I have told you that the Direct Way is an Art of Behaviour and of Action. I have explained to you what the importance of the « gesture » is, which is recognized in its « Dimension » by the Strength of Creation. So, this Strength nourishes the body with energy, and the body makes the « gesture ». Thus, from gesture to gesture, the being is supported in his action and comes more and more deeply into intimacy with this fantastic Power of action on Earth, amongst humankind.


I have said « from gesture to gesture ». A gesture is a « particular » act. It responds to a request which is present now. Gestures in « general » do not exist. The theories and all the preliminary definitions before action do not contain gestures. They are only argumentations and logics of behaviour. But not gestures!!!!!


If you understand that well, your life will be easy. Through the keen attention to what is going on, your intuitive intelligence (the one which is in the cells of your body) is put into activity and leads your action. From gesture to gesture you build a new life. There is no need to be at war with the environment, because it is of the past, which can only seek actions based on the old. This is a former construction of your space.


Thus, inside the former space, defined by the past, you build another space without provocations, without comparisons...Because it is another life, another manner to exist!!!!!!


Why then be at war with a former space, a former behaviour, because it will be destroyed by itself in any case, by non nourishment of energy on your part. I often say: why waste your time repairing an old, too skimpy item of clothing you know you are going to part with.


If this is well registered in your body, you will have a Royal Way of action and of behaviour. A view without effort, which will lead you very far and very deep into yourself with an enormous happiness, not only « in the end », but « at the same time ». This is the greatness of the Direct Way ! Happiness and liberation are already in the first step! You can observe it at every moment when your « gesture » is right. An enormous joy is there with a colossal relief.


But you must « dare » the right gesture. Because if it is perfect and right for you, it will certainly not be appreciated as such by your surroundings, which will make « trouble ». So you can only progress by accepting conflict.


But in fact, the main opponent to this Royal View is you. You take advantage of this new construction inside you to nourish, to understand, to light up your old home. You cannot prevent yourself in using the new to explain the old. You have not understood that you are parting with this old item of clothing!... or you are not sufficiently interested in this new manner to understand and live. Then you give back this energy capable of freeing you from the old. You are no longer in a way of behaviour and action but in a dynamic of comprehension. You are held by the reasoning intelligence, which uses the energy put into activity by the intuitive intelligence for itself.


This is what many people do. The start of their new life is spectacular, then there is stagnation… for a long time, because when the reasoning brain has tasted of this new energy, it is not inclined to abandon it. It makes a lot of noise to constantly bring the attention back towards it. It is the old system which finds itself reinforced !


So, if you want to benefit from this Royal Way, which is this Art of behaviour and of action, act without asking yourself questions. Be confident with your practice. Be confident with this vivacious Strength which goes out of the cells of your body. Let it work. It knows better than you what is good for you. It is building a new home for you! Leave the little monkey of the reasoning brain, which wants to understand everything. Accept not to understand everything. In return, happiness will be in your body and peace in your heart.


Is it not this final result that you are looking for ?









The TAN TIEN (abbreviation TT) is the central point of control of the energy in the body. It is the famous HARA of the Japanese and all the oriental traditions of the martial arts. Everyone knows that it is the zone of the belly.

Beyond the overall area of the HARA, there is a possibility to refine the zone even more in order to be able to use it very precisely in the energetic techniques and especially in those intended as assistance for others.

So, we will concern ourselves firstly with locating the area properly, then the zone, in order to then bring the perception back to a ball (first as big as a tennis ball, for to then achieve the size of a ping pong ball). In the end, in the more advanced techniques, you will reduce the dimension of this ball even more, so as to reduce it to a marble, then to a pinhead: there will then be a very important condensation of vital energy in the body and the possibility of a very practical use.


But for the moment, you are at the area phase, zone, and ball.

Lying comfortably on your back; pay attention to draughts.

You gain consciousness of your body, quickly, from head to foot. Then you say: “heavy!”. The entire body becomes instantaneously heavy; it will rest heavily on the floor. Useless to say “I feel heavy”. “I am” is too much; you are still making the mind intervene!. So “heavy” is enough and you will complete this work of immediate relaxation by quickly holding a review of the different parts of your body and saying to them “Heavy!”. Firstly the feet, then the legs, then the pelvis, then the trunk, then the neck and the head.

For those most tired by the stress of life, you can nearly fall asleep. It is true that you can use this technique for this purpose but it is not the object of our present work. Also, you will do the exercise quickly, which aims only at quickly removing superficial and deep nervous tensions in order to quickly advance in the perception of your energetic centre, the TAN TIEN.


Now, relaxed, you really feel your belly. To improve the sensation, breathe into it. It is simple: you breathe into the lungs, either through the nose or through the mouth; then you breathe out by pushing the air from your lungs into your belly. The belly inflates under the pressure of the air and also gets warmer. Make a few breaths in this direction in order to really feel the vitality of your belly, which is much too unrecognized in our modern life. You remember it only after a bad meal or at the time of your periods!.

This done, while resuming a normal breathing again if that is better for you, but it is possible to keep this ventral breathing while breathing out if you can do it without effort and it is comfortable for you, you will press both heels to the floor. Not strongly, but sufficiently so that you feel that the thighs become stiff and above all that the buttocks become tense. At the same time, your belly stiffens in the front surface zone and slightly in the middle.

After several pressings of the heels on the floor, you notice that this contraction in the belly is like the constitution of muscular pliers whose ends meet under (or around) the navel. With even more attention, you will feel that these pliers hold (or grasp) a slightly tough ball: this is the TAN TIEN. It is the energetic centre of your body.