1. I come back to this very important notion: the world is you.

On an objective level, it is very clear: the world is not you. It is the way of decoding the world that is you. Your manner to perceive the world is a picture and this picture is you. It has stemmed directly from your look. It is through your look that you analyse the world, that you testify to the world, that you talk about the world. You look at the reality through a filter, but it is so distorting that you end up no longer seeing the truth. It is clear that the world is not you, but the world as you see it is you. Except when this strength of creation will freely get through, this strength of Heaven inside the totality of your cells. What you will then perceive is no longer you; it is the reality, the world as it is, with its weaknesses, its colors, its dark side, its certainties, its joys. The world is some beauty, is some spite, is light, is darkness, death, life. You can put everything down, everything is the world.


But you, where are you situated? What is your little window with its theories?


Even if somebody decodes the « reality » of the world, because he is a confirmed enlightened being, you who listen to him will decode his words according to your own filters and create your own story.

When you are in my space, it makes yours bigger and you have, then, a capacity to understand, to feel far beyond what you can do alone. But when you will be alone again, that what looks so evident for you now, will no longer be so. Then there is no point in wanting to hold on, this is again a form of limitation. You are this limitation.


It is the comprehension of this limitation that is the starting point of liberation, because in fact, if we want to live a different world, there is only one possibility: to change our inner chemistry so that it can decode another world. It is the decoding that is the personal making of the world, because it is what we perceive as a reality, even if it is very relative, even if it is an illusion. Nevertheless, this illusion is your reality and this is what you are going to live with.


2. You start with your conditioning, with all that you consider true, false, necessary, or superfluous. Then, by dint of dancing your own dance, you might take it as a reality. This will end up satisfying you. You will, then, fall into a system of alienation worse than the previous one, which was produced by the outside. Now, you apply a rule coming from yourself, believing it very true. That will change you into a selfish pile. This selfish pile relates everything to what it is, to its perception, to its way of decoding the world, to the picture it has made of it. And everything that is out of this picture is false.

So, the ordinary man makes the world all the time according to his decoding. He has this capacity to make himself believe that what he perceives, now, is a reality that he must lay down and render lasting. We then go on to a whole system of theories and certainties.

Then, it is not enough to dance. You still have to know what to dance. Otherwise, you put a movement into action without validation of its origin, of its intention. Without this validation, this movement trains on itself and your attitude regards itself as normal, obvious.


Yet, you are obliged to start from your obvious facts, your present certainties, but while having the full acceptation that they are relative. So, with this attention to your relativity, you bring this inner strength called PRESENCE into play and into a more dynamic doing, this double look, this intuitive intelligence which is in every single one of your cells.


3. The gap between the bronze men two and three is the attention to the relativity of your perception. As long as you do not have this capacity to see it in relative terms, it is not worth approaching it. You will not have enough sensitivity to be able to feel the very subtle indications that are given to you, in the body and in the mind, by this presence which draws your attention to what is not right.

If you are sure of yourself, you are very pretentious. Then, the third bronze man will be a nice chocolate cake! It will allow you to move in space, to communicate with the others, to have some astonishing perceptions and sensations. But you will not have a deep and essential transformation. This is the problem for many of those who consider themselves as advanced, who handle the energy well, but very curiously, there is no transformation in their life. Peace of heart does not settle. They are in the usual confusion. They are in the usual difficulties. They have never seen their look in relative terms. They have never directed an uncertainty to their perception. The worst are those who are so-called very spiritual. They have spontaneous impulses that they consider true, because they are impulses towards Heaven. No! There is nothing true in that. An impulse towards Heaven merely shows an attraction. But what is its destination? Is it to build a new coercion or to go towards liberation? The more you will work with me, the more I will, continuously, draw your attention to the means, to the tool. It is not because we have a tool in our hands that we are somebody extraordinary. What do we do with it?


4. When I look around me, all those whom I have helped, I notice that they hurry to go beyond the bronze men one and two, which are quickly abandoned for the benefit of the three and four, because they give enormous extensions of communication. They develop the steps of the dancer, the techniques of the dance, but the heart that is going to dance is perhaps not there.

Then, the question is: Must we wait for the heart to be there to learn how to dance?

There is no rule. By nature, I take the risk to give « more » to somebody than he can accept. I would give him the desire to come into communication with this “more” that he still does not accept, but that he then can touch with his body, hope to develop it. If he does not experience it, is he going to manage to put himself in the movement, allowing him to experience it?

