Bronze man 4





This bronze man is the power of communication, in real essence therefore, the energetic structure participating in life. It is when we enter into this domain that we begin to be a being truly alive on Earth, in participation with humankind. We are here to act, participate, and communicate. The action itself is the creator of enthusiasm.

The fourth bronze man carries all this in itself. It is not only an incentive for the action; it is the action that is continuously developing the enthusiasm.


We only approach this stage when you perceive the inner tube around you as soon as you make a pressure on your abdominal Tan Tien. When it is there, you close the perineum while continuing to push on the Tan Tien. The bowl is formed, very soft, very supple, outside you.

In order to reconstitute the bronze man three, we can take a shortcut, being lighter, more precise and enthusiastic. A slight movement of your body, a slight swaying permits you to perceive the central axis. Your position modifies slightly, resuming a perfect alignment. Even if the central axis exists by itself, it is nevertheless its full consciousness that makes the bodily modification.

Then, with a pressure on your Tan Tien of the belly, like a hand that presses on a lemon, a quantum of energy goes to the breast, because such was your intention. You press on it until you really perceive the external inner tube of the heart. You do the same work with the belly. When this is perceived, you do the same thing for the throat.

Then with the forehead. First intention and will of the energy for the forehead, pressure on the Tan Tien, projection of energy into the central channel. There can be a slight realignment of your head when the energy passes.

Afterwards, you press into the head. I remind you that the pressures into the head and the neck are always gentle, long and subtle.

Then bring a little attention to the fontanel and here energy also rises up from the belly and through it. Be content with looking.


Now, it is very simple. You press overall onto the Tan Tien of the belly. Nourishment is given to all the other upper inner tubes. They are all linked to your abdominal Tan Tien. You rotate the whole belly. This leads to the same mobilization in all the other inner tubes. Gradually, the outer inner tubes grow and there is a total inner tube which settles around your body. You can bring an additional attention to your fontanel to close it completely if this does not happen by itself.

Look around you. Your arms and legs are already encompassed by the inner tube. The work on the central axis spontaneously encompasses them.


You now go to the fourth bronze man. This is very simple. You make a hole in the outer inner tube of the belly. Your will should be enough. If this does not suffice, you send the Tan Tien and you hold it with the exhaling until the opening is made. At this very moment, the energy in the inner tube can diffuse outside. The same mechanism is done with the other upper inner tubes. In the beginning, you will perhaps make the inner tube of the belly, then the one of the heart, then the one of the throat and the forehead, either with attention if this suffices, or with a pressure. Later on, everything is done instantaneously. All what is done with the inner tube of the belly is automatically done with the upper inner tubes, because there has been a total connection between the abdominal Tan Tien and all the other upper Tan Tien. You continue to press and rotate. It is this rotating energy in the outer inner tube that enables the blossoming, the enlargement of the ball of energy around you.

If you really look, you notice that in the total bubble, all the systems of the inner tubes are there, but less visible. It is like when a picture becomes hazier while there is a focusing on another picture. The picture of your outer bubble is very clear and the reality of the inner tubes is hazier. These are energetic realities. It is not something virtual.

The vision is focusing on the outer bubble and one no longer perceives the inner bubble, the one stemming from the inner tubes of the bronze man three. Pay attention to this process. You realize that the complete construction of all the bronze men is inside this bubble, inside the bronze man four.

Do this photographic focusing again by coming back inside yourself. You will perceive the limits; firstly of the bubble of the bronze man three, inside this bubble, the inner tubes of the bronze man three. Internally facing these inner tubes, you will perceive the energy belt of the bronze man two, and again, you will perceive your central axis. You will no longer perceive anything of the bronze man one, because it was a pressure against an external resistance to put your inner energy into mobilization. Once this mobilization is made, it leads to the presence and consciousness of the inner energy belt, which is materialized by the bronze man two.

Look how nice it is that you permanently move with completeness. Thus, there is never an abandoning of something for something else. There is always completeness, everywhere and always. It is magnificent and allows you to work on yourself and on the others, because according to your possibilities of contact, of perception, of focusing your camera, you know on which territory you can act. You know what is relative and what is real on this territory. And you work on it.

Here, you are already in action with yourself. You realize that you can go outside with your perception, with a focusing of your outlook and you can come towards the inside and work again, if necessary, on any of the points.


