Application of the bronze man 3



Inner child RAM



The second application of the bronze man three is a very precise perception of your inner child.


The basis is always the same: the bronze man three is made with its bubble. We call the inner child. It has a direct relation with you, because this is its destiny, its obligation.

You call it and you can feel it in front of you or a bit above you. There is a very simple way to enter into communication with it. Make an « S » inside your body, coming from the bottom going towards the top. When you start from the perineum, it is a movement which goes to the left, comes back through the central part towards the right and rises quietly into the head. A wave, an « S » towards Heaven. Help yourself with your eyes in your sockets which do the same movement. The inner child is in front you.

It allows you to communicate with the strength of creation. It is a messenger. You can ask it a lot, interrogate it, ask it questions about your life, about your decisions.

With the bronze man four we will see how to use the inner child to make some essential strength of Heaven come to nourish your energy system. With the bronze man three, it is the setting up of decoders and the inner child is a tool allowing you to decode your relationship with the world.

It is not linked to Heaven, but to you, that is to say, to the Earth. Its creation is very special. It is not Heaven which has created it. It is you, when you felt that you went away from Heaven. You wanted your “freedom”, but you were afraid of not finding the road to Heaven again, by dint of being attracted far into this world of personal fabrication, in your world of feelings, of attraction and of pleasure. It is a creation of your energy system to keep a part of you in a close relationship with your house, this Heaven. So be very careful with your inner child, because it is a part of you. Bring a lot of attention to it at the beginning, because it will disappear. It will have ceased to exist when you will have found your direct communication with Heaven again.

There is no longer, then, need of this messenger, of this thread, of this conductor. You need neither radio nor radar, because you see the lighthouse of the Terra firma in front of you and you navigate by sight. So be intimate and deeply friendly with it, because it is, on the one hand, a part of you and on the other hand, an ephemeral being and it will cease to exist when you will have again put your feet on the Terra firma of this gentleness, of this dignity, of this nobility.


It is a means that disappears when the indispensability is no longer there. This is a general cosmic rule. It is exactly the same process for creation, as for destruction, which take over for all the forces of the universe when their indispensability is no longer there. They are diluted into elemental particles again. It is a shock, for your reptilian brain, to know that this treasure that is the inner child is going to disappear. There arises a very big question for you on the ephemeral side of your possibilities, of your gifts and perceptions. But also on your energy destruction if your indispensability is no longer there!!!! Your life on Earth is entirely up to this indispensability!!! You understand the ephemeral side of your life, the ephemeral side of the events and the indispensability of bringing an enormous attention to it knowing, finally, that each breath cannot be made again. When we have this physical perception, very clear, we bring attention to each breath with the very powerful and definitive intention that each breath is noble.







The human adventure really begins when this presence is born. In fact, it is not born, because it was already inside the memory of all the cells of your body. It is very simply that this strength, with its lucidity and its double look, is at last freed from your cells.


The liberation is made by the extraordinary attention that you bring to the movements of your life. It is this that puts this presence into movement. It is a mechanism printed in your cells.

When one can free this presence, there is the creation of an inner chemistry, of a state of being, which is this double look. You decode the piece of information in another way. This is very physical. You perceive that there is an intelligence which understands all that is happening, without being in it, and yet, it is in your body and that makes all your fibres vibrate.


This double look permits one to say « Stop » through the total comprehension of what is happening.


This presence is going to be your companion for always, because it is a direct expression of the intelligence of creation itself, which is inside every single cell of your body.

It is this presence alone, which will have the capacity of making you see the emotional disorder that attracts you. It will allow you to see and understand if your movement, your radiance, your action in a space, a situation, an environment is creator of tonicity, of goodness or on the contrary, entirely destructive, heartrending, hurting. With it you can go to the far end of the Earth, of the Universe. It becomes your more intimate companion.


When one has such a companion, one does not stay passive. One is active. One maintains the relation. One maintains the attention.

This is a great lack of knowledge of relationships in couples. They do not understand that it is a question of regularity, of assiduity in the attention, of permanence of the attention. It is not, only, from time to time. The real relation, the real coupling with what is essential, decisive, important, is a constant attention. Far or near, it is always an attention. It is always: “But what could I do for him, for her? What is he in need of?” And above all it is: “But what is it that separates me from him, from her?”

« What separates me? » is far more important than: “what brings us together?” If you bring your attention to: what brings us together? You will end, without realizing, in creating something very formal, very fixed, very theoretical, very sure. You will have lost the mobility, you will have lost the light dance. You will go back into rules without realizing, rules that you will make yourself. So they will be even worse than the rules which will be imposed on you by the others, because with these ones, you will say: “Ah! But I am sure that it is like that!” No! You are never sure that it is like that. But what you can be sure of is that what separates. Do you understand?

The only certainty is not a continuity in the certainty, but, a continuity in the uncertainty. And if you really pay attention to every time that there is a gap, then, naturally, that what reunites takes over. Even without you having decided it.