Bronze man four





I will talk about the decondensation of the general energetic system and of a more luminous, lighter dimension. The danger of words is that they can always be twisted. They are imperfect and relative with regard to the situation that they try to describe. You must always take the words with relativity and with the benefit of a clear hindsight, because they have nothing absolute. They are always imperfect, because they derive from a state of being very far from the original one, which always had the means of the communication that you are about to discover, thanks to the moving of the bronze man four. When these means are lost, there remain only words. Understand this imperfection of the words, but also deeply understand what, perhaps, is even far more important: the relativity of the word. A word has only existence and creation in a space. It is linked to this space. So it is entirely relative. It is a common error to forget this relativity, because one then starts to think in absolute terms. Once this process has begun, one sets up a theory, which from form to form, from manner of doing to manner of doing, from thought to thought, becomes very rigid, and therefore everything becomes as hard as wood. It is in this way that your current of thought, that your manner of looking and acting, your manner of judging the event become rigid. You build another prison for yourself, thinking to have escaped from your original prison.



2. You are constituted by this matter of love BAM and you give it a movement. The destination of the incarnation of the human being is a destination of participation. This is where you enter into the world of the sound RAM, the heart in action. Your incarnation has as a destination this coupling between the sound BAM and the sound RAM, the coupling between the universal love and the decision to use it in a certain manner: the decision of action of RAM.


It is on this original assembling, on this original coupling that we are leaning, so that you may physically perceive this wonderful tool inside you, this flame of life, which is the fury for life. Furious for life, furious for truth, furious for liberty, for clarity, so that this entire collective organization of lying bursts, in order that the gentleness, the delicacy may freely make itself felt without always being obliged to be at war against the malicious, who always want to assume power on the grounds of their emotions that one upsets by telling the truth. All those who have organized the management of lying are busy being suffocated, being dismayed, feeling themselves provoked as soon as you want to touch their little untruthful organization that they have set up. Do you understand? You become unsettling for the lying. You become dangerous.



3. If you come into this dimension, this perception, this understanding of the unsettling of the lying, you will immediately come into the very spirit, the very essence of this strength. If you have this passion for the truth, this fury for true life, which is neither surrounded nor limited by all this organization of these theories of lying anymore, this third application of the bronze man four will allow you to come into intimacy with all this strength, this fury for life, which is the very essence of all those who are here to make the truth burst, to unsettle the entire untruthful organization.


One relies on the others, one relies on the thanks that the others send to you when you have really helped them and you have told them the truth. The most beautiful of protections, the greatest of protections, the most powerful of protections, is the thanks of the others. This protects you continuously. Whether you are a thousand kilometres away, whether you do not see them for years, this does not matter. They thank you from the bottom of their hearts to have one day come across you and that you have told them the truth, that you have unchained them. This is the most beautiful and the strongest of protections. It is the most beautiful and the strongest of nourishments. This is what one relies on to be able to perceive the FLAME OF LIFE.



I cannot say that the others will always be happy to be in the presence of this volcano, because their lies could not survive in front of this fire of truth. That is all. It is not even a fire, which searches for the truth. It does not search for it, because it is the truth in itself. It is the fury for life in itself. It is freedom in itself. So, it does not search for the truth and does not try to discuss it either. This is all it is and this means that all those who are liars, limiters of freedom are always provoked, shocked by the existence of this presence. And they are obliged to come out of their lies, they are obliged to come out of their malevolences, they are obliged to come out of their theories of protection, they are obliged to come out of their justifications. All this does not stay hidden anymore. This does not mean that they are going to abandon their protections, their theories and their lies. Not at all, they can, on the contrary, confirm them even more strongly. But the truth is there! It is clearly on the table. They cannot act in secret anymore, in obscurity. They are obliged to do their practices in the open and to reveal what they are, and the light prevents the thief from acting. The light really prevents the lie from acting. They are obliged to come out of their last resources, their last arms, their last arguments when this fire of life, this fury for life is there, in their space. They can no longer ignore it.


It is the same thing for you. While deep down inside you, there still remain attractions, some small obscure rooms, some little caves still rather closed and protected within some emotions, sensations and base acts, this flame obliges all that to come out, to come into the open.



