Application 2 of the bronze man four


Moving towards the other




The second application of the bronze man four is the moving of ones own energetic body towards a person.

The procedure is the same as for the application one: the moving in space. Firstly, there is the total constitution of the bronze man four: the complete bubble with the detaching of this bubble at the perineum and at the fontanel. The enrichment of this enormous sphere around one is no longer describable. The bronze man four is now an intimacy. Also, the intention to want to meet, to communicate with another person suffices. This can be somebody with whom you have relationship difficulties or somebody with whom you have an extreme friendship or a colossal love. It is a way of seeing one another differently. It is enough to want it.


You enter into the persons place. Her house, her room… When you enter into a house, you do not rush, you wait. The person has perceived your presence; you can notice this by an attention in her body. You approach until the two energetic bubbles are about to touch each other.



There is an enormous sense of propriety in gaining entry into the intimacy of the other. But you must go beyond that, because this is not voyeurism. This is the discovery of another way of communicating. So, you must know how to get going.

You ask her for permission to come in. This is a very good introduction. You understand straight away whether the person agrees or whether she is in denial. If this is the case, it is not question of violating her space, so you go away. If she accepts, you enter into her intimacy; you are discovering her better and not only on the level of appearances. All what she has not said or all what she does not dare to say, all what she does not dare to show of herself through fear, modesty or through uncertainty, you are discovering it, perceiving it, because she accepts to show it to you!

I let you discover this delicacy of penetrating into the energetic body of the other and to perceive her deep heart, her soul.


There is a perception of what is all right and, also, of what is not all right. You have the means to help her. She does not really know what to do with herself.

Look at her master structure and its wheels: this is very clear. You see the wheels that rotate well, those that jam. The one of the heart: the generosity, the one of the throat: the communication, the one of the head: the lucidity of the mind and of the body, or if there is a lack of general vitality within the wheel of the belly. You have this energetic possibility to use your strength to nourish and make the wheels which work badly rotate better. Your will, your intention suffices. This is the application of the third energetic law. There is an immediate transfer of your energy onto her master structure through your attention and your intention, your will to help her. Look. Your intention is like a hand which makes the wheel rotate. You can mechanically act on her master structure. Therefore, you can mechanically change her inner chemistry.


At the beginning, do not work too strong. Just very little. Her energetic body has to get into the habit of this meeting. You can repeat it every day if she has difficulties. She is leaving her inner chemistry, which is stifling her, which keeps her from perceiving the beauties of the universe, which carries her along in a ritornello of sensations, of emotions, of needs, of lacks.


Do not stay a long time, because the energetic transmission is very strong. You must accustom her, lead her to know how to use, live and dance with this new mobilization, this new energy that you bring to her. She has to assimilate your help. It is like a surgical transplant. If you work too strongly, because you are very enthusiastic, you can bring about a form of rejection: the other can feel herself forced. So, take your time.

It is actually a new encounter that you make happen, because even if you know this person very well, this new way of communicating is nevertheless a discovery for her.


When you feel that it is enough, that the other says it is enough, you withdraw on the tips of your toes. Your intention suffices for the separation to be made. You must be very delicate at the moment of the total separation of the two energetic bodies. There has been a penetration. If we take the example of a man and a woman, the gentleness of the withdrawal of the man from the belly of the woman is also important, maybe even more than the gentleness of the entering. There should not be a feeling of breaking, of abandonment, of haste.

When the two bubbles are no longer touching each other, there should be a moment’s pause. They still touch a little; they still penetrate mutually a little, like a hand still placed on a breast or a finger placed on an arm. There only remains a hand, a finger, but something still remains. And here, there must be a pause. It is like with all the relationships of your life, with all what is intimate for you, at the moment of separation, at the moment of failure, there must always be a pause. There is something that makes an instantaneous assessment of what was just happening and that creates a link. More precisely, the separation creates a far stronger link than the meeting. The separation confirms in a very delicate way the link of the meeting. So, the manner of separating, the state of being of the separation is very important, like in an act of love.


