Application 4 of the bronze man four


Inner child and strengths of Heaven



There are some very precise applications with the inner child, using strengths of Heaven such as cleansing, compassion or healing.


When the inner child is on the wheel of the heart, you can ask it to come with the strength of compassion, for example. Do not have a preconceived idea telling yourself that this strength should be of a precise color… This is not important, because you decode everything in comparison to the programming of your memorized system. Do not attach yourself to that.


If you are not clean, you could not clean the others. So you always start with yourself. This is not selfishness, this is a necessity; an indispensability. Then, when you are cleansed, with the techniques allowing you to move within the space of the others, you go to meet them with the strength of cleansing, of compassion or of healing, according to what the person seems to need. I say “seem”, because it is you who interprets what she needs. And if you are capable of really asking the other what she needs and not deciding it on your own, then you are in a serious evolution. But this is not obvious, because the analytical brain, the entire recognition of you, wants to succeed in directing the others in accordance with its own method, in accordance with its own movement.


The inner child comes with the strength that you solicit. But it is a little imp, which knows much better than you what you now need. It is not pretentious like your “Me”. It looks at your energetic material and sees what cleaning or healing there is to do, the complexity of threads to be repaired. So, it comes to really adapt itself to your energetic material, to your inner chemistry and does not let itself be influenced by wishes that come from a great pretentiousness and from a will to direct your entire life.


So, work in this way, taste, feel, perceive. See the modifications that settle in you and in the others. Never forget what the initial commitment for having taken a body is. Also in your practices, you work continuously with this orientation, this intention, this will to participate fully in the world, that is to say, in the karmic system of humankind.








Through attention to this instant, to what is happening now, in total relaxation, by real attention, you come into a state of being which is true meditation. Then you speed up a precise strength inside you and you feel it as a presence.

Without this presence, there is no possibility to work, because it is the mobilization of the intelligence of creation that you have inside every single cell of your body. This is what this presence is. Without it, nothing begins!


But it is not so easy! Because there also exists an energetic system in your body, which wants to understand, to analyse, to archive. It then creates a permanent “judgment” on the events according to past experiences that it has archived. It leads you to judge, to appreciate. As soon as you come into this energetic mechanism, your energy has not enough strength anymore to revive this presence in every one of your cells. You have brought “attention” elsewhere and there is a considerable diversion of your energy.


It is very easy. But it is also very difficult.

If you can very simply stay with a situation, a problem, without judging, without appreciating, without even seeking a solution, this presence is there with its intelligence, also with its strength for action and everything resolves by itself….. But you must wait for the conclusion to be shown by itself and this waiting is anguish for the reptilian brain. Therefore it tries to find a solution as fast as possible and it captures energy for that.


This is a great difficulty that we meet in our help to people. Instead of staying in the strength of the dimensions that we make them reach, they try to use these strengths for the fastest and most effective solution of their daily difficulties. Also, instead of defending this strength in them and helping it to develop, they only use it as a very high-performance tool for their everyday, without particular attention to the event.

It is very difficult to let life glide, without wanting to channel it. One wants to control everything. This is the pride of the human being and his misfortune.