Application of the bronze man 2


The white light


This second application of the bronze man 2 ensues from the first one.


The first application, the flower, is the strength of the Earth, the will of the human being to live, placing this prettiness in the space of his life.

The basic space of his life is his body. We have already understood that from the body, we are going to increase the space towards the outside, transform it, and make an extension of ourselves, in order to invite the others and the world to communicate in its space of life. It is the strength of the Earth that wants to live. The flower is nourished by the Tan Tien. The logic is that the flower receives the sun, that Heaven radiates onto it and increases its prettiness, its smell, its enthusiasm and gradually pulls it towards the top, in its verticality.


You start out from the finished bronze man 2. You are very present with yourself and you pay attention to the centre of your heart, between the two breasts. By this mere attention, you are going to see the flower emerging just beneath the surface, very hazy. It is the flower, less materialized, less condensed. It is not only a memory. The flower is there, but it is not in a dimension where you can really touch it materially. It has a far more airy dimension, more luminous, finer. You pay attention, that is all.


The bronze man 2 develops your intuition and your intention to live. When this desire is there and you see this flower in transparency, in light, very soft, you ask Heaven to come to help you. Very simply. At the same time you bring your attention to your fontanel. And you wait. Not for long, because you very soon perceive a pressure, a warmth that is touching your scalp. You realize that «this something» begins to enter into your head by the central axis and descends. You do not know this “something” yet, but it is warm, soft, it is relatively slow. And it descends. It is white, even clearly white. Where “this something” has passed through, it is clearer, quieter. You let it descend and you invite it. In this whole operation you are not passive. You have a desire to live, a desire to discover another dimension, a desire to go out of the apparent limits of your body… You already know that with always wanting to control, you are going to continuously turn in circles in the same cage, to position the objects differently on the table, but they will always be the same objects, and it will always be the same table. So, you are welcoming the novelty, because only the new can open to something else, and you inhale it until it all quietly descends to your heart and meets this flower in light, which inhales this warmth, this brightness, this gentleness, as nourishment. I would even say that this flower is thirsty for this nourishment. When the meeting comes about, you have nothing else to do than to be attentive. This strength of Heaven, which comes from up above, above you, radiates onto the flower and the flower blossoms out even more.


It is your first conscious meeting with the Earth and the Heaven. It is a very small meeting, very shy, like one of two persons who want to be in love, but still do not know how to behave together. Gentle and very delicate. Let go. There is nothing else than letting go. All that is happening is considerably transforming the mobilization of the cells of your body. Their integrated memory is going to revive, to reinitialize, to warm up, to revitalize, and to put this vital strength that is inside back into movement.


To get out of the practice, it is enough to move slowly and to go into the event of life. There is no separation between the meditation and ordinary life. Also, I do not really like this word meditation. I would say that it is a practice which prepares for your participation in the world, for your engagement in your ordinary life, because you have come to participate in this life. You have not come to hide yourself and take refuge in a corner.









Alignment is a frequently used but very dangerous term, because it can establish a rule, a rigidity absolutely contrary to the relaxation of Direct Way and its methods of working.


When one talks about alignment, one should ask the question: why align, through what and how?


First the question of the destination of life is asked. What does one want from ones life? Regarding this destination, this goal that one wants to reach, one puts a means into action, allowing it to be reached. There is an intention, and from this intention, one gives oneself the means to obtain the expected result.


This is alignment: being in good possession of and being well aligned regarding the means that one is using for the result that one says one wants to reach. It is a lie when one uses means, which do not, as an objective, as a result and as a destination, have the space, the state, which one says one is willing to reach.


Direct Way has as only and unique destination to go to Heaven. I am saying this from the very beginning of these teachings: the only way that I know is the way to God. I know it perfectly, I can explain all the stones that you are meeting to you, all the bends, all the paths and tell you about places where it will be easy, just like places where it will be difficult.


Well, alignment in my mouth, alignment in Direct Way is very simply the attention and the using of the means allowing access to this brilliant strength of life, from which everything is born and everything is built, which is action itself, through which everything is freed without even leaving traces. This, for me, is alignment.

I will attract the attention of all those people who say they want to go to happiness, want happiness, while they use means which make unhappiness. I would say to them: you are not aligned.


One must pay great attention to that. This is not a rule; otherwise it will establish yet an additional coercion. It is very simply the question: What do you want from your life? Can you give yourself the means to succeed, if of course you are honest in your formulation? Therefore, you have to be aligned with regard to the means, to obtain the destination, the goal that you wish for.


Having said this, the only alignment which interests me is the one that permits to touch the matter of God.


So, one must be very precise and careful with this term of alignment and this sentence: “you must be aligned”. One is already mistaken when one has said the term “must”. One has already left the direct way: there is no obligation in there. It is very simply a question of honesty. It is only the truth which frees. So, my question is always: what do you want to live? Say it frankly. There is no point in creating a virtual dream, which then drains your energy even when you do not have the desire to go where you say you want to go.

So, be honest, because your energetic system cannot lie. And you cannot lie to your energetic system. In any case, it mobilizes your energy in accordance with your real intention and not the intention that you openly present as your destination. You will be unmasked as a liar.


So, do not speak of alignment and the necessity to be aligned to somebody without having checked the destination he really wants to reach and do not accept his virtual hopes and his virtual dreams. You look at the means he is using and by the means used, you know exactly which dimension he is aiming at and on which dimension he is aligned. That is the reality.