By sending some energy into the central channel towards your perineum, you detach the bubble. There is an enlargement that is made in the entire lower part of the body. You do the same with the fontanel.

You perceive a fantastic bubble of energy around you, like amniotic liquid. You are this central axis and this mechanism of wheels. You are only this presence. It is comfortable. You are participating in what you are. You are no longer linear, but you are spatial.


Later on, you will know about all what you can do and how you can communicate and act with this bubble of the bronze man four. For the moment, move, play and take consciousness of what you are. Be intimate with what you are. Perceive yourself with this comfort, with this communication with yourself.


You perceive, now, how the fourth bronze man is naturally made through an acceleration of the third. When the third bronze man has become so free, easy, spontaneous, it suffices to make the energy in the inner tubes more dynamic, the overall bubble constitutes itself, and then the extrusion is made. One can feel, perceive oneself huge.


You can stay like this, for a long time. It is a meditation in itself. It is, in itself, far more important than what you could do with the bronze man four, with this energy bubble. The tool is far more important than the result that we could obtain. Really pay attention to the tool. When you are in this attention, you are in a very strong modification of your inner chemistry, because there is an extraordinary and entirely new mobilization of the cells of your body and of all the memories of your cells. It is a real revolution, which settles inside you. It is true revolution. It is an inner, silent revolution.


Take your time. When you have mobilized this space of energy inside you and around you, you do not remain the same. You are modified every time. This modification is perceptible in your mobilization, in your communication, in your participation with your everyday life.

Then, before throwing yourself into the extraordinary techniques that can be set up from this bronze man four, get intimate with this space, with your new self. This space is you. This is you, who can at last and truly escape from the imprisonment of all your forces of life in your cells, who can escape from cultural, religious, emotional and sentimental coercion.


When you will come out of the practice, you will do this very quietly. First with the intention to come out. With this intention, you realize there is already a modification of your attention. The camera begins to focus on another dimension.

Progressively, you are going to feel yourself more and more material, dense, cold. And this is what it is like. It is also necessary to live your ordinary life. Then you move slowly around your central axis. Quietly, a more ordinary breathing settles. You come back quietly into an ordinary state, the usual state for your action in the world. You move physically and you perceive that at the same time everything has changed, even if externally it is the same body, the same hand, the same leg, the same room. Outwardly, it is the same thing, but at the same time there is something very different. There is a new way of breathing, of feeling, of living, of welcoming the event. This is what accompanies you during your entire day. This new look, this new breathing, this new accompaniment. In this way, your life changes, gradually, day after day, event after event, without having great excitements like a warrior. Everything changes quietly by itself.


Direct Way is not a way of effort; it is a way of accompaniment, of attention, of accompaniment in the event.





When I talk about view, it does not automatically mean: to see. When I talk about a photographic objective, it is not necessarily a view. It is also a feeling, intelligence, a heart. You can perceive in four ways: with view, intelligence, heart, understanding. But, whatever the way is, there is a focusing of the tool. The example of the camera really permits you to feel the effects of this principle. You have to seek the clearness, the precision, and decide what the clearness will act upon, which event is to be clear, the rest can become more or less hazy.







The third player:




And yes ! There is a third player. You can see that the game is rotten from the beginning! This player is a joker made by the Grid to make you believe that you can « freely » play your life in accordance with your will and your « feeling». In fact, this player is the master card of the Grid for getting its will through your action by making you believe that it has nothing to do with it. A true false counter, the guy! A super cheater! You did not all the same believe that the struggle between the ORIGINAL YOU and the reasoning YOU would be so easy? You will still have to grow a little in your comprehension and the attention to your vibrations developing in your body during the events.


Right, I know, I am keeping you waiting! You have eagerness of discovery! I know, you are a real researcher of truths! If you are mistaken sometimes, even very often, for not to say «all the time», it is just to test the capabilities of your body to spontaneously discover the error. You are a person « always» at work! So, no need to explain to you, since you have already understood that this joker is the player who manipulates the relationship between suffering and insufficiency.


So, although you are a much evolved being, as I am just saying and very humbly recognizing, go step by step in this ramble full of thorns.


