Putting the decoders into action.




1. Presentation.

The third bronze man puts back into activity and develops the tools (decoders) which allow discerning your attractions to certain feelings which close your space up. What is the system which can seduce you so deeply, that you are going to dive into it without reflection? When it goes without saying that it is obvious for you to act in this way. More than that, you find in it a kind of deep pleasure and gratitude towards yourself. But you need to perceive the intention of life of this proposal and validate it by the nobility of the heart …because you are what you do!!!!




2. Practice.

You begin with the perception of your Tan Tien. If you are correctly prepared, the bronze man two settles spontaneously and you feel the belt of the belly through a breathing pressure.


You reconstitute the four rays of the wheel in your belly with the projection of your Tan Tien. Then you press it against the marks of your belt until this makes a hole and you perceive the diffusion of your energy to the outside. This is the first approach.


Now it is made. You overdo on the Tan Tien with the exhaling. A superb inner tube settles around you. Take on intimacy with it. It is a reality. Stand up and walk. Breathe naturally. The inner tube is still there! It is not an imagination!


Then you compress your Tan Tien and the energy rises into the central axis. You stop it at the heart. With a simple pressure you must immediately feel the inner belt of the breast. With the exhaling you send this quantum onto its marks to reinforce it. Then you keep the pressure until it pierces the belt and spreads your energy to the outside like for the belly.

The four marks pierced, you press on the TT of the heart and your energy on the outside gathers and forms a real inner tube. Except that this inner tube, at the level of the heart, is not as powerful as the one of the belly.

So now nourish the inner tube of the heart through the ventral Tan Tien. You press with the exhaling and the energy rises through the central channel up to the heart. There is diffusion in the inner tube which becomes more solid and opaque. The white is clearer. Take your time. Make a pretty protection for yourself around your heart. You know well that when you are worried, attacked, you feel a very considerable contraction there, like a belt, a restriction. We consciously do the opposite mechanism to give to you a space of freedom.


Now, you concentrate your compression on the Tan Tien of the belly, which diffuses in its inner tube that is going to grow. Look, the inner tube of the heart grows at the same time! The two processes are simultaneous. They join! You work until this joining is done. Take your time.


Proceed in the same way with the Tan Tien of the throat…then of the head.


When this is done, you just need to concentrate on the crown of the head by continuing with the pressure on the Tan Tien of the belly. The whole thing settles and you have a true inner tube around you. It makes you very light, gives you the desire to act. You have lost some heaviness, immobility and indecision.


Here too, you include the arms and the legs by putting the inner tubes first on top of the biceps, then above the elbow, the wrist and you finish with the hand. One arm after the other. Later the two arms together.

For the legs, inner tube on top of the thigh, at the level of the groin, then at the level of the knee, then the ankle and the foot.


Now I am going to explain an original fabrication to you, but perfect for the arms and the legs.

It is more interesting to begin with the legs so that you really perceive the mechanism of energetic nourishing.

You concentrate on your Tan Tien of the belly. Then you bring your attention to your left leg and with the exhaling you project the energy of the TT diagonally towards your groin. It does not come vertically through the perineum. Through this diagonal, if you continue the pressure onto your TT, the energy penetrates in the thigh bone. It progresses into the bone. Continue your pressure: this energy flows down the leg to your malleolus, then to the ankle and then to all the bones of your toes. If you bring your attention to the other leg, there is a very big difference between the two.


This possibility of making this energy pass diagonally allows avoiding the perineum, which would make the energy go to the outside or if it is closed, would make it go up into the back.

While pushing this energy diagonally, you stop the quantum at the groin. You have already entered into the thigh bone and there you feel that there is a halt. There is a place where the energy can stop, quietly. You let it stop and you let some energy come into this leg with many pressures of the TT so that it is strong enough. You are settling and discovering a breathing TT of the bones of the leg! From here, you will propel your energy. You press inside your bone and it brings out an internal belt around the thigh, the famous bracelet settled by the bronze man two. Take your time.

It is the place where women put suspenders.


Once you feel this internal belt, you make the same operation for the others belts. You project this internal energy of the bone to pierce the belt on its four marks. Through the settling of this inner tube, there is a very gentle dressing, an extension of the inner tube of the belly, which envelops the pelvis, the buttock. You can feel yourself dressed, as if you were on a cushion of air.