Then one feels that it is complete. There is no longer any questioning, there is no uncertainty. Physically, it is complete. Then one can let go of the hand, one can let go of the finger. You leave. Quietly.


And each stays in his own space very enriched by this meeting. Being the one who has moved yourself, when you come back into your physical body, you notice that it is happy, full. Like after a well accomplished action, an action of generosity.


It is not always the other who needs help. It can be you. You can want to tell him what you cannot communicate to him in another way, what you do not dare to say loudly. What the other, also, does not allow to be told to him, because he has created such a personal way of being dynamic that when you are inside this, words are no longer supportive. Here, you can try to speak to him, if he really wants to accept you in his space. If he does not want to accept you in his space, if he does not want to let you come in, it is clear: he does not want the meeting with you. It is a complete meeting or a total refusal. If it is a refusal, you are obliged to take on responsibility for it and to recognize its reality in your life.

It is a meeting of an extraordinary power, but which has its risks. If you go towards him and he refuses entry to you, you have the confirmation. You can no longer turn a blind eye to his attitudes in ordinary life, for which you have found good explanations. Here, you are obliged to perceive things as they are. There are no more dreams. There is no longer a virtual state. It is a reality without a mask.


At this level, life is not a game. It is something very serious. Here, life is dignified. All these communications are of a noble nature. So, do not amuse yourself in playing with that.


With this second application of the bronze man four, you take all the variations, all the forms of help into consideration. In fact, I do not need to describe them to you, because when you have reached this point, you have a considerable development of the intuition to communicate, the intuition to dance. You have all the decoders in good condition, at least the main decoders. And you have this enthusiasm to dance, to communicate, to create something. To do a work. A communication such as I am just showing you is a work of art. It is an energetic mastery. It is a way, inside the body of this other, to very subtly carve his master structure. So, please, when you use this means of communication, really be an artist.


When you are within this communication, you can also use the primordial sounds: BAM, RAM, LAM.

BAM which is the perception of global love.

RAM which is the will of action of the heart.

LAM which is the power of the Earth.


If the person has a tonicity deficiency in the abdominal Tan Tien, you can help her a lot by making the sound LAM vibrate inside her.

For difficulties in taking decisions, in involving herself, you will help her with RAM, the mobilization of the heart.

With BAM, you touch the third eye: the lucidity of the mind, but also the clarity of the body. Very curiously, this lucidity of the mind, this clarity of the body can create a resistance in opening herself up to this energy of creation, to this white space, because there is always a question, a reticence : “what is going to happen to me if I let go, if I stop directing everything myself?”. Then, with this love of a true mother, of this white energy, while making the sound BAM vibrate, we can materialize this strength in the mind and in the body of the person even more. And, reassured by this materialization, she can let go of her concerns and let herself be carried by this enormous wave.


You can go very far and very subtly in helping somebody.

But it is a matter of skill, of expertise, of delicacy. It is a magnificent carving.


All this can only make itself felt within an enormous dimension of the heart. This cannot even be emphasized. In any case, without the heart, it will not work. Nothing works. Without the heart and the gentleness of Heaven, nothing works. You should not believe that simple power suffices, that the simple knowledge, the simple ease of being able to act suffices. Nothing can hold the energetic body of the other. One believes in success, because there is something that is moving, but nothing lasts. It is not through violence, it is not by using force that a modification can imprint itself and develop.





To do or not to do


First approach.



To do or not to do. This is the constant question of the researcher of truth confronted with his impulses, his desires, his attractions. He does not really know if he is constructing or destroying himself.

Shakespeare said: « to be or not to be ». I say: « To do or not to do ».


When one knows that one must not do, two steps possible:

-The ordinary human does it all the same, with the reason that it is interesting to go and touch to understand. Then, in the best of cases, he apologizes, but finally, he does not learn much apart from a new confirmation that this was not dignified.

