousness, emotions…) until the point where this combination produces a mental and physical “state of immobilization” that one calls “ the zero point”. From this state of immobility, a comprehension of the movement is born. Then one of the intelligences of the body intervenes to decide on the future orientation of the action.


It is important to understand that « everything » has collaborated to this understanding. Then why denigrate a “past” if this latter permits to take a decision. Despite the fact that on the Direct Way we are only interested in the choices of action under the impulse of Dignity, one must really understand that all the failings as well as the qualities of the person collaborate there.

So there is nothing to throw away!


On the other hand, when the choice is made, one has to know to look at it with seriousness and to treat it in accordance with its movement. That is the “courage” of the Direct Way: one looks at things in their face. We do not divert our eyes. We are not afraid of conflict.


- why is there « nothing to take away »?


This is an even more difficult understanding than the previous one. One must correctly define what energy and its “mass” is. The movement produces an accumulation of information and this latter is a “matter”. When this “mass” is sufficiently detectable by the reasoning brain, there is this understanding which “judges” and takes a decision about the future of the movement. Without this sufficient mass, no comprehension.


Then, if a person, in the name of « purity », of cleaning…wants to remove what she does not like in herself from this energetic mass, she mutilates herself. She destroys a part of her energetic capital. So, she goes back into the future movement, mutilated! This is a constant danger and very usual. What a shame! It really is entering into this energetic structure that one calls « the pleasure in harming oneself » and which is a subtle making of the Grid.


So you must take yourself as you are, since it is this « amalgam » which has allowed the understanding and the possibility of a new choice. The problem is not in the past, but in the present, which takes the decision of a movement that will implicate the future. Where is the problem if an unhealthy past has permitted in taking a healthy decision? There is an instantaneous transformation of the false into the true, since only “the intention” directs the energy. So, there is neither false nor true energy. There is just an “intention”. If one destroys a part of this energy, one amputates one’s asset of life!


Here are the few commentaries that I am giving you for the moment on this enormous subject. Anyway, we will have numerous opportunities to deepen this art of not destroying anything, nor throwing away or judging badly. But for your path of “now” through you, it is enough.

Be very careful not to mutilate yourself. Go therefore back to the study of the previous teaching on the “challenge of Life”.