It is not obvious at all, because life is quick, very difficult, often uncertain. So, I take the risk in always giving more to somebody than he can normally digest and I try to control, as best possible, the small inconveniences which can, then, occur. In the end, it is true that there are some inconveniences that occur through this way of leading evolution. But on the other hand, there have been a lot of people who have been liberated by this gift, which has done something more precious to them than what they could have done themselves. The moral brain is always looking at the 1 to 2% of mistakes made, but it does not look at the 98% which have gone well!


I have determined the logical aspect of the movement for you, of the natural maturing: going from the bronze man two to the bronze man three, when we have perceived the relativity of our perception to the world. It is the normal, natural and desirable maturing.

But, all what I have done on Earth, taught the human, is to accelerate the maturing, the process. If there were louts with whom I would have to take charge of, louts who damage houses, walls and mess up everywhere, naturally, I would settle them in a luxurious castle containing some very precious objects. In contact with this beauty, this preciousness of the objects, this fineness of the decoration, they, perhaps, would no longer have the desire to mess up the walls, to break the building. I think that it would work well like this. It is always like this that I have done. I have always given more than what they could naturally accept. However, after, it is necessary to always control very well. And in the end, I am happy with the result.


5. What is there in you that is going to work without your system of consciousness and of lucidity to attract you into a way of acting, a way of dancing?

In other words, I could sum up all the work by the very intimate knowledge of these possibilities of seduction. The action of seduction is instantaneous. Straight away you are going to be carried into the movement. Afterwards, everything is going to appear to you as if happening by itself. Then, you need help to perceive the moment where the seduction takes place, like a snap of the fingers. It is only at this moment that we can say: “Stop!”

When you approach the third bronze man, it is truly with this attention on the possibilities that you have to perceive your attraction, which by force of habit likes to enjoy itself a certain way.







The devil is my twin



I now will talk to you about the Grid. My matter is not to give you a school-teaching. I always have like orientation and objective that your body and your spirit are joined together, that all your being can fully touch the perfection of the Creation, live with, enjoy with and act with.

Continuously I have spoken about the Grid. In each operation, from my first word. Because in each event, in each practice, in each technique, there is the Grid, and not only around, but also inside.

When you speak about liberation, from what do you free you? Which goal has the liberation? What is it that the prison of which one speaks? Would one speak about liberation of a prison if one were not imprisoned as a preliminary?


Therefore, one is always speaking about the Grid, one is always working in the Grid and with the Grid.


It is not worthwhile of speaking about illumination without the existence of a hood on the head which closes you the eyes and which makes all very obscure and ignorant. The illumination bears its name well: all is illuminated, lit. At last one sees all that there is in the room, all that there is around and one understands all.

I told you thousand times that relative and absolute are always mixed. One speaks about absolute because relative is there. Otherwise, one will never speak of absolute. It would be quite simply « that ».



When one speaks about the Old Testament, it is because there is New Testament. Before, that was called quite simply the Testament. All the words and the definitions settle compared to an alter ego, by a force of contradiction, a force of opposition. In fact, it settles because there is an inversion, because there is an opposition. Therefore, all that you are making there, all that you are trying, to understand, it is because there is the existence of ignorance. When you try to want to free you it is because there is the existence of a prison. Ultimately, no matter what you make, no matter what you decide, whatever the way in which you acted, there is the Grid, which is there, which is with you, which is always with you. It is not there only when you could be fully in this Silence which animates all. And one can really like quite simply only starting from this Silence.


There is only this Silence which loves.

The Love is the Action of this Silence.


When I say that, I have already instituted the existence of a noisy space. Therefore, as soon as one comes in a form of condensation one is already in the separation. There are discussions on the methods of what is to love, of what is to act. On the other hand, when you are in this Silence, this Silence which animates all, this Silence which loves, where the action and the movement of this Silence are the love, there, it is a movement which does not have a reference compared to another thing. There is no opposition. There is not an existence compared to another thing. There is not a form of comparison. It is thus. That cannot be differently than so. One does not even say that it is right, that cannot quite simply be differently than like that because it is like that which that functions. And it is in this Silence that I try to bring you. If I try to bring you somewhere, in this Silence, it is because there exists the noise. A world of non-Silence. It is excessively important that you understand that so that you can relax during your research and not panic when you feel the Grid so close to you surrounding you and trying to penetrate you.


But the Grid knows to clone « this Silence ».

Then what is the difference between the « truth » and the « false ». It is easy.