-The religious human is content with not to do.


Seen this way, it is easy, but it is also very complicated. When somebody is in an attraction, it means that he is in a kind of space that vibrates in a certain manner and which creates an energetic object. It is the second law in fundamental energy: the creation of the energetic object and its recognition. A « fact » enters a space which vibrates in a certain manner and transforms this « fact » into something which is more personal for him. This is the energetic object.

This energetic object will then contact the emotional memory. So, when you are in this space, there is an attraction to a kind of energetic object. In fact, you do not know very well if you must do it or not do it, if it will be enriching or destructive.

When I took the previous example, with the ordinary human, who always apologizes and the religious human, who does not do, it is implicit that you already know that you must not do something. There has already been an earlier approach to a piece of information where you know that you must not do something. So, this approach is not immediately applicable in ordinary life.

So, how to choose to do or not to do, because you are continuously inside a circle which bites its own tail.


Here too, there is no rule. Nowhere is there any rule.

To understand the mechanism of choice you must remember that there are three categories of people.



1. There is the one to whom we show the beauty of Heaven and who spontaneously recognizes it as real. All her body, all her fibres are attracted, languishing for that. And they go there; they will do the ramble in this sense.


2. The people of the second category see, feel well, understand well that this is the final destination of life. But on the whole, they are not in so much of a hurry. They have other pans on the fire, other cooking pots in the kitchen and they would like to taste them, even if they know that they will finally abandon this kind of kitchen, but, they are not really in a hurry.


    For example, there is a new pot of jam on the table.

    You have opened it and you realize that it is not bad, but that it is not really good. So you decide not to buy another.

    Starting out from this pot of jam, the people of the first category say: « the average, the mediocrity, this I will not consume. It does not interest me. I do not want it. I want a brilliant light, this is what attracts me. I long for it with all my fibres. So, this pot of jam, maybe it cost me a lot, but why would I eat it on the grounds that it cost me a lot. So, I will take it and I will put it straightway into the dustbin ».


    But, the second category of people will say: « Yes, I will not buy another one again, but because the pot of jam is there, because I have spent money on buying it, I will nevertheless finish it, being clear each time that it is not good and that it will not be bought again ».

    It is the second category of people who know perfectly that it is not good, but who nevertheless continue, because this is the habit, because it is there, because she has invested in something and goes to the end because, finally, she is not so interested in the real, tonic nourishment. She is not really interested in the brilliant light. On the whole, the soft, quiet lights, which permit to take ones time to circulate, are not so bad, because this is, also, comfortable.


3. The third category is the one where you can show everything, give everything, but it understands NOTHING. So, it is not even worth keeping on.


So, on the Direct Way, we are occupied with the two first categories. But the categories are not very clearly separated. The passing from one to the other is an ambiguous field where you circulate a little on one side and a little on the other side. For people in this fringe, you never know if they understand Heaven and if they have the perception of Dignity.


First category or second category?


If the person is in the first category, this means that she has at the same time developed a very strong presence inside her. This presence is the Intuitive Intelligence integrated in the totality of the cells. They are revitalized, revived, by all the practices of the Direct Way.

This person knows or « feels » what she has to do and what she has not to do. Finally, this does not come as « I must » or « I must not » but as « what is right » and what « is not right ». That which is not in the movement of the vibration of dignity is considered as « not right ». For this person, there is no true or false. There is either a vibration that makes dull and renders heavier, or a very light state.


Inside her, a double look on the event and on herself will develop and this double look is a perfect enjoyment.


This situation is deeply pleasurable in the entire body and in the entire mind: to be the one who has the possibility to look at himself and who perceives therefore the entire mechanism which settles in her body to bring her to act in a certain manner. She perceives that if she satisfies her impulse, she carries off a deep comprehension of the sensation at the same time. She realizes that she then slides into the space of the sensation which loves itself for itself, that is to say, which enhances itself and then, everything becomes active by itself. She enters into a space which self-justifies, which self-envelops, which self-tones up. She comes into a phenomenon of organization of a kind of enjoyment.

