The decoder of Nobility


Or the immersion in Love.




This is a practice which reproduces the inner chemistry capable of perceiving the different qualities of dances and those directly linked to the Nobility of the Strength of the Original Life. It is therefore a state of deep intimacy with ourselves.


It is really the beginning of a profound communication with us.


Also three principles.


* External: The difference between the second bronze man and the third one is enormous. We are no longer in the same dimension. However a lot of people believe in a simple continuity. Why? Because the two first bronze men have repaired the tools of sensitivity and of sensuality of the being. This being begins to be self confident again. Then, to stop with the coercions of the rules, he must act by following his spontaneous impulses. This is important for developing the intelligences of the body, which begin to believe in it again. It is at this stage that we say: « even if it means doing stupid things, better to do our own than the ones of the others ».


But in the stage of this third bronze man, it is totally different. In order to perceive the impulses given to the body by this Force of Life, this body must have enough sensitiveness. This was the work of the two first BM. But now it is no longer a question of simply following « your impulses », which are reactions of the body to the temptations of external as well as internal energetic flows. You must validate your impulses according to the perceptions, visions, comprehensions that you may have had of the Dignity and of its movement.


So the stage draws to a close: I feel it like this, thus I do it!

It is now a matter of being very serious with your impulses and validating the action. The being is no longer the main interest in the action. It is Dignity that is put into movement by the action. The difference is enormous!




* Internal: The action is always the motor to always go deeper. This is an energetic rule. It works in both directions. It is thus very important, at this stage of the evolution of the being, that the action is guided by the impulses given to the body by Dignity. Then, from action to action, the being will go so deeply into the movement of Dignity that he is carried by It. There begins a true happiness of which one knows neither the beginning nor the end.




* Secret: an essential modification takes place in the behaviour of the being: he bathes in the ocean of love. It is Love which folds itself in love; it is the Intelligence which understands itself.


He is no longer in search of a comfort or a personal happiness. This is another dimension that he discovers and lets him enjoy. Life becomes really enjoyable … and happy … despite the annoying incidents of life. They are part of it!


Such are the principles of action of this bronze man.


By it and through it, the being enters into another dimension of life.







God does not exist


First approach in Bam.


God is my buddy and the devil my twin brother. It is a humorous manner to present this state of relation and of balance in the universe.


Except that God does not exist.


Of course it is entirely shocking for all the monotheists cultures which have installed a great patriarch, a father; for all these cultures, all these religions which result from a manufacture of the reptilian brain in the research of security, of the selection of the chief, of the pyramidal system of authority etc. It is not because silly things are said that one will continuously turn around and spend his time explaining them, justifying them or on the contrary fustigating them.

The Direct Way bears its name well: one goes directly to the heart of the subject. You have the technical, mechanical possibility, to go to see directly, without any intermediary and without any mental handling. You go there or you do not go there. But you have the possibility between the hands.

God does not exist as a patriarch, authority, decision. But there exists an original force of Creation, original in the sense that this force does not have an origin at it.


It is an origin in oneself.


It is itself its own Creation, its own movement, its own mobilization. It is like that. It is there. It is a state. There is nobody who has sent it and it has not been created by anybody. In fact, it is what one could call in a fast way: the Source from which all will be born.

Moreover, it is noted that « that » has an intelligence. But, one cannot consider it as an intelligence such as it is perceived by the reasoned system, it means a manner of discoursing, of understanding, of analyzing.


It is a LOOK, an Eye, which understands, which looks at.


It is in this sense that one says that it is an intelligence. From « that », there is continual creation - destruction. It is besides what modern physics has discovered: there exists in each Universe an enormous energetic mass from where everything goes and everything comes back. They call it « the black hole » because they can locate this mass but cannot « see » it by their apparatuses. But what is certain for them is that this mass is the origin of each universe. Soon it will be easier to understand the « mysteries » of the Creation by reading the scientific magazines than the books of the « Saints ».

It is also what you can perceive through the opening of your deep memories: this almost black mass (in fact it is a very dark blue), almost motionless, of an enormous power in which all exists in potentiality. It is what we call in the Direct Way: the Source.

