Application 1 of the bronze man four


Moving in space



The very essence of the bronze man four is the possibility for moving the energetic body beyond the physical body. This means that there is this possibility for transporting ones entire energy, of moving it in space. This is the first application.


The bronze man four is entirely built up. If this has not been done naturally, one separates the fontanel and the perineum by sending the Tan Tien to them. The energetic body must be entirely dissociated from the physical body. Then, you increase the volume of the energetic bubble even more, by a little muscular and respiratory compression inside the belly, until you have completely lost the perception of the limits of your physical body. This happens very naturally. One perceives that the consciousness stays with this bubble.


And very naturally, when the consciousness of this bubble is there, there is the desire to make a journey into space, towards all the other beings existing in this universe. Do not limit yourself to the Earth. There are many living beings in the universe, each one in their own bubble. So, decide to go towards them in full consciousness of their presence.


You are a bubble in space, with your consciousness. If you pay attention, inside this bubble, there is your master structure. It is not your physical body; there are no organs etc. All this remains on Earth. It is the very essence of your energetic body. There is a lightness in existing like that, in knowing oneself. It is not a new existence. You have always been like that, but you did not know it. You did not have the means for getting your memory back again, for finding this state of being again.

First, concentrate on yourself, on this lightness, this freedom at last completely found again. There is no longer a limitation of the body. You are no longer limited by the karmic system of humankind. You are this free bubble, this existence in the universe. You do not perceive your body anymore; it is an overall, very gentle sensation.

Now, if you look around you in this universe, in this cosmos, there are plenty of others bubbles like you, with their central axis and their wheels. And if you pay attention to them, to these beings, you realize that some of them are well nourished while others are dry. Most often they are dry, because they have difficulty in living, in finding themselves again. Pay attention and you will understand many of their difficulties in their lives, of their dryness, of their questionings, of their sufferings, of their longing to find their original freedom again, to no longer be trapped by the karmic system of the body.

Compared to you, the majority has difficulty with life, with suffering, with dryness. You have had the luck to meet on the one hand the teaching and on the other hand the teacher. You have this blessing, this help. They are in a personal search, pushing the walls of their prison themselves, not knowing what to make of these walls or of this prison.


So, you have something more than they do. You have this knowledge, this enthusiasm for life, this perception of new freedom.


Do you really have the desire to communicate this matter of liberation to them? Do you really want to pass this matter on to them? Can you give it to them with a will of the heart to give all that you are, not to keep anything for yourself, to empty your wallet? You know that the bank account functions and your wallet fills up naturally through the discovery of your life and through the use of the means that you know. But they do not know that. They have no bank account that feeds them. So can you give them all what you have, all what you are?

Pass on to them what you have understood, all your heart and all your enthusiasm. Pass on to them all that you have received.

If you can do it! If your heart really has the desire to do it.


And you will perceive that your bubble starts to radiate towards the others. And if you pay attention to the others and to some bubbles, you will have the impression of seeing beings that awaken, like a flower which blossoms out, because the rays of the sun touch it. It is the story of a sleeping wood and of the Beauty who is awakened by the kiss of a man, who really loves her. This is not an ordinary man, this is a man who really loves her and really takes care of her. To really love is this: to really take care. So, can you, really, take care of all those who are around you?

I leave you in your intimacy with them.


Now cease. Stay very simply in your bubble. A great peace settles in it, like after a work well done.

Discover the intimacy of this great peace, of this gentleness, of this tranquility. There is an absence of thought. Time does not exist anymore. It is a happy state of being.


Now, look, perceive, feel what is happening. All the bubbles of the universe are sending their thanks back to you. They are sending a thank you from their hearts to you, because you have touched them, you have awakened them, you have nourished them, you have taken care of them. And naturally, they thank you. Look at what is coming into your bubble, all what is coming from the outside. Look at all the richness, the love from the others that is coming towards you. Perceive it. It is enormous, grandiose! You, who has given, you are nourished through the extreme friendship of the others. Let yourself being thanked and recognized in the movement that you have made.


It is still relatively easy to love. It is a way of speaking when I say “relatively” because it is already very difficult to love. But, it is very difficult to accept to be loved. Can you see this dimension, now, while letting yourself be loved by all those who you have loved?