Then, even further, you can go into Heaven. The flame goes out through the crown of your head. There is a flowing into you that comes to reinforce the flame. This mechanism, which you already know in the bronze man three where Heaven flows inside you, is here, even more powerful, far stronger, far more intimate. It is the meeting, the assembling between Earth and Heaven even more clearly. It is a deeper coupling. I would say that this is the third stage of this third application of the bronze man four. Beyond that, there is no other. But these three stages of the third application constitute the opening to all the other dimensions of communication with you, with the others and with creation, with the universe.



When you reach this state of being, this triple communication, I can say that you are really beginning your ramble. You have the tools. You have warmed up the arms, the legs, the brain, the heart, the communication, the throat, your lucidity of mind, your clarity of the body. Progressively, while all the time in this work, there is a modification of your system of life maintenance, without brutality. Something which settles by necessity. The car is ready, the service is complete. The tank is filled. The diesel oil is there and all the levels are perfect. Now you are really able to start your journey.



Then, before stopping my explanations on the bronze men, I hope that I have succeeded in making you grasp, understand, physically perceive what they are for. What their use is, their indispensability, their strength of life and what the relationship of this energetic mechanism with the corresponding forces of Heaven is. This mechanism is already the body and it is the body of these strengths of Heaven to the full. The mechanism itself, the energetic structure itself, is the body of these strengths. So, in being and living with the body of these strengths, progressively, their intention of existence, their intention of life, their intensity of movement will penetrate you and you will become so intimate with these intentions, this heart of life that at a given moment you will not really know anymore what is you, what is them. Finally, you are them and they are you. And something extraordinary will happen. You will perceive that progressively, you are losing your own will. It is not that you will have less willpower; on the contrary, it will be even more determined, more precise, more cutting, more decisive. To cut does not mean to sever needlessly, but to immediately cut between true and false. It is the mastery of the sword. It is to know instantaneously how to cut between the truth and the false. So, your willpower will be very strong, far stronger, far more unfailing. But very curiously, you will realize that you no longer look for something only for you. This notion of personalization of the result is not there anymore. You act, in full vigor, in all consciousness, but there is no personal interest, no will of personal reclaiming of something.


You only notice this phenomenon of abandonment of your personal pretentiousness, while your personality develops even more powerfully.



Before finishing these four bronze men, I will draw your attention to a crucial point: your transformation can be very quick, or, in twenty years you are still having a hard time in your bog of passion. You have had sensations with the bronze men. If you have taken these very relative sensations for absolute, then a state of rigidity has settled, from which it is very difficult to come out of afterwards.


Understanding is indispensable. But one can, also, shut oneself away in it. One can, also, organize a prison with it. And what is it that allows one not to organize a prison with ones perceptions? It is this very body, it is this very movement; it is this flame of life which burns everything. So, one is afraid of nothing, not even of ones emotions, not even of ones personal desires. Not even of ones impulses. One is afraid of nothing, because trust is the door and one knows well that this flame burns everything, inside and outside. One can trust it.


If you fully reach this dimension, this stage, I would say that you are blessed by Heaven.







The dance



When you look around you, to the right, to the left, above or below what the emotions, the sensations, the prayer towards God can bring you, you are trying to know how to live, act, organize your own space, your own breathing. Towards what to look at, towards what to bring your attention.


Do not be afraid of searching everywhere, because this finally shows an essential interest for life, a will to be, to exist through action. Never be afraid of these outbursts, these more or less fruitful or hurtful attempts. The important thing is this strength for life, the strength to want to breathe, the strength for action.


To have a dance floor is not sufficient, because you must be able to dance on it. You must want to dance on it. You must know how to dance. And there, one enters into a particular concern between the approach of the knowledge of oneself and the help that can come from outside. A good father, a good mother will try to give you a space to circulate, the means for action. But will they give you the desire for acting, give you knowledge in action? Will they also teach you how to dance? They can only teach you the dances they know.

And when you manage, already at a certain age, to take a look at your parents, you realize that their manner of dancing, of living, of breathing and of circulating, is not necessarily that which you wish, that which attracts you, makes you vibrate. So, you look around you. And this is where you can fall into the hands of sects, of gurus, of spiritualities or of organizations absolutely accepted socially and which will limit your energy. They will tell you what you must do or not do. They will channel and use all your vitality for life in their own space.


But, you did not come to this Earth to be channeled. If you have already worked with this strength of cleaning of the dance floor, with its enlargement, you have realized that there is a vitality which is put into action and which does not belong to any criterion known by the reasoning brain. There is a very free breathing that one cannot categorize.

All strength, all impulse can be recovered by a structured system, of theories, of sociality. But, if you pay attention to this presence inside you, you intuitively understand the limitation of their coding.