Relax. And notice the difference with the other leg. You have a warm leg, a radiant buttock. You can have a very sensual feeling. This is very normal, accept.

You do the same thing for the right leg.


For the arms, you start from the heart. You get the energy of the Tan Tien to rise to the heart, then from the heart, you project it diagonally towards the shoulder until it meets the bone of the arm. You make this energy slide slightly into the head of the bone until it reaches the top of the biceps. This is the first bracelet, the first stop already settled by the bronze man two.

If you continue the progress of this energy inside the bone of the arm, you notice that it goes down to the wrist, then take the entire bones of the fingers.


Do the operation to really perceive this luminous thread that settles around you. It is important, because if one day your shoulder, your elbow are very painful, you can work very precisely on all the organs of your body, even without waiting for you to have the knowledge of the pastille of vitality. You can already work mechanically with your energy that you can channel, thanks to this diagonal existing between the heart and the shoulders. That is why we may prefer a V neck more than a round neck at the level of decorations of blouses or jumpers, because this corresponds to an energetic reality. The heart has the possibility to communicate directly with the arm, diagonally.


Afterwards, the process of putting into place is exactly the same as the one of the legs.


Now, relax. Perceive yourself in the space of your life. All this is made for living in ordinary life. An ordinary man, an ordinary woman in ordinary life, is a being who is no longer submissive to his entire emotional system and who has the capability to see things as they are and no longer through a filter. From this view, the action is obvious and immediate. There is no longer doubt, interrogation.



3. Commentaries.


1. It is not the inner belt that diffuses its energy to the outside; it is the Tan Tien of the belly. This is very important, because the bronze man two always exists inside you, during all the work of this one. The bronze man two is a protection which remains in its totality, during all this work that reactivates your decoders allowing you to perceive your attractions to your feelings and seductions. This is what gives you the tranquility in your action, because you know that you are on protected ground. You always have your dance floor protected.


2. You will perceive more and more, while working with the bronze man three that you do not go out of your house, of your protection, to go towards the outside with all the risks, uncertainties and dangers that this can assume. You bring your house and its protection into all the spaces of your life. This is totally different.


3. You will have a lot of thoughts, ideas, memories which have disturbed you. This is very normal since we are going to move an entire system that was organized to limit you. Everything moves with a big draught. It is thus normal that it is going to move the dust. Having said this, do not bring too much attention to it, because it would be needlessly losing energy in the mechanical operation that you are doing. Understand well that the mechanical operation is far more important than the perceptions that you can have, because it is the work that you do, here, that allows the perceptions. Do not make a mistake between the result and the way. The way is more important than the result.

For the moment, bring your attention to the way to get it perfect. Afterwards you will be able to navigate through all the perceptions, knowledge and so on…. For the moment, do not let yourself be distracted. If this way, this tool, is not perfect and very operational, one day or another, you will fall back into the old system again, even without realizing it. You need a perfectly high-performance tool and this is what you are making, now. Be very careful of that.


4. Here therefore, all the learning of the bronze man three is going to be in several steps, because half an hour, three quarters of an hour is the maximum of concentration. Afterwards, each step is made very quickly, until one day, you manage, as soon as you want it, that everything is there, immediately, by a very strong compression in your Tan Tien. But, if this has been possible, it is because the entire mechanical work has been made beforehand, step by step, with a perfect method. I insist!






Applications of the bronze man 3




The third bronze man is an inner chemistry which puts decoders situated inside your energetic structure back into activity, which allows you to understand, perceive, guess which action is right. A right action is a movement which opens the space. At the same time, it is a surge towards the inside, towards yourself and a surge towards the outside, the others. Later on, you will realize that there is no difference between the inside and the outside; that the space of percussion of one is the space of percussion of the other, that the space of breathing of one is also the space of breathing of the other.


An essential intention has allowed you to have a body on this Earth. It is a will of participation, an engagement in the world, to participate in its movement, in its continuous transformation, because as soon as you are here, living on earth, you are part of this space of humankind. And do not believe that you are only part of your personal space, which is called Me, or family. You are part of a far more important space: that of humankind and all humankind is contained inside your body. Each time that you will have changed something, that you will have participated intimately in what you can call You, you will have participated and communicated intimately with the whole of humankind and all what you could do on You and with You, you do this with humankind and on humankind.