The « false » is heavy, it anaesthetizes the sensations, the feelings. It makes forget all what one has received, understood. All disappears like a fairy tale. It does not give any impulse to the action. On the contrary it pushes in immobility, a search for peace, a lassitude, a desire for not mixing with the storm… He condemns all that would not seem « wise » and « moderate »… It is a runaway who seeks to mask his lack of courage behind great considerations invented by the reptilian. Tiredness is at the end… and accelerates even more the desire for « all releasing ».

The « truth » is impulse for the action, enthusiasm to enter the fray because it is where the life is, the movement present. Moreover, IT cannot make differently. All the body vibrates!!!! … the action is IMMEDIATE… No doubt about the Reality of the action… the enormous force which runs then in the body is the testimony of it. A fantastic vitality supports the body in action… and repairs it of its wounds.



The pretention of human, your pretention, it is to always believe you a separate being of the remainder. You believe that you are a being which has his particular conscience, who has his particular will, and who can, as he wants, love or not love, take or reject, decide or undergo. It is your pretention of human. But when you are in this pretention, you are already in the world of noise, you are already in world of non-Silence because when you are in the Silence, you realize that you do not have this own individuality, you do not have this own will, that there is not this own decision because quite simply there is no decision, there is not will.


There is quite simply: it is like that!


Often people ask me: « How do you make to know all that, how do you make to be able to act thus? » Some of them will even ask me from where I hold all these powers of action and of comprehension. As I always have a small humoristic character I often answer that it is simply because I am very buddy with God. If one asks me something on the devil, in the same movement of humor, I should say: «Yes yes, I also know him very well, he is my brother. The devil is my brother. » And it is not only one brother as you can be accustomed to having a brother and a sister with two or three years gap. No. There it is my twin brother.

If you intimately do not understand that, if you do not have a physical comprehension of it you will never leaves the Grid because you take it as something of outside to you, of outside to all this mechanism, as if you were independent of all, being able to decide everything, take or stop, love or not love, be attracted or be pushed back, whereas when you make a movement in a direction, there is always the other movement in the other direction which is done.


It is the law of compensation of the universe.


It is a law of self-control which exists in the essence of the Creation. It is what obstructs a lot of all these students of the religions, all these so-called great masters. Still very recently in a monastery dedicated to Saint-Michel archangel, one asked me the question to know if into final, the devil had not been created by God. In fact hadn't God created the devil to make us move, to punish us of something? It is always their concern: but where does this devil comes from?

Because they are really mucked with this question around which they turn since millenaries. Eh, they should be understood! … If God has not created the Devil, it is that HE is not the absolute boss of the universe!!!! … Shit then! … One cannot count on HIM in absolute safety… HE also he is overflowed by the side and is mucked by a « foreigner» who has been created all alone…

…. And if it is HIM who has created the Devil, then it IS a true sadist to have put this wretched Being to disturb the poor humans who would like only Peace and Tranquility!!!!!


I will speak you about all that, to show you the means of action of this Devil. But also to say you how and to show you how you can fully live your life, be truly buddy with God and be able, also, to live with this twin brother. That you are not only satisfied to control but that you tents, also, to help because finally you are obliged to take care of what is and it is not worthwhile to dream of what should be or what could be.


There is a constant balance between the force of the union and the force

of separation.


As soon as something is created, the force which makes it possible to balance is also there. It is what allows you to be able to listen to my teachings now. Not only to listen to them and understand them, but it is what allows you to be able to use them.

You can wonder what I want to say, what does all that means? I only take the constitution of your energetic body. During the 2500 years which has just occurred, the principal energetic points of your body, those which are essential because they give you the coding of the whole of your electronic files, they were the spots that one calls «faith, belief». And it is for that there is all this faith of the Old Testament, of the New Testament, of Islam, of Buddhism. All that has settled for this approximately 2500 years period. In fact, it was the attraction, the natural mobilization of your energetic system.

Why didn't it remain thus? There is always a question of evolution. You have a toe which pushes, then two toes etc. It is what would like to make you to believe and to explain you many biologists or physicists working on the evolution of the mankind. In fact, when you know exactly what occurs, you notice that there is always a mechanism of energetic compensation.

If during 2000 years, 3000 years people had used this force of communication with the Heaven, this force of the heart, in the sense of its initial intention, of its initial coding, it means this love between the men, this aid to live between the men, there would have been a deployment always stronger of this force of the heart. If the man had used his energetic power of the heart to help the man to live, to grow, it would have built something of splendid there on Earth.

But what did it occur? You have only to look at a little the history, the societies and the religions. The man has profited and always profits from his capacity to alienate the other. There is always the rise of grading systems linked to the power and to the reptilian brain.