Then you can even discover by yourself, the same information as modern science… but while going further than it, because it does not have all the apparatuses yet to decode the totality of this « Reality». But that will come!!! …. science goes quickly!!!! …. Except that their perceptions do not make them happy. That is done through apparatuses, not through the body. They cannot thus touch, feel, understand with their body the Generosity, the Marvelous Love of this « matter ». Their body cannot quiver and change under the impulse of this « Source » when it is directly contacted.


From « that », « quantums of energy» leave for an action and return to it, carrying the fruit of their voyage. And in any case no matter what it occurred in the voyage, everything comes back there, feeds and nourishes this « Source ».

It is very reassuring to perceive it because ultimately you do no longer stay blocked in all the unhappinesses of the world by saying you that the human one is terrible. In fact, the most terrible human will nevertheless comes back there with his fruits. If his fruits are bad, they can only do harm to him, at him, but cannot do harm to this Source. It should never be forgotten that the fruit is a matter. It is this energetic matter, this energy which is the nourishment of this Source. If this human has given a bad personal radiation to this matter, this radiation do harm to him but does not do harm to this Source since the only thing which the Source recovers it is the matter.

The radiation and its consequences remain the property of human

and of the species making.


Perhaps you start to understand what it is that the « karma »: this residue of the action which remains hung to the one which has produced it.


What is important it is the perception and the knowledge of this Intelligence, of this Look which sees all and understands all, without any judgment, where there is neither good nor bad; there is quite simply an energetic mobilization.

The good and the evil are considered much afterwards, much lower than it, much more in the materiality. There, in this materiality, by his action, the species, a being can narrow the heart or inflate the heart, to do harm or to do good to him, but it is his business at him.


What does it go out of « that »? … Which is this « quantum of energy » which goes out of there and which are its qualities?

I could say that the entity which leaves from that, the being which leaves from that is carrying the totality of this Intelligence, of this Force and it is that the initial encoding of each particle. Each particle has the imprint, the stamp of certification of its origin. It is that the initial coding of each particle which constitutes a being. Thus each one of these beings has an intention of working: that of his origin. … EHHHHH!!!!! … Awake!!!!! … Do you realize of what I am saying to you!!!!! …. YOU are part of this Source and you are intended to implement Its movement… Not yours personal!!!!! … And you have the possibility of going to see it direct through the opening of your memories… But, under the impulse of this observation and soaked with this colossal Force that you contact, you can thus transform « direct » your life, to immediately put an end to your silly things. When one goes towards the East and that one perceives in his body that it is a bloody nonsense… one can turn the back IMMEDIATELY and go in the right direction INSTANTANEOUSLY!!!!!!

Then, if you do not make it, it is that you do not want to do it: you have a love elsewhere stronger than « that ». But it is to you that you do harm. To your species too. You accelerate its rotting… because in any case, it is this Source which recovers the fruits of your effort… Unhappinesses or happinesses for you, it is the similar for It. You can may be understand a little now when I speak to you about these « territories » where happiness and unhappiness have same savour.


You notice then that a tree it is a being, a rock it is a being, an animal, it is a being, a human it is a being. The particle of constitution is exactly the same one. It is the intention of working which makes that the particles have been assembled which creates the tree, the rock, the water, the cat, the dog or the human one.


Therefore, it is the intention which sets up a movement.


The being is this movement. Also beyond the movement, there is an intention. In other words, the movement makes the assembly of the particles, which make the body. But at the base, there is the intention which makes your being. Among Christians one calls it the soul. It is the intention which sets up the movement.

The intention itself is resulting from the particles.

Each particle has the coding, the stamp of certification of origin of « that », this intelligence of that. It is this presence about which I have often spoken to you. It is the waking of this intelligence which gives you this feeling of one Presence inside you. What you are stupid when you deviate from the intention of life of « that ». You do not know beside what happiness you pass nearby!!!!


Then now let us go even further:


WHO sees, WHO understands, WHO knows?


With the Presence, your comprehension is not analytical. You know that it is like that and your look is a look of total and instantaneous knowledge. It is this look, it is the Look of this Intelligence, of « that », of this origin, of this initial Force, which is inside you. Therefore, this Presence which sees, which understands instantaneously, which perceives if it is true, which perceives if it is in the movement of initial encoding, it means its movement at it, or if on the contrary you are in derivation, in separation of « that », it is It, it is this Intelligence.