It is not a question of coming into destructive opposition to these rules, because one must live with the others and they have to exist. It is not a problem to follow some rules. The problem appears when you take them as something absolute, as essentially true and total.

On the other hand, if you recognize their very relative character, there is no difficulty in fitting yourself into a social system. The real researcher of truth feels at ease in every space and in every situation. He accepts the environment, because he lives with it. The environment accepts him and can, also, give him a lot. But he is fully conscious that all this mobilization is always relative, never absolute. Then one can go longer, further, wider, beyond yes and no, beyond all the theories and systems made by the brain. And this is where I can take you.


It is there, where all what I have constituted of help and of teaching can take you. And that has nothing to do with a form of attack against existing. You have to be somewhere, to live somewhere, to participate in something. If that is not perfectly registered by your brain, your body, your heart, you will have some very big problems and we could not continue together, because it is not a question of being a revolutionary who put bombs in a social system. It is about being a participant, the most complete, in the social system in which you are, because if you have chosen it, there is a reason for it. One must not view this participation in terms of submission, but in terms of mastery of the space. And for the moment your dance floor is your social system, your work group, your family, your relationship, yourself also.


What is all this work, this approach useful for? What am I useful for? I am useful for that you would be an ordinary man in ordinary life. An ordinary man in ordinary humankind is one who is no longer submissive to his emotional systems. An ordinary man is one who has found his origin again, his original strength. He knows why he came on Earth. Very simply, he will do it, practice it and dance it in his ordinary life.

This is a man who tries to live it in his everyday life, while going to the office, while managing enormous firms. It is not a matter of being someone who plays with a so-called poverty of the body, thinking highly of it and making it look like that it is a poverty of the mind, so therefore purification. It is not a matter of playing yogi, neither with a guru nor with all those small images made by an entire reptilian culture. No, it is simply about being this man, this woman, who feels well in the state where she is, in the life where she is and who will work in participation to improve that.

It is in any case not a question of a form of submission to the space as it is, as much the external space: the others and the society, as the inner space, that is to say, oneself. You can never separate the inner space and the outer space, because in every single cell of your body there is the memory of the Universe, of the whole Universe, of Heaven, of Earth, of the social system, the making of the mental and energetic intention of your parents and so on. There is no deserted island separating everyone. That exists only in a mental and theoretical fantasy.


There is a long digression with the preparation of the dance floor.

The parents are the first who try to put a dance floor at your disposal and on which you will be able to move about and dance with your start-up capital. But there is already an orientation imprinted by them onto the space in which you will move about. Same thing with all the spaces that can be proposed to you.

All the work that we could do together consists of avoiding these determinisms, as much on the dance floor as in the manner of dancing.

To avoid them, you must go beyond the set of theories, words, and beliefs. For that, there is no other means than to recover your original perfection and to know why you have come on Earth…and that you do it.


But a few commentaries on the inversions of priorities between Heaven and Earth.

On Earth, one will say: “I will prepare your dance floor for you, and that will, maybe, give you the desire to dance”. This is the action of the parents who try to motivate the child.

The Heaven front is different. In the beginning, there is automatically the desire to dance, to participate. It is afterwards, when you arrive on Earth that you ask yourself what kind of floor you can make for dancing, for participating with what you have come.

To follow the logic of the reasoning brain that I am talking to, I am obliged to present first one, then a second stage. The first one being the dance floor and the second, the manner of dancing.

In reality, it is the second stage which is unique, because it is the desire for dancing which has constituted the intention of installing a dance floor. Finally, on the Heaven front, it is the intention that counts. This is not the mechanism of chronological organization of the action.

If you perceive that, if there is something that touches you when I talk to you this way, there is automatically a very physical dynamism, and you have this presence inside you, with the enthusiasm for action. The enthusiasm is not made. It is one of those constituents of this intention for life.

Thus be very careful when the enthusiasm goes away, because that means that there is an inner chemistry which is developing inside your body and which will lead you to despair, to this tiredness, this desire to drop and to simply go to rest yourself.


I only can put you in touch with this intention, between you and creation. The word, the explanation, the statement, is not much. It is the hand that carries this word, it is this enthusiasm which makes everything and mobilizes the energy that you have inside every one of your cells. It is my enthusiasm, in me, which will see to it that your enthusiasm, which is also inside your cells, will go out and be radiant. And beyond that you perceive that it is indispensable to act, indispensable to participate.