Application of the bronze man 2


Nobility – dignity


The third application of the bronze man 2 is the perception of dignity.


For certain persons, this dignity is a preoccupation which has always accompanied all their actions, their decisions of life. If they have not had an intellectually conscious perception, they felt guided at the level of the heart. They did not like themselves in certain forms of life. And step by step, the environment they wanted has been constituted around them. Emptiness does not exist in the universe. When falsehood is not there, the truth is in movement, naturally, unconsciously and without effort. But for all the others, this movement of gratitude, of amplitude of the heart needs to be repaired. All this is inside the memories of the cells of the body. They need to be dusted.


This is the third application: putting this perception, this possibility to perceive dignity back into mobilization, to physically understand what it can be and to begin to love it.


The third application is very simple. It is the consequence and the joining together of the first and the second.

The first application is this flower, the strength of the Earth, its enthusiasm for life. It is the flower that we place into its reconverted space, rediscovered at last; it is this natural impulse to want some beauty, some light, some color inside ourselves. The second application is the strength of Heaven which starts to flow into this space that is already sufficiently clean.


These preambles are important, because I often meet some persons who make a lot of effort to obtain something from Heaven. But these efforts are in vain, because the space of welcoming is not clean. They have made this very common mistake of believing and hoping that it is Heaven which is going to clean their house.

To practice this third application, which is this joining together, you already need a very good training in order to form the bronze man 2 very quickly, in 5-10 minutes maximum. You make the flower ascend and you call Heaven, this white light, like whey. If you have a strong flower, it is beyond your heart, already well settled in your throat and in your head. This white light nourishes it as far as the heart, where the chemical operation is made by the joining together of the strength of the Earth and of Heaven. Make this flower rotate. All becomes luminous. The space enlarges.

Progressively, without the need of effort or particular attention, the intuitive intelligence, this presence - without you preoccupying yourself about knowing who perceives and who thinks - makes you discover that there is another way to live than in aggressiveness or escape. There exists a state of being in which we can settle, where everything becomes quiet and peaceful. There is nobility in this savour, this smell, this dimension of the heart.


It is this nobility, which, by gaining its flight, its movement and its amplitude, bit by bit is going to discern, to understand what it is to be dignified, what it is to live with dignity.


This perception is essentially physical. It is only in second place that there is an intellectual and reasoned understanding. The first movement of this intelligence is to understand which quality and sensitiveness the body should have so as to get this possibility to physically feel this nobility and this dignity. It is thus that very naturally, the person has begun to abandon all his systems of life which put his body and his spirit under stress. This first stage is very important. When we progress with this flower which rotates, warmed up and made prettier by Heaven, there is a modification of the heart: we end up by loving this dignity, even if we do not exactly know what it is. But what we do understand is a form of nobility of life. Dignity comes from Heaven and we do not quite know yet how to understand it. On the other hand, nobility can be practiced in our daily lives, because it is linked to a decision of our own will. In all the events of life, we feel this possibility to act. When this friendship is really made between your intelligence and this state of being noble, it will be the very essence of each of your connections of life. The rest will organize itself as it wants and as it can. We will no longer look for imparting, wanting results or drawing on some forms of sensation. It is no more of importance. The blissful way of liberation is now open for you; you are at the very heart of the dance floor. You will just have to blow, to breathe, to live and the dance floor will be blissful, radiating, magnificent with the space that will suit in every event.


That which matters is this nobility of life, this nobility of the body, this nobility of the heart, because all your breathing, your body, your will is in there.

Being noble. Being a noble human being, this is something! : You cannot breathe and live in any other way.








What is the destination of the Direct Way? To be an ordinary Human in ordinary life.


Each of these words has an importance. Straight to the center of the target!


*An ordinary Human? This is a person who is no longer slave of his emotional body, who is no longer this leaf shaken by all the draughts of life, who is no longer a pebble rolled by all the waves. A Human, what! A natural Human! No longer one of these weathercocks or rigid stakes which always plays a role, depending on whether he is being flexible or rigid. In the end, a « normal » person such as she has been originally created and who is no longer burdened by all the tendencies, references and limitations made by the reasoning brain.


I have just used two other words: « reasoning brain ». That brings us to « To be ».


* To be ? This Human will have an attention, a look, a practice of life. He « will be » something. He « will be » what he « will do ». Do not beat about the bush! You ARE what you DO. It is useless to explain yet again the process of assembling between the vibration of your body according to its action WITH the corresponding Cosmic Strength, which is nourishing you with its power, with its intelligence, with its manner of looking and of acting.


