Challenge 1 of life:


Return of the energy to the cells of the body.


1. What is the process of life that was placed into your body?


Your body was created by the Universal Love that is also called BAM. In each one of your cells there is this strength. Modern physics has for that matter discovered that the entire knowledge of the Universe is in every one of them.


Also, there is no need to go to the far end of the Himalayas or into a cave to look for the origin of everything, the knowledge of Creation and of one's own existence. The journey is made inside your body. You must open its cells, accede to the memory of the Universe and use the powers of this knowledge in your ordinary life.


This is the aim of the practices of the « Direct Way ».


But why do they exist, this knowledge and these powers, in every single cell of the body? Because we are created by Bam to act, to move this magnificent Love in our daily lives. So Bam has given us the totality of its powers, which has made some people say “that we are identical to God”.


So in each one of our cells there is this FORCE OF LIFE.


But the Intelligence and the Kindness of Bam have also provided our body with some working “tools” for our daily lives. These are the senses. You know the usual senses linked to sight, sound, touch… but consciousness is also a sense; it is the decoder of the intelligence. Thought is also one; it decodes the memory.


The senses are thus the working tools of this Force in every one of our cells. How wonderful is Creation ! It has created just as much the “reserve” of energy as well as the working tool.


So the process of life is the following:


1. This Force in our cells is being freed as events come along. It comes to the periphery of the body to mobilize the senses concerned by the situation in order to act.


2. These senses, put into vibration, constitute a space of life called « the space of sensuality». This is a nice word !


3. The energy enlivened by the vibration of the senses returns deep inside the body to nourish the cells. These reinforced in their dynamism will free even more of this reserve energy that is this Universal Love. So, with the passing of events, this energy of Love is always even more enriched and can give birth to an enormous space of love on Earth. In fact, the one constantly sends back to the other. The space of life needs this Force to act. This Force needs the action in the world, that is to say its use, to grow and to become enriched. This is the purpose of the human being on Earth: to put this love into action to make it grow even more. Which has made some people say that “God needs human beings to live on Earth”.


My intention for the moment is not to go into the reasons of Creation about the necessity or the obligation to create this process of action to nourish the Force of life and to enrich it. We are working on the “dance floor”, that is to say “the space of life”. I will explain the working and the purpose.


2. Opposition in the harmony of this working.


On the way back from the space of life (vibration of the senses with the creation of the space of sensuality) to the cells of the body, the energy mobilized crosses a filter that is called the “grid”, because it is like a wire netting with threads and gaps. When one touches a thread, the entire wire netting is put into vibration and uses the energy that it thus captures. Some people call it the Devil because it plays its own game. It has the possibility to divert towards itself up to 90% of the energy produced by the mobilization of the senses under the impulse of the force of the Universal Love. It lives from this energy and develops irrespective of the life plan put in place by Bam at the time of the creation of the body. Only 10-20% of the energy produced by the action returns to the cells, just enough to assure them a survival permitting them to continue their emission of Love towards the senses… So this filter lives off this energy that it captures when it goes through its space.


3. But why can it hold this energy which has as a first destination to return to the cells to enrich this force of life which has given birth to it ?


Because these « threads » are your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your emotions… in fact, all that constitutes what is called the “emotional body”. Also, when going through this filter, if you are interested in these attractions, you bring attention to them and as the energy goes where the attention “is”, you yourself touch “a” or “some threads”, which put this whole complex machine of the emotional body into movement. A real spider’s web, which immobilizes you as soon as you touch it and which feeds itself off you.


My intention, for the moment, is not to understand the reasons for this filter and for its creation, as well as its use or its aberration. We will examine that later.


For the moment, we will work on your space of life, your dance floor, which in fundamental energy is called “the space of sensuality”. We will look at its working, its nourishment, its production of energy inside a working pattern installed by Creation.


So, you have here the totality of your virtual hopes, all the mind games invented by humanity, but also the fears of your parents, incidents, accidents… in fact, everything that can provide you with a diversion from the intention installed by Creation in your cells… everything that can lead you into another way than the one that Bam expects from you.


But the analytical and reasoning brain is well made, with the reptilian brain as a support. It knows how to convince you to use this action which is proposed to you. You can even believe that you are working for the Original Dignity. Moreover, these “offers” and “seductions” are always promising a “secure”, “stable”, “socially recognized” fruit. So why resist these attractions ?


Except that one is empty handed. It is clear, after years of this game, when false hopes have flown away like smoke in the wind. But this late understanding does not suffice to be transformed, because there is no longer enough energy and vitality in the body to be able to provoke the change of life. Here we touch a crucial point of the evolution of humanity in general and of the human being in particular.


4. The diminishing of the original vitality


If the entire force of Bam that is stored in the cells was freed, the Grid would not have any luck in holding the return energy from the space of the sensuality. Dignity would be so present, so strong, so urgent, that nothing could stop the “way back home”.