The more she comes in there, the more she realizes that she loses the comprehension of Heaven in the event. And she is in love with this comprehension; she is in love with this Heaven. So, she does not want this loss. She perceives, when she knows that it is not right, that without the satisfaction of the impulse, she is ALL. To satisfy her impulse, this is only to be in a space: the one of this impulse, of this sensation. On the other hand, without the satisfaction of her impulse, it is really Heaven which looks at and which understands the Earth and its mechanisms and this is a delight.

When you are in this dimension you realize that you perceive all of the body. You realize how it is manipulated by the Grid, how the Grid tries to give it electric impulses to bring it to act in a certain manner and this look is one of such beauty, one of such liberation that you have a fantastic humour for this body that the Grid tries to manipulate.

In this look, on you, you realize that you are all and you are, in addition, in potential, all the sensations, all the perceptions which can be brought into play, into activity, at the level of the body. You are a multiple being, who can pass, live, in enormous spaces, impulses, sensations on Earth, but who, by the fact that they are not satisfied, has a total comprehension of them, has even a total pleasure in their existence.


The non satisfaction is truly a cosmic organization of the enjoyment.


This is difficult to understand and to grasp for the analytical brain, which does not have access to these dimensions how Heaven is able to develop a mechanism of intense enjoyment not to be implicated in the mobilization of the Earth to enjoy itself only for itself. The reasoning brain has no possibility to understand that in the body which is on Earth, even the Earth itself, in all its particles, its rocks, its water and so on…there is the original imprint of Heaven, since the making of the body is part of a matter of Heaven and the totality of the body is Heaven, in condensation on Earth. The body, on Earth, is a condensation of the light, of all the strength, all the gentleness of the Source in its more secret side. While uncondensing this body, the light is automatically found again.


The waltz of the body is also the waltz of the light.

Heaven, seen from up above, looking at Heaven from down below, which is the body in condensation, has a fantastic pleasure, a fantastic enjoyment, in the game of sensations, which are in the body. These sensations are not taken over by the Grid, because they do not fall in love with themselves.


For those people of the second category, it is necessary to get through to the first category, the one which languishes for Heaven, the one in which all the fibres vibrate in a hope for this dazzling light and how the entire body longs for this coupling, which makes the coupling with a man or a woman seem very insipid.

So, we bring them to do, to go into their urges. But, not any old how: with full consciousness, with the preparation of this presence, which is this Intelligence of Heaven, which codes the entire particles of the body.

When all this is very strong, she will go into her attraction and check what process of action it is that installs itself.


Let us take an example. Mr. chats up Mrs. Mrs. accepts that. One evening, there is a meal, which finishes in going somewhere, then from there to bed. From the bed, they go on to something more precise, a coupling and so on. Mister and Madam quite agree. Mrs. likes it, she is excited about it.

But, in all that, what is it that she likes?

If she asks herself the question, it is absolutely impossible for her to consider an answer. She is in a system of vibrations which is self justified and which masks the other spaces around which could give another type of information. So, she has fallen into a trap.

It is like this. I am in this net! OK. This is how it is. I will have to live with what I am. But, in full consciousness and in full presence. That is half of the work.

So to answer the question of knowing why she is attracted, this lady, in full consciousness and in full presence, will perhaps realize that it is when she receives the phone call from Mister, because he has a manner of approaching her with a voice (the phone is a voice). The man will not obtain an agreement with the lady if he does not caress her with his voice and he will not hail her in saying: « oh, by the way, my little bird, I want to have sex with you tonight, is it alright with you between seven and eight, at the drugstore? ». No, he will present things differently; he will tell her that he has dreamed so much of her…

In fact, he has dreamed of himself, because he does not really care about her at all. He quite simply wants her so as to get a kick out of it. And vice versa, by the way. This is the enjoyment which loves the enjoyment. In fact, you always need somebody else. You are always in this notion of lack of the other, because you need somebody else to get a kick out of something. Basically, it is you who needs to get a kick out of something.

