Application of the bronze man 3



Inner earth LAM



The third application of the bronze man three is the noticing that there is not only a bowl in the belly, but a sphere.


This perception comes very naturally when we begin with the bronze man three through the inner tube of the belly. The bowl is very strong, especially when we use the complementary ray between the Tan Tien and the perineum. We then project the Tan Tien upwards to touch the plexus. If we push while pressing the Tan Tien and closing the perineum, the energy goes back up into the central channel and comes to bump into a diaphragm at the top of the belly. While keeping our attention on the spot that we concretely feel, we perceive that with an overall pushing in the belly, there is an upper half sphere which settles above the bowl, above the lower half sphere, which goes from the waist to the perineum. When the perception of this upper half sphere is clear, we let the Tan Tien come into the belly again and we push. The inner tube diffuses on this upper half sphere and there is thus a total sphere which settles inside the energetic system.


This total sphere gives a great self confidence on the physical, psychological and emotional level. We call it the inner Earth. It is a point of support, a basis inside the body to practice our lives.


Just a little attention on your central axis and your wheels and you make the diffusion of the energy in the upper wheels from this sphere. This is the first application of this third application of the bronze man three. However, the main application is to make the flower start from this sphere, exactly according to the technique that I have already given to you. You have a very strong flower, far more extensive. You just need to have your intention there and the flower rises naturally to the heart, then the throat and the head. This flower nourishes itself, now, with the power of the inner Earth.

With this fantastic state of being that you have inside you with this very material flower, you call the energy of creation, the white energy, that is to say, the first application of the bronze man three, which flows like a real river through your crown of the head, onto the petals of your flower and into the central channel of your flower.

This energy enlivens the flower even more. You can then call your inner child, the one of the heart or the technique of the S.

You will receive a very happy, very radiant, very full inner child. And without any hesitation, it will come to settle on the heart of the flower.


With this complete joining of the strength of the Earth, of Heaven and of your inner child, you can start up the machine and you make it all turn, quietly, clockwise. The sphere nourishes this central axis which rotates and carries the flower. The inner child, on top like on a merry-go-round, is very happy. All this is nourished by Heaven.

Take your time; it is a very intimate moment of meeting with Heaven, very sensual. You could even have an arousal, you accept it.


Here, there is happiness. It is very long-lasting, in your heart, in your every day life. A true happiness.


Each time that you can enter further and further into the intimacy of the techniques of the bronze man, you greatly modify your inner chemistry. At the same time, you transform your relationship with yourself, with the space, your behaviour with the others. So your life progresses without conflict.

It is such a state of pleasure and of enjoyment that you could stay a long time. But, do remember that the aim of your presence on Earth is the participation in the ordinary event of life and that all what Heaven can teach you is to allow you to make it radiate and to put it into activity on Earth. Be very careful not to be attracted by an escape of the Earth.


The sound LAM makes the inner Earth vibrate. Make it resonate in your belly, the sphere built up. Grandiose!!!!








2 The Dance FLOOR.


Sometimes it is not easy to reconstitute the dance floor in accordance with the NATURAL movement of Creation, as I have explained it in the fundamental teaching «the Look of God 1». A little help is thus needed. What is this help?


If this natural comprehension of the event, of life, of action, does not come easily, you must then go to look for this comprehension directly. This is moreover the case for most people. Through the opening of the ordinary and deep memories, it is possible to touch, feel, see and understand the two mechanisms of action, both the reasoning Intelligence and the Intuitive Intelligence. Then, you must act! And it is not easier to act in this situation of knowledge with the reasoning brain than in the previous one, which does not seek to understand, but only to feel (comprehension of the heart), what was right …and to do it. Indeed, the external (the others) and internal (your old mechanisms) resistances will be the same. Always the necessity to accept the conflict! ... and not to mask your fears.


But there will be an essential difference: now you KNOW! It is no longer possible to pretend one does not know! If ignorance is the source of all the deviations of the human from his original perfection (as some people advocate), everything ought to be resolved! But unfortunately experience shows that this is not the case. « To know » is not enough. You also must « be capable ». The Grid defends its territory very well. It needs one to use its means of action in order to get back the energy that the person produces by the movement of her cells. The traps are multiple and numerous. Many people, believing to do well, fall into these « bad roles » and nourish the Grid. It is moreover a great concern for me when I observe that through the liberating techniques that I have created, I have very clearly nourished the Grid with energy through all those persons who have used the energy freed by their cells of the body to bring it back to the analytical brain. They have prevented the « loop » from being done NORMALLY, as I explained in the « challenge 1 of life ». They have brought a main interest to the « comprehension » of their fears, their analyses, their explanations, their origins …instead of SIMPLY living this NATURAL movement in the action. As the energy goes where the interest is, the Grid has retrieved the benefit of the action. The loop of return is interrupted!


But as these people now «know», it is no longer possible to bury one’s head in the sand, to play the game of « pretending not to know ». The Grid has to then reinforce its power even more to prevent the being from acting in another dimension. It will play and activate the worst mechanisms of the others, as of the person herself, to frustrate, to frighten. It will know how to establish a false reality, and indeed even try to erase what has been perceived of this other dimension of Creation through the opening of the deep memories.


Then, without regular practices, which reinforce the determination and the enthusiasm of this Force inside every single cell of the body, it is almost impossible to resist the efforts of the Grid in keeping the being in its field of action.


For a long time I thought that « to Know » will regulate EVERYTHING. To put an end to Ignorance! I have discovered the techniques permitting to go « over the wall of lying». I believed that the person would radically change her manner of functioning and would come back to the natural and normal movement of Creation. But no! For many of them, and the majority, everything continued like before. Thus I have had to go to explore the reasons for this reluctance for natural action. I have discovered them in « the securities », which have been settled by the Grid, as much in this life now as in previous ones. Then to create, step by step, liberating techniques for every one of the links that I discovered in the body of the Human.


This is what the Direct Way is. A set of techniques and alignments of spirit to break the links, one after the other, through the passing of encounters that the person makes in the succession of events.


What I am telling you here is very important. If you are not of those people who are not in search of explanations for their mental state, their alienations, their fears, but who very simply want to live with this little flame of lucidity and of joy which grows each day … you will have to practice the techniques of the Direct Way a lot, step by step, and to be followed with a lot of attention by a person who has pierced the filter of ignorance and has freed « certain » powers of Creation in every single cell of her body.


In this way your new dance floor will constitute itself, and on it, this Perfection that is inside you will love to dance.


This Perfection IS YOU!


But you will then need the bronze man 1 & 2 to « develop » your Original Look.


Let us make it plain! Without them you have NO chance of returning to the dimension of this Original Look, save for a few flashes of “lucidity” from time to time. That could be enough to make you believe that « you are evolving », but never to be settled safely in this new Dimension.


Why? Because it is a Dimension of the Heart and you have no heart …save for yourself.


What does that mean, « to have a heart only for yourself »? You are not capable of feeling the suffering of the other in your body. You reduce all your assessments to theories which anaesthetize the suffering of the Dignity to be maltreated and you put everything into the analyses and the references of the « small box » in which you are.


Only the HEART is capable of getting you out of this box.