So you ARE what you DO! It is here that there is the correlation between what you do and the ordinary Human such as I have just described him. Because there are many actions of life that do not free you from the old system, which has already alienated you, but on the contrary, reinforce it. That means that on the Direct Way, « TO BE » is practicing this Impartial Way which frees from everything. And what is this Impartial Way? You will not find it in books, theories and even less in your analytical and reasoning brain linked to your reptilian brain centered on the five basic securities.


To lead your liberating action, it is enough to have this knowledge of yourself and of creation through the opening of your memories. Then TO BE this Strength of life in movement. It is moreover the movement of this Strength that will have the power to transform you into an « ordinary Human » and to dilute the chain of emotions, references and everything that has been invented by man to build his own prison under the impulse of the reptilian brain, which is afraid of everything.


So, we come to your « natural » field of adventure, the space on which and in which you are acting: ordinary life.


* Ordinary life? When you are in contact with this Strength of Creation which has given you birth, you perceive very clearly that you have come on this Earth to act… Not only to be a spectator and a critic. So your field of adventure is naturally this ordinary life. No dissociating! On the Direct Way, this Impartial Way which goes directly to the target and does not beat about the bush, you do not run away. You look straight at the event. You are not afraid of it. You accept the conflict if your comprehension and the action which follows are not pleasant. You are TRUE. Very simply TRUE and natural. Because perhaps you can believe that it is « natural » to say « yes » while all your body and your intelligence say « no » to you. The TRUE Human does not know Time. The moment is here. The future is for later on. If you are not true in the « now » of now, why will you be true in the « now » of tomorrow? It is useless to run away from the « now » of now. So, ordinary life is very simply to be true now and not to make provisions and reckonings for the future.


If you practice this perfection of action in this way, an enormous joy goes with the action, carries it and enriches it.


It is happiness to act!!!!!


It is so simple to be an ordinary Human in ordinary life!


But the mind possessed by the reasoning brain is so complicated! It decides that it is very « special » to be an ordinary Human in ordinary life. So it trains to be ordinary. It becomes a sport, an objective to reach !!!!! How complicated the human being is !!!!!


So, in the work of the Direct Way, it is also very easy to lose your look of a child, to lose this spontaneity to touch, to laugh, to eat, to attend to the others.


You become « special ». I often keep myself from bursting out laughing in front of all those « special » people, who, with the greatest seriousness, want to converse about their visions, sensations, perceptions, comprehensions…



So, an ordinary Human is very simply this being who is not complicated, who looks at each encounter straight in the face; talks, acts according to his own comprehension; who says that, even if it means saying something stupid, he prefers that it is his own, rather than that of somebody else, because he will thus learn to know himself; that in any case, it is not important to make an idiot of himself, because the world is full of « stupid things » and his action «in full consciousness» will be liberator of him, of the others, of the space and even of the stupidity; that he will enter his coffin alone as he will be made on this Earth and he does not have the desire to die more stupid and narrow than as on the day of his birth, following the outlines of thought and action as instructed by the « elders », who have not been successful with installing Paradise on Earth; that conflict does not make him afraid, because in any case there is always somebody not happy somewhere, and who prefers being discontented while he is happy rather than being submitted to the emotions of the others, because he is not masochistic; that he has a body and that it has a « sense » that he will seek to discover; that he will use this body in his liberation and in that of the others by not letting it be narrowed into some too restrictive human spaces; that in any case looking for perfection is an utopia which can only lead to the destruction of himself, of the others and of the space of life; that it does not have to be easier for the others to live than for him, so he will not be depriving the others of vitality; that he will not seek to impose his will, he will live only in accordance with his own practice; that he has, as a support, only his Sight, his perception of this Beauty of Creation that he will look for in each of the events of life, because everything is there, this moment, the worst as well as the best, and he will only look at the best in order not to be absorbed by the worst; that if the others are sad, he is not obliged to be so, on the grounds of false conviviality and false compassion; that you can consider him as « a shit », but would you believe it, he is this shit all the same, and he has to live!, that his « full consciousness » of the moment is enough for him to breathe from event to event and to find his path which is built before him as encounters and actions pass by; that he does not worry about the path behind him, because in any case, it is destroyed behind him, therefore it is useless to attend to something that no longer exists;….



In short !!!!!!



He wants to live