The Art of the Dance.




This is the communication with the others, that is to say, the universe. Here again three principles.




* External: The moving towards other people, those who we know, but also those who we do not know, all those who are in the space waiting for a true life. This is another dimension of life and of communication. A constant mutual aid. The flame of life can only be alive thanks to the grateful aid of others. Personal pretensions finished. It is a chain of communication between the beings, the success of the transformation of the being. We find this dimension again, where each one takes care of the other. There is no longer isolated being. The feast is collective and immense.


* Internal: this is the return to the original triangulation. Inside and outside no longer exist. This is a Unique Vessel. The communication is with this Vessel. Nothing to add.


* Secret: All is in movement. All is movement. There is nothing extraordinary about this last bronzeman. It is very simply the normal state of life. There is no means to live otherwise. The attempts to create a personal world were eroded by the previous bronzemen. Nothing is personal any more. There is no longer the wish or the desire to live another life than this one, which communicates everything that it is and does not keep anything for itself. So, very curiously, we have everything, because everything is in its right place. There are no more disharmonies.


So we are ready for the « great leap »: the one into the space beyond humans. To enter into the world of Gods. We are ready for the transfers of consciousness, for the divine couplings, to live this life with all these beings of another dimension who help the human to develop.



Such is this last bronze man:


To enter into communication with the entire Universe.






The mastery of the space



What do I have to show you, to make you see, to make you understand?

It is the mastery of the space. This is the key word.

Being master means that you know how to direct, that you are not a leaf submissive to the wind anymore, or a pebble submissive to all the waves, that you take control of the rudder of your life. It is in this very direction that you are going, because it is right.

This work is like a firework. One tackles just as much the infinitely great, the infinitely sublime, as the infinitely small, the infinitely human. The whole creates a real fair, a firework.

It is within this vision, this spatial perception of what creation is and of what is created in you that you are able to find and recognize your place. Then happiness settles in your body.


This does not mean that it is going to be easy. Because the outside, that which one calls the secondary circumstances, is not necessarily welcoming to your movement. But one cannot live in any other way, because one knows that it is this which is dignified.

It is not a romantic approach, with great flights of fancy and declarations that burn like straw on fire. Neither is it to love all ones system of sensations. It is to look at things as they are and how they work.


Being master of this working is to have the mastery of the space. It is to have the mastery of one’s whole body. Because in the end, everything happens in it, from start to finish. And as you perceive it, it is a mistake to believe that there are things happening outside yourself. In fact, this is a disturbance which has taken possession of the reasoning brain and which makes you believe that whatever is external to it, is external to you.


So, from the beginning, let us examine the mechanism of the working of what you are, in your body and in your brain. You will recognize some information that is known by modern science. But these researchers are not happy with their knowledge. It is outside of them.

They know how it works, but they continue to be a leaf submissive to the wind, to their emotional, affective and cultural systems. They continue to be pebbles rolled by the waves of life. On the other hand, all this work, this whole approach leads to physically touching the reality of the forces that are involved. This physical touch brings about happiness, this joy, this certainty, which is beyond the analytical and reasoning brain, beyond all theories.


As your body is made of cells, and as the memory of the world is in each one of these cells, the totality of the information that you are looking for is there. There is nothing outside you.

So, what is going on? When your cells free a certain product, it fills the totality of the body, which functions according to the qualities of this product. When I speak of quality, it is just as much positive as negative. There is no value judgment. The whole of this product creates a state of being, which will direct your sensations. Finally, you will be led entirely in your movement by this state of being, which is the result of your inner chemistry freed by each of your cells. Thus, the body is the space in which all is playing.

It is the external event, a view, which can be many attractive trees, many pretty women, an attractive gentleman, a scene of violence, everything, absolutely everything, which makes a specific chemistry linked with the event come out of each cell. When you have understood that, your question is: but in what kind of dance do I love myself, what kind of music do I love? It is when this essential question comes up spontaneously, that you really begin to be serious.


Yes, the question which lastly arises is really this one: which events am I letting act upon me?

At the same time, you cannot exclude yourself from everyday life. You would abandon your mission and your participation in the world. So, if you pay good attention to what is going on in your everyday life, when the sensations and emotions appear, an enormous strength will be born, which is like a presence, a double look.

At last you own the treasure of life in duplicate. You are in the river, and you perceive yourself pushed by the currents, and at the same time you are on the riverside, observing the mechanism.


It is this very presence that is your power of freedom.


It is like a sword, very straight, very sharpened, which develops an extraordinary look onto the event and its consequences. You have the possibility to see yourself dancing. You are inside, because it is your body which vibrates, which reacts. But you are also outside through your lucidity.


You do not judge. You only notice that it is like this. It is this double look that gives you the possibility to stop with the dance that is involved, if you do not like this dance, if you do not find it dignified.

Without this presence, without this double look, it is almost impossible to stop the process of the event. Because music brings about music, violence brings about violence, tears bring about tears and so on… It is a process which feeds itself and which locks you up inside it. If there is not a force that comes and says: « stop, we play in a different way », you are swept along in a movement that narrows you and can lead you to commit suicide. There are many ways to kill oneself. It is not only by stopping the working of the body. You also stop the working of your hopes for life, of all your spirit, of all your enthusiasm and so on….


So, if you want to be master of yourself, if you want to be master of your space, if you want to be master of what is going to be alive in your body, you must bring your attention to this absolutely mechanical working. It is from here that this presence is being born. It has the capacity to say: Stop. I do not want of this music inside my body.