This full consciousness produces an attention to your action, but also to your thoughts. Thoughts are matter too and this matter has also an action. Because it is lighter than a movement of the body it has a far wider territory of radiation.

You are what you are, now, at this moment. When you are angry, you are the anger. When you are jealous, you are the jealousy. You are what you do, since in the moment where you are doing something, either in action, or in speech, or in thought, or in intentional omission, you organize an inner chemistry inside you and it is this inner chemistry that participates in the world. So, you are, exclusively, what you are doing. And it is not worth it to dream your life; it is not worth it to live a virtual life of what could be something else. You are what there is now, here and now, and nothing else. And all that has an influence on you, an influence on the others and an influence on the world.

In this intimacy with what you are, you have a full consciousness of the entire dimension of your action and its responsibility. It is not worth howling against war, while you are at war with your neighbour, with your district, with your family and finally, also with yourself. The majority of humankind is at war with itself, because it would like to be something else than it is now. The human being is always in an inner struggle for another way, a somewhere else. In itself, this is not foolishness, because there is a longing to be something else, to be another, to be elsewhere than in this restricting space. It is a natural longing to develop and to grow up. But it is foolishness when this inspiration comes to war against what is here, what exists here, that is to say, all that has made you what you are, now. It is not with destroying, with breaking and insulting what you are now that you might develop yourself and go towards this longing, towards this heart that wants to grow up. So, it is not in being at war with yourself, against yourself and on yourself that you might create a change of your life. But what is perfectly obvious is that when you are at war with yourself, you are the war and you are making the energetic flow of war in humankind dynamic. And it is because there are billions of people at war with themselves that there are these open wars, these wars of races, of ethnic groups, these wars from State to State, from religion to religion. If this reality of war inside the body, inside the individual, was not there, there would be no energetic possibility for a collective war, because the body of each individual could not endure it. The body of each individual would be in such a rejection of all this strength of aggression that a war could not exist for want of combatants.


These decoders are guides of an enormous sensitiveness to perceive your road in the jungle of emotions, in the jungle of feelings. There will be incidents that will tell you: “Well, here in this jungle, the noble passage is over there. It is the veil of ignorance that tears the events bit by bit apart. Do you understand? It is a problem of man to want a lasting quality, a constant continuity, to be in this capacity to say that he would know what to do when he would be in a situation of action. It is the very basis of the analytical brain, which wants to understand, to know, to anticipate, to archive, so that at the right time, it could take out the right file, the good behavioural index card that it has already predetermined. It is the search for total security. Whoever wants to have this exaggerated guarantee is going to create a very big problem for himself, because in fact, this will never go as he has planned it and he will be angry. He will be angry and annoyed against the others and against himself. Finally, he will be in the usual confusion, that which reveals itself in a very chaotic and perturbed energetic state.


Then, the bronze man three is a connection in full consciousness between Heaven and your aspiration to live. With bettering the dance floor, you finish by raising your head and questioning the dance. As soon as the attention falls on the dance, the third energy law intervenes: the penetration by attention. When the concern is there, the penetration is made, the mobilization of the state of being that creates the third bronze man settles.

The strength, the initial matter, which has made the dance floor and the dancer, is the same. It is only a question of intention of the action. It is totally natural to go from the dance floor, which is the intention to create a space, to the utilization of this space.


The applications are important. But if you have not perceived anything of your nobility of life, then it is not worth losing your time with a practice of application of the bronze man three. It would consist of playing the saint to become a saint. Well, you cannot judge a book by its cover. But it is not a good method. It is the mechanism of effort, of a dream, of a virtual life, which consists of scraping the painting on the door of the castle, hoping that bit by bit you will succeed in penetrating. This is not the work, the definition and the practice of the Direct Way. The Direct Way goes inside, to the very heart, and from there, radiates. So this mobilization of dignity can only make itself felt when there has already been a physical perception of this dignity.


Let us be quite clear at this stage. The fact that I speak to you, the fact that I teach is a testimony of a presence inside me. Without this presence, the words are not carrier, and there is no energetic percussion. They are virtual words that make your virtual memories dream, but this is always only imagery that goes out from you and that creates a very pale inner chemistry with little resonance. It is only an echo. The echo is not the sound. And it is even less the tool which makes the sound.





