1. The more the wheels are going to turn naturally, the more your

space of life enlarges. Do not try to enlarge it too quickly. Never forget that the outside exists. Your transformation is going to cause some outbursts of temper, because it is used to seeing you functioning within its own system. Everyone builds his own system of life, his space. It is like playing chess; everyone in a little box! It has the habit of seeing you in a certain little box that you have wanted to accept until now. All of a sudden, you change boxes. It is uneasy. This is the limit. It can really be aggressive. So, do not go too fast. Take your space quietly. Discover that you have a way to become intimate with yourself again and are no longer this being completely stressed by external pressure; that you can cease to be the leaf submissive to all the draughts or this pebble rolled by all the waves of life.


It is the conscious perception of this central axis which is going to encourage the gentle and conscious intimacy with this second bronze man. It is not because you had not perceived it before that it did not exist. Everybody determines his reality, his world, with his system of perception. So, if he sees: it does exist, if he does not see: it does not exist. The world, as you perceive it, is the world that you make. In the end, the world is you yourself. Somebody else who is going to perceive less than you, will say that you are an lunatic, completely round the bend and that you need to be locked up in a mental home. Alternatively, someone more intimate with this lucidity will say that you are very heavy and very basic, deeply ordinary. Do not rush to judge the others. Nobody has an empty head. Everybody has their head full, but the question is to know with what it is filled?


2. I often take a very precise example. There are techniques of Qi- Gong which allow a work on the lungs. In the lungs, there is a storage of energy, both of sadness and courage, that is, a negative and positive energy. There is no value judgment. There is an energy which leads you to build: this is the positive and the one which leads you to reduce your movement of creation, your desire to act: this is the negative. If you are sad, you see the world sadly. Each thing that you look at, you are going to color it with your sadness. You do these Qi-Gong movements which last a quarter of an hour and you realize that you are no longer sad. You now see with a radiant, light and happy side. In a quarter of an hour the world has not changed. It is you who has changed. The world that you are looking at is the world that you make at every moment. It is this perception, this noticing, which makes all the strength and the beauty of this work on the modification of your inner chemistry perceive the world larger and larger, bigger and bigger. Being less and less limited by its conditioning of perception and of look, until that one day, we arrive to such a radiant brightness that we are no longer limited by a human system in our look. There is another form of energy supply from looking which settles.








Gentleness and passion


Once more, someone comes to ask me the way. I was coming down from a hermitage when a couple and a child of 10-12 years of age meet me. The man says:

“- But what is there at the end of this road, of this path?

- A hermitage, I answered him.

- But what is there in this hermitage?

- God.

So he says to me:

- But, is this still far?

- No, not too far.

- But, would we have to climb?

- A lot.

Then he looks at the child, and answers:

- The little one is a bit tired. This will be for another day.”

And they go down.


Immediately, a story from 30 years ago appears to my mind.

I was in a night train and there was only one person in the compartment. We were both lying down, on our seats, without saying anything, not a word. Then, suddenly, the man asks me: “But what are you selling?” I was a bit disconcerted, because I did not have the impression of having the attitude of a salesman of trade. Nevertheless, I answer with my heart, and simply say: “God”. He looks at me for a moment, then asks the question: “And does that sell well?” “No, not too well”. Finished. Not a single word was added during the whole night.


You, what do you want?

Because the way I know is the way to God. I know this one in its farthermost corners. In the least of its pebbles, in the least of its easiness’s and in the least of its difficulties. So, if you want to go to God, to this total liberty, to this state of being which liberates from everything, I can tell you how to do it, and I can be there when you are completely at sea. On the other hand, for the other ways, I am a complete ignoramus.

To go there, you need fuel for your vehicle, a very particular gas oil. Next to the one you need to go to God, the petrol for the rockets to Mars, Venus, is really lemonade for children.


What is this fuel? It is gentleness.

Right, you tell me of the gentleness you know: being gentle, being kind, being in love with other people, with oneself… The gentleness you are talking about is a gentleness of feeling, a manner to avoid attack, adversity. For the main part, this is an escape. And when it is not an escape, it is a manner of printing coercion onto other people, of obliging them to gently do what you want.


No, it is not this gentleness I am speaking of. It is not a feeling. It is not an attitude. It is not behaviour. This gentleness, this fuel, which only allows going to God, is a matter. It is truly a matter.


And what is this matter?

It is not easy to answer in accordance with your present understanding. In the universe, at the very top, there is an enormous fundamental wound. It is this wound which has self-created the medicine to treat itself and heal itself. And this medicine is gentleness.


Concerning humankind: only gentleness has the capability to undress the body of its suffering. The spirit is part of the body.

Suffering is like a skimpy outfit, too tight, clinging, handicapping movements, closing everything in its own dynamism, its own possibilities. When you are moved by this gentleness, you are undressed of your suffering and you have a spontaneous perception and knowledge of the reason of your creation and why you are on Earth and what your role is. There is no longer any doubt of your indispensability.


That which permits the touching of this gentleness is quite simply passion. A passion, installed in the care of the original human being in every single cell of his body.

To begin with, you must know, and I am saying it to you now in expectation that you can check it yourself, that gentleness is the mother of love. Through this understanding, everything fully resolves itself, because it is no longer possible, in the name of so-called love, to use the means of pressure, of coercion, of violence and of brutality “to help”. All is reversed!

This gentleness has created a wonderful bridge between itself and the human being. And this bridge, this is love. If you walk on this bridge, this way of love, you are encountering gentleness. This bridge of love is already gentleness in matter. Also, through the passion for this bridge, for this attention, for this touch, for this sensitiveness, there is very quickly this strength in your cells, which reactivates your memories.