1. I speak to you about the « psychological » suffering, which certainly has repercussions on the body, which can also register physical sufferings. This suffering is always the result of an insufficiency. This insufficiency is not a void, but a weight. Everyone has noticed this in ones life. When one misses a beloved being, one does not feel light, but heavy, oppressed. In fact, the suffering which is registered by the body and the spirit is the reaction to something lacking. Then it is a question of always knowing « which weight it is » that one could not bear to carry? That will determine the choices of life and action. These choices will appear very naturally for the reason that it is useless to be masochistic. Why give yourself displeasure while it seems so natural and obvious to give yourself pleasure. People who use the techniques of the Direct Way remind me moreover very often that I say that this Way develops itself through relaxation and not through suffering and coercion.

Such is the relationship between insufficiency and suffering. It is a constant energetic mechanism. Not any judgement of value. The person REALLY suffers and it is a physical truth.


2.To go deeper, it is now necessary to ask the question: where does the insufficiency come from? It is there that the quality of the person will intervene. Since you well know how to look at and understand within yourself, you know that each of the « small boxes » is a complete entity which has a thorough knowledge of everything in it to nourish its story and its action. So an «insufficiency » is always linked to one of the elements of working of one of the boxes. Through the « suffering », one knows in which little box the reasoning intelligence subjected to « the insufficiency » is. But for this intelligence, captive of the box, this insufficiency is inadmissible, dangerous, disturbing. It is necessary at all costs to cure it before it creates an emotional disturbance that will then have an effect on life. The references of this small box become « absolute ». There are no longer possibilities « relativize » when the « unhappiness » of life is involved. The joker plays its card! Powerful, determining, natural!


    A real-life example: I am in a rich home. The young girl practices horse riding three times a week. One day she does not have the horse she wants. She makes a great emotional story of it. The mother intervenes immediately. Contacts with the director, demands … In short, the problem is sorted out.


    So I point out that there is something not very normal in this double behaviour, for the daughter as well as for the mother.

… The daughter benefits from a sport that a lot of others would like and cannot pay for. She could therefore be thankful for the life that gives her this possibility and be a little humble if she does not have « exactly what she wants ». As for the mother, this even reinforces pretentiousness and does not bring the child to « relativize » life and her good fortune. So for me, « nothing» dignified in this double behaviour, which leads the rich man to complain that he does not have enough cream to put into his already very thick soup.


    The answer of the mother was very clear: everyone « in his world » has his problems and his emotional rifts. There is no difference between the rifts of the poor and those of the rich. Only the rift that will then involve the life of the being counts.

So her action of a rich mother is to intervene so that her child is not being torn apart and disturbed for the future. The poor people have their problems, the rich people have theirs! Full stop and new paragraph!



    Reading me, you think perhaps, « what a selfish woman! ». Well, I will tear you a bit apart, as I was a lot, in telling you that this mother was one of the German women that I have brought to a very high level after years of work. She has enormous perceptions of Heaven. She says she is a lover of It, a Daughter of It … that is for the first foot, for the first player. She also believed to master the second player, the Grid directly. She helps some other people to « transform » themselves with a good success, because she has a lot of power that I have freed from her cells …


    But she did not know how to free herself from the « joker », which shuts the analytical brain up into a small box and makes everything so simple, so obvious, so NORMAL! SO ABSOLUTE!!!!!



Interesting little story, is it not? Through my explanation in the « challenge 2 of life », you know that you have two players in your body, two feet to act with. On which will you lean? You believe yourself strong with your knowledge not to be manipulated by the Grid. You forget the « joker »! … It shuts you up into a reference need-insufficiency-suffering. It is surely so natural and obvious to try to escape from this suffering! Then you fall into the « absolute » references which do not question themselves. Because with which tool you will « discuss »? With your analytical brain … this very one which has created the joker!


So only your heart remains « to relativize » your insufficiency. To help your heart, the Direct Way provides you with tools, of which one of the most important on this subject is the opening of the deep memories, which permit you to understand, to feel, to live the dimension of Heaven on Earth. Perfection in movement!


I write these lines, I say these words … now … I am in Indonesia, one of the poorest countries in the world. I come back from a bicycle ride in the middle of the rice plantations of Java. When you see the effort, the work of these people, water to their knees, always bent down … always smiling … the rice loses its money weight and takes on a human weight!...