Quite simply takes the few centuries which have just occurred in the western world in which you live. Look at only at the time of the absolute kings. That does not make very a long time, 3 - 4 centuries, there was the serfdom of the men, like slaves. Not only slaves whom one was going to seek in remote countries. I speak of those who were there, on the spot, who were born in France, in Germany, in Italy… The lord was owner of people. He could do what he wanted of them, they were serfs because they were in constraint. And all that in a very Christian world!!!!!!!

One could also go very near in our current lives. But even at the beginning of this century, Sunday did not exist, one worked seven days per week. As for famous paid vacations they go back only to 1935.

But one always remains in this exploitation. Let us look at only the conditions of the external order. In the catholic Christian world, to have only his Sunday to go to the mass, it means Sunday for God, is very recent. There were no Sundays for God in the previous centuries. However, it was a world very Christian catholic!!!!!!! And if one speaks about Orthodox it is similar.


In this case, when you have an energetic force which is not employed in its destination, of its original coding, which is always a coding of the universal love, of the natural loving act,

...... there is the development of a force of compensation, of opposite,

and even of destruction.



Thus in the example that I have taken compared to the energetic flux of the faith, which had been the principal structure of the energetic system of human for almost 3 000 years, there had been a so bad use of this natural dash, that there has been automatically the development of the force of compensation which is always in potential in the cell, in the particle. It is what occurred for the man. There has been the development of these excessively powerful structures of communication, which currently exist in the human body.


Thus, the human body is not any more an energetic structure of « faith » but it is an energetic structure of « communication ».


It is very normal that there is this infatuation with Internet, the cellphones… for all that is of the exchange, of a look «differently»… because there is only the communication which can come to put an end to the power of the naïve belief in God..

The naïve belief in God it has been really that the initial structure of this heart for approximately 2500 years. To believe without knowing because one knows that it is right, it means to believe in the darkness. With this naïve belief, one does understand anything at all, but one believes because ones heart-spirit knows that it is right. And thus, to be opposed to this naïve belief, which had taken a so malevolent extension for humanity, one needed a lighting, a light, another form of communication.


Any communication which comes from outside is a new light which puts in relativity what has been installed in memory in your cells by the former generations, the anterior centuries and millenaries.


Each information is an illumination which comes to differently enlighten all the system of the memory in your cells. And they are these memories in your cells which will mobilize your internal chemistry and make you function in a certain manner.

You have noticed that when you have a problem, a difficulty with somebody, if you stay all alone with your history you close your space, all will become hard, it will also have physical contractions.

There is unhappiness in it.

On the other hand, if you have the courage to go to tackle the problem, to tackle frankly the discussion, all will slacken. Whatever the result of the discussion is,

all will slacken.



But some lock up in their fear of the «waves» and flee from the event.

Others open even more their life, understanding that could also arrive to them if they miss vigilance on their reflex behaviour.

Only the Truth and its «communication» release.


Some people say: «the poor …!! » and trie to « understand » her.

They are locked up in the space which she has created and they have lost their vitality.

Some people perceive the Freedom which opened for their life. Those one trie to understand «the wound of Dignity».

Very curiously they love IT even more.

They feel a new force in their body and an enthusiasm in their heart for the future.


Many go in this event with two wobbly feet:

-the old one in the « faith » of a belief « that the Good comes to end of all the difficulties without any intervention by oneself: it suffices « to believe »… »

- the new in the knowledge about the Order of the universe… by saying « it is not well » …


Each one makes his result according to the width of the communication and of the opening that he makes with the event which is the Reality of the life.


You have a thousand-year-old past in each one of your cells. You do not have only your history at you. You have the past of humanity. Either you use your memories to function in closed circuit and you will remake your personal little stories, it means to try to play again differently the blows but inside the same room, of the same prison… or you will bring an additional piece of information, a light of the outside which will light you differently.


Therefore, if you can now listen to me and even have the possibility of understanding me and of feeling in you that what I say there is right, if you have the possibility of being able to make, to practice and to feel something, it is because there is this energetic flux, this force of communication in your energetic body, it means in your space of life which has come to replace the flux of the naïve belief.

Without this seed of compensation, which exists automatically as soon as something is created, you could not listen to me. There would not be even the possibility of considering the least teaching of liberation.


And thus if I say that God is my buddy, the devil is my twin brother.


PS: If the system of communication, which is the main inside the energetic body of the human, is misused, if one does not use it according to the initial coding that there is in your particles (this colossal Love of the Creation), there also will be the control inside each one of your cells of this movement becoming perverse. This force of control, which is in potentiality in your cells, will develop, become extensive… What will be thus the future Man on the Earth ?