In fact, you get a kick out of yourself; the other is the tool permitting the self-vibration, this putting into vibration inside you. Finally, you perceive that you have the choice between self-masturbation and the masturbation made and provoked by somebody else. But this is always closed in its own enjoyment which turns on itself.


The lady can realize that when the man has called her, this is her pleasure for herself. If she realizes that, she can say to the man: « Stop, it is good like this, now, I have my pleasure. It is not worth going further, I have had my spoonful of jam, this is really alright for me, I will not continue. And thank you a lot dear Mister, now I know why I am attracted to this kind of circumstance. And I also know that I needed to be called instead of receiving a note or having an encounter in the street. For me, it is the phone call ». That can be that.

But it can also be when the lady is getting herself ready, that she has her bath, that she puts oil on her body, that she chooses her clothes and makes herself up. This can be her enjoyment. She could say: « Stop. Mr. I know what the mechanism is, which makes me get a kick out of myself ».

It can be the fact alone to leave her flat, to go to the landing, to close the door. « Now, I am outside my home, I am no longer protected. I will go into something new, into vulnerability ». This may be her enjoyment. Here too, she stops. She has understood.

It can be the meal, and so on. … It can be the moment where the man undresses her and she begins to lose her first shoe, which can provoke this enjoyment of the meeting.


The perception of the enjoyment of the meeting is always something very powerful. It is the quantum of energy of enjoyment that you look for in the event. So where is this quantum? Is it at the very beginning, in the simple phone call or even in the hope alone that somebody calls or will it go as far as the coupling?

Maybe it is even afterwards that the enjoyment settles in a kind of comfort of relationship, when you are in the small den of the bed or on the divan.

This is the researcher of the Direct Way who is in the second category. He will have to understand what leads him to have the desire to eat the pot of jam, because in any case, he does not have the impulse, the natural strength, to throw the pot away.

He is still playing with himself. So, we will say to him: « Go there prepared », because if he is not prepared with this presence, he will be carried along by the space of the loving sensation of the sensation and he has no longer any perception of another possibility of action, and has no longer any possibility to say: « No, it is alright like this ». And he will be carried along; he will go to the end of his operation without knowing at which moment he has received the quantum of energy, which provokes his enjoyment.

He has made a globalization through lack of lucidity. Then, he will begin again, because the enjoyment will catch him again.



You need to have an enormous attention, because in the operation of enjoyment which loves itself for itself, you can be carried very far along if you lose this presence, this attention. And it goes very quick to lose it. What is the small glass of wine and of champagne as an aperitif for? What is the small cigarette and so on for? All this diminishes the entire vitality permitting to perceive when you will go from true to false. There is no longer any space where this intelligence of Creation, inside of all your particles, can intervene. The doors are closed. And you have gone.

Thus, it is not so easy, because when you have left in this way, when you have arrived at the end of your sensation, you will start again, because you do not know where the quantum of energy of the sensation in your attraction to the sensation is.


So, on the Direct Way, I say that one must go towards the attractions when one can no longer do otherwise, but with this presence.


However, before inviting somebody to go there, I try by all means possible to make him be in love with the dimension of Heaven so that he can say: « I will throw this pot of jam away. I am not interested in it ». And in this rejection he does not have the impression of a break, of a restriction, of alienation, but he has an enthusiasm to go in there, he feels that there is a beauty of life to go in there. So, firstly, I give all my energy, my power, to make him perceive that. If that does not work, then I will prepare him for the ramble in the sensation and the attractions.


You are now standing at the crossroads.

What are you going to do?

You enter into the space of the Dance according to Heaven.

I show it to you, make it felt to you, make it understood to you.

What are you going to choose?