Now, you condense the perception of yourself again, that is to say, come back to a consciousness of your physical body. It suffices to want it. All your energy, all your energetic body is able to condense again, that is to say, reduce its system of luminous vibration. You can have a feeling of cooling down. This is the condensation, the progressive and conscious loss of light and of warmth until you find the limits of your body again. And you are back in your ordinary physical state, the one that we know on Earth, this state of condensation of your energetic system linked to the karmic system of humankind. You are obliged to live with this condensation of the humankind to be able to act with this body. But, you know that you are also something else and that you can, now, free yourself from this form of condensation.


When you regain consciousness of this body, you realize that your consciousness is no longer the same, your heart is no longer the same, all the cells of your body work in another way, therefore all your memories. It is with this new inner chemistry that you are radiating in your everyday life. And each time that you will go into space in this way, where you will decondense your own energetic body to meet and communicate with the others, you will change your state of being so greatly that your whole life, your entire relationships with the others will be changed.


Do not forget that we have not come on Earth to evade the Earth, but to bring about, in full consciousness, a Heaven that works on Earth and within the Earth. We are not only here to radiate onto the others, we are also here to radiate into the Earth, to nourish it, in order that the Earth may transform the rottenness that it has been given as nourishment and may have a powerful and kindly radiance itself, onto the beings who are on it.









3. The dance floor and the lie!


What is the fundamental lie of the one who asks for the help of the techniques and the alignments of spirit of the Direct Way? He does not want to dance in accordance with the movements of Creation!


He only needs some fresh air. He is suffocated by the Grid. Too much, it is too much! But in this entire spider’s web, made by the Grid, he manages rather well with some threads, and even the majority of them. He only wants to brush aside from him some inconveniences a little too sensitive for his comfort.


He is pleased with the techniques of the Direct Way, because they are tools very well adapted to each of the links mastering the human. But he wants to choose what suits him. He does not want to create a new dance floor. He wants to convert the old one. Thus he will use liberating techniques, not for their object, but only to arrange his little life which will stay inside the working of the Grid. In other words, the « small box » in which he is, is « just about » alright for him.


Except that there is a complementary problem that he creates for himself in total unconsciousness. He uses liberating techniques which have stemmed from this Intelligence, from this Look of God. The Force of Creation is in each of these practices and supports them. It does even more: it nourishes them with energy! So, when they are used, they put this very Force which exists in every single cell of the human body into movement. With that, there are two immediate consequences in the game of cause and effect:



* The first one and the beneficial one is that the body, having touched this Force of Life, has found itself well, as well as the mind, which has met a form of rest and of space. Both of them no longer feel locked up as much in the « small box » any more. They have the desire to continue the practices and are interested in the alignments of spirit that really speak to their analytical brain, which likes « to understand ». It finds the whole thing « interesting »… But they are afraid of certain discoveries in themselves and try to limit the effects of these techniques by not having a regularity of the work. They are those who «have difficulty in practicing» and always come with this languidness and this strange despondency, which is the tiredness produced by the deviation between what they say they want and what they really want. The body, torn between these two « wants », no longer knows what to do and loses its enthusiasm.


But if the person ceases to practice the techniques and the alignments, she feels a little more relieved the first times, because she goes out of a system of obligation that she « artificially » gave herself, because she has never wanted to admit to herself that basically, she is not looking for any liberation of her alienating system. But, in our present culture, based on a wish of constant «liberation », WHO can dare to say that she is well there in her small prison and that she only wants an improvement of the bars?


But what happens to her a second time? Life feels more insipid to her. She is « addicted » to the lights and enthusiasms of the Direct Way. Therefore, she comes back after several months, a year, two years. Magnificent! You say. But no! That will really not be easy for her!


* Why? Because the Grid has registered the modifications of behaviour of the cells of the body and the return of energy towards them. Suddenly it is deprived of a big part of this nourishment which came back towards it. Then according to the « normal» law of cause and effect, it spontaneously installs defence mechanisms to bring back this energy for itself. It also has a kind of intelligence and of comprehension. Step by step, it also discovers the new liberating means that are applied to body and spirit. It perceives very well the new means used by the « the second player » on the chessboard of «the space of sensuality» of the person. It seeks the reply and it will find it. It is just a question of time. A race against the clock! Who is going to win?