Application of the bronze man 3


White energy BAM



The bronze man three is the perception of and the intimacy with the white space of creation. How is the contact made?

When you have finished the bronze man three, you straighten the spine slightly, and you push the head upwards until you feel a resistance. You open the crown of the head and “something” flows into the central channel. You quietly let flow.

In the mouth, there is like a liquid, a savour, with more saliva. Then you rotate the inner tubes around the main points of the head, the throat, heart and belly. This strength which flows through the crown of the head accelerates its descent. It is gentle. It is like whey, whitish. You have already been able to perceive it in the bronze man 2, but here, there is magnitude, a more significant strength.

What is more important than in the bronze man two? It is that beyond the feeling, the perception, a presence to exist develops, a desire to leave your personal imprint in the world. We could say that the desire to leave a work or to do a work for humankind develops.

So, take your time and enjoy in this space, because you come from there, you are made from there. Here, you are really in contact with the original mother. The term of original mother is complete and of a perfect exactness. So, according to what you are, your possibility to taste and recognize your mother will be different. But know that from the beginning, it is already your mother that you touch, this matter of which you are made.

This matter will recognize you more or less as her son or her daughter. It is according to this recognition that she will give you a richness of heart, joy, kindness in life, an enthusiasm, an encouragement, because she is the enthusiasm in itself. Enthusiasm is not a feeling, it is a quality of this matter. There is a sound which vibrates in this universe: BAM. You can quietly make it resonate inside you.

Always bring your attention to this love of the mother, of the true mother, not of the biological mothers who may have conveyed their difficulties to the child and the world. There, you have a mother with the most complete generosity, who is always present and confident in the one who wants to meet her. Even if you have a dissolute and ridiculous life, you are made from her and she is always with you. You have always been part of her and Heaven never abandons the Earth. It is only the Earth who believes this. But Heaven never abandons the Earth, because very simply, the Earth is made from it. Except that the Earth has the possibility to play her own game, outside the rules of Heaven. But then, she hardens herself, because she no longer uses the generosity of dignity. Generosity and dignity always go together. Dignity is what is generous.


You can come back into this basic technique at any moment where you can take a bath of happiness. It is a magnificent cleaning of all the wounds that daily life can inflict on your heart, on your flesh, on your enthusiasm. It is a question of the depth of the dive into this ocean of love. As long as you stay on the periphery, in direct relation with the human being, you can feel the pain and the sadness. But if you dive further, higher, these wounds are cleansed, sterilized and closed again. They are even completely forgotten. And at a certain level of intimacy with this strength, you realize that it is of no importance, because you just have to be somewhere. And in this somewhere, there is all: the kindness as well as the malevolence, the truth as well as the lying. There is no difficulty in having problems, because to live is to automatically have problems. The greatness, when the problem arrives, is to find the medicine which frees from the emotional jungle, the way of dignity, the way of nobility. Without the problems, why would you go to look for a medicine, why would you go to discover a path? Do you understand? You have come to the Earth to have problems, if I may summarize very simply. It is not a research of suffering. But this is what it is like. It is the participation on Earth to be attentive to the medicine that can always be made, permanently, in the rural event, which is automatically a problem, since the pain, the suffering, the sorrow of the Earth, of this humankind, is that it has tried to play a personal game, to create its personal game so far from the rules of dignity of which it is made in matter, and which automatically results in suffering and hardening.

With the conscious communication of the white space of creation, we can have a very clear perception of our role on Earth, of this greatness, of this nobility to be continually within the impulse to look for the medicine for this wrench. It is this spontaneous impulse to find the medicine, which testifies to the greatness and the nobility of the being.


When this contact is gently made inside you, I can go very far within the teachings, since you can realize that what makes the greatness and the nobility of the being is to make Heaven participate on Earth. The noble and dignified being is the one who dares to look clearly at a problem, to frankly tackle the event to find the medicine, the solution, making the event dignified again. On the other hand, all those who are looking for the lie, who try to mask the truth, to avoid the event, collaborate continually in the hardening of the Earth and so, participate in her possibility of a wrench.


The bronze man three, according to the depth in which you are, confirms you and reassures you: you are never alone. You have all this strength to welcome you, a colossal strength which very simply waits for you to show concern for it and that you might use the tools that it provides you with as your discoveries progress.