When you can perceive that physically, and in full comprehension, initially through the opening of your deep memories, then through the perception directly in the movement, in the event of your complete body, it means the relative and the absolute being mixed together, the reptilian and what is not reptilian being together, when you perceive that this Presence is the Intelligence of this Force… then, you do not have any more doubt about what you understand and perceive, on what you see.

Then you do not have anymore any doubt on what you are looking for, on what you work because you have already found what you seek. But, after having found it again, as when you have found your house again, you will take a broom, a vacuum cleaner and brushes. You will clean, you will put air, more light. You will increase, give some width. In fact, you have already found. You do not seek anymore. But there, you are always, always, in work of expansion of this lucidity, of this heart, of this uprightness. You are in work of expansion on Earth.


It is that, in the intimacy of your heart, « To defend Dignity »



There are two forces which are not related to the karmic system, to the system of separation:

These are the Uprightness and the Lucidity of the Source.

The one who has these two forces moving in his body « is blessed by the Heaven ». He can never do « harm »… even if the external appearance is contrary according to the appreciations of the men.

But This one, loves more the Source than himself. Do you remember this 2000 year old guy who said that « the one will love his father and his mother more than me will not be worthy of my Kingdom ».

You cannot then make differently than to live according to the initial coding of all your particles because you are quite simply happy in it. You enjoy there. And you cannot make differently anymore, you cannot make another thing anymore.

Also, whatever the state of this body trapped by all the karmic environment of humanity, the state of your social, cultural system etc. you have this possibility of finding back your origin and of testifying, then, of this presence in this trapped body. And the testimony which you will put in action will continuously increase your connection, your intimacy with this Presence, this Intelligence, this Uprightness and this Lucidity.

In other words, it is not only the Source which will flow in you while you are passive and that you will feel you increase gradually. No. It is not like that occurs. You renewed contact. From there, it is your work which will develop the contact.


the Kiss, which awakes the sleeping Beauty.


But after having awaked her, it is necessary nevertheless to continue to embrace her. It does not only suffice to put the current and to say: « Now, manages. » I will speak to you again about it when I will have a talk with you about the husband and the wife, of all that makes dream the tantric world. But one should not forget that there is the accompaniment of the kiss. There is not of « to let quiet ».


It is a continual kiss.

That are breaths which mix continuously.

That are winds which mix continuously.

That are respirations mixed.


It is that which makes that one inflates, that one inflates, and that one day one can say that one is buddy with God. It is like a Montgolfier, the balloon is so large and with such a pressure that the balloon rises from anywhere. But it can also be posed anywhere. You have this very aerial freedom. It is work. And for me it is the most beautiful word which can exist on Earth. What has shocked a lot when some people have understood that for me it was the principal word and that it was a pleasure for me to work. I have answered them that I was not masochist but a great sensualist. They did not understand but I have laughed a lot to see their amazed head.


It is work and the work is done where your body is trapped, where your body is attached, there in the environment in which it is.


I will not reconsider the transformation of the environment, on the radiation of the environment. You are not obliged to remain in prisons which do not want to evolve. There is an « elsewhere ». Once you have renewed contact with your original coding, you breathe with.


It is a permanent kiss.

You take care of her permanently and she takes care of you permanently.

It is that the husband and the wife.


And that does not have anything of an individual possession. Even if indeed, perhaps a day I will speak to you about it, a man can bring a woman to the Heaven and vice versa. They are the great dreams of the tantrism but they do not have this dimension of comprehension nor this enthusiasm to this Intelligence, with the result that that are only plays of an emotional, sensual, affective, sensitive etc.


God does not exist, but there is an Intelligence and this Intelligence you perceive it by

this Presence inside you.


The teaching that I give is called « the Direct Way » because the reptilian brain can understand that like a way to be followed. But at the beginning of my teaching, I had called it « the Direct Sight ». But nobody understood what this SIGHT was and everyone was fantasizing, racking one’s brain, masturbating the meninges. So I have transformed it into WAY. But there, when you are in these dimensions of explanation and of contact with me, and that you will see by yourself, you really perceive that it is a Look which perceives all, which understands all. Therefore, it is an Intelligent Look which knows exactly what occurs.



Of this state of what happens, there is a natural action which imposes itself