Ah! This Grid, one must really take it by surprise! It is full of astuteness. It has an intimate knowledge of all the emotional drives of the person. Of course! Because it has created the system! It will play on it like the virtuoso that it moreover is. One really has to get ahead of it.


And what does that means « to get ahead of it »? Very simple! The body and the spirit must be sufficiently addicted to the « effects » of the Direct Way that the being no longer wants to go back to this old, too narrow dimension. He has not come on the Direct Way for that. He was not really asking for this total transformation, but deep down, now, he has developed a taste for it and he wants to continue. Then he will enter into the dimension of work that I have described in the « Look of God 2 ».


But if he continues to want « gently », « not to fast »… then he will create a REAL problem. The Grid will have time to install all the diversions of energy produced by the practices in its system of reference. Through the techniques of the Direct Way, this being will then nourish the Grid with power. So, what will happen to him, when, « addicted », he comes back to the practices after his momentary break? The Grid will know how to install all the astuteness and will not let it be surprising a second time. Nevertheless! It is not a complete idiot, after all! ... And then, it is not masochistic. It does not let itself be ripped off and robbed without saying anything! Because this nourishment has belonged to it for such a long time that it now considers itself as the owner. It will know how to ardently defend its territory!


So, this person will therefore find herself in very unfavourable conditions of work. A real fight inside her between what she would «really» like to do and what she « really » manages to implement. This person will always be in discrepancy between her desire, her wish and the reality built. This will be an anguishing discrepancy, because it will be between her « TO WANT » and her « TO ACT ».



She has simply forgotten the karmic law and the relationships between cause and effect. In her pride, she has believed that she could direct the world and her life as she liked, drop things when she wants and take them back when she wants and that everything stays at her service according to the movement that she has chosen. But no! The energy is always in movement. When one does not love Love, Love goes away. As the void does not exist, it is filled by the dimension of no-Love, that which I prosaically call the Grid.


So, you who reads me, surely all this is not for you! It has already been such a long time that you are working on the Direct Way! You think yourself well installed in it! But tell me, do you not meet some difficulties in following your development, in making this flame of life grow inside you? Do you not sometimes feel in discrepancy between what you would like and what you spontaneously do as a « reflex »? Do you not sometimes feel like an idiot who « would like » and who finds herself in front of a wall at the time of action? … No need to make you a drawing?


So what has happened? You too have played at the one who wants without really wanting. Surely « no » you will tell me! You have been immediately passionate with this Royal Way of Liberation. You have given yourself completely! You have kept nothing for yourself! But this is wrong. You have kept a lot for yourself. You have brought a lot back into your «small box». And during this time, the Grid, which knows no peace, has been working. It has set up energetic diversions in your body IN THE ZONES of your weaknesses. You see, it is exactly here where the error has been made. You have imagined that progression is linear. No, it is spatial! There where your enthusiasm has not waned, you have installed the right movement. But everywhere else, where you have played with the truth and have not given EVERYTHING, the Grid has been able to install its hindrances. The practical consequence is an insufficiency of space to be able to progress. You must then burst these dams and that will not be easy. They are well built. You have provided the Grid with a lot of time to put the finishing touches to its work. Study with a lot of attention what I will tell you in the text not yet in your hands, «challenge 2 of life», which is about « the two feet », that is to say, the two players in your body, which is the chessboard. But for the moment, you will have to practice this first bronze man with a lot of care and attention, all its modes of formation, of action and of comprehension. Why do you think that I leave those who work directly with me, four months on this bronze man, even when many among them are « old », on the Direct Way for years already?


And then for those who have not been trapped by this « no-gift », it cannot do them harm to reinforce in their body the mechanisms of « this cosmic respiration » in them!


Thus you « will provoke » this View, this Look of God, to be installed in your body in every one of your cells.


At this stage of state of being, you can no longer do something yourself. The Grid has settled too strong threads. You would not be able to break them by your will alone. Only this Force of Love in your cells can do it. The first bronze man puts this Force in mobilization. But have you enough Love to go with it, to make it be alive in your actions… these stem from your gestures, but also those of your words, but also those of your thoughts. If you have arrived at this state of being with an insufficiency of the gift of you, it will not be easy. To help yourself, you will have to have a perfect knowledge of your energetic structure, that is to say, its orientations towards Union, but also those towards disunion.