Also, to continue to hold and live off this energy of life, the Grid must regulate the emission of vitality and enthusiasm emanating from the cells of the body. It cannot act upon the cells, because they are born of Bam. Too strong for it! Neither can it act on the senses for the same reasons. Too strong for it! It can only act upon the space of life, this space created by the vibration of the senses under the impulse of the Love emanating from the cells. How will it do this ?


Very simple. It has invented rules, bans, morality… in fact a constraining totality to limit, to control, to direct the action of the human being. It has put in place a conditioning that diminishes the space of sensuality. So, it sets up a self-regulation of the natural movement of life as planned by Bam.


With a diminished space of action, the senses less involved will reduce their activity. They will pass on the information on the cells of the body so that they no longer send them so much energy of love to enliven in their ordinary lives.


Thus the Grid can manage to reduce the emission from the cells very strongly. An ordinary human being, “culturally well-read”, will use between 0,2 and 2% of the reserve of energy in his cells. This is enough to nourish the Grid with energy and to keep the body alive.


But there does not remain enough vitality to be able to cross the filter of the Grid without succumbing to its seductions. Dignity is perceived in the heart, in the intelligence too, but the forces are missing to resist the emotional attractions and the dreams.


5. How the Direct Way intervenes in this process.


The techniques, practices and alignments of spirit of the Direct Way have four actions:


-Liberation of the energy in the cells with up to 20% of their possibilities. This is the most important work to recreate the enthusiasm of True Life.


-To restore the normal circuit of energy by enlarging the space of life through the highlighting of the senses. This is the most dangerous part, because some people can use this new freedom within the context of their emotions and forget the “normal” movement of this Universal Love. They can amongst other things develop a phenomenal pride in view of their new possibilities of life.


-To open the knowledge of the normal movement of this Universal Love on Earth, by the opening of the memories of the cells. This is an essential indication that must avoid outbursts of pride and of emotions. When one knows what one must do, one does it! ... and one does not let oneself be attracted by false seductions.


-To open the knowledge on the working of the Grid so as to be able to get its movement in situations of ordinary life and not follow them. Moreover, the decoders of “security” come into use, activated when the Grid offers its vision of the event. This is the result of the basic practices with the bronze men.


This is the first approach to the challenge of life.







1. You can work directly with both hands if you have good abilities; otherwise work first with one hand and then with the other and finally use both at the same time.

Palms opened upwards, onto the thighs. In the center, imagine a large circle like a coin. You easily visualize it and you will feel that there is heat in this zone. A sensation or an impression suffices to start.


As soon as this sensation is here, make this coin rotates clockwise. Help yourself with a rotation of the eyes in the sockets is necessary.

Then decide that the movement goes the other way and also help yourself with the eyes. Your attention is of course on your palms.

There will first be a slowing-down of the movement clockwise then a stop and finally a start, sometimes a little slow, in the opposite direction.


Do this several times in order to really feel the presence of this zone in the hollow of your palm and heat or sometimes a feeling of cold which is there.

Your fingers may tingle, the hands may feel to be swollen: do not pay too much attention for the moment. What is important is to perceive this zone and to set it into movement under the effect partly of your attention and  partly of your will.


2. Now, while keeping the movement in the palms, you bring your attention to the top of your skull. Imagine a circle of the dimension of the palm, in the center of which would be the fontanel. It is the kind of circle which is on the religious pictures for children. It will be felt quite quickly.

As soon as it is felt, do not spend too much time visualizing it very precisely, a sensation suffices for the moment, you will take back a precise attention onto your hands and will firmly decide that the coin must rotate clockwise. You notice then that the circle above your head rotates in the same direction.

Then you order your palms to make the energy rotate in the other direction and you notice that the circle above your head follows the same movement.

You have just perceived that there is a very important energetic correlation between your hands and your head, the hands ordering this latter.


3. In a second stage you bring more your attention on the circle above your head. Make it more precise in its dimensions and order it to rotate clockwise then afterwards in the opposite direction. You observe that it obeys you.

You also notice that the coin in the palm of your hands also follows  the same movement.

You are noticing that the head also orders  the hands and that there is a very intimate connection between the two.

This is a very important work for what we are going to do because we are projecting energy through the hands and that will be ordered by the head. So you will decide, you will want and the hands will obey and will transfer the energy.

4. Finally, you will make a last connection, the one of your hands and of your head with your belly.

Under the navel, about, three fingers down imagine a warm ball like a ping pong ball. Place your both hands in front at about ten centimeters, fingers about to touch. Move the hands slowly towards the right. You will feel that the ball also shifts in this direction.

Do the opposite and check the same process.

Then, you order the ball to shift, very slightly towards the left or the right. You will observe that the hands follow the movement.


5. After these exercises your hands must be warmer, sometimes more swollen with a sensation of force. If you push your breath in the belly you will feel a repercussion in your hands. If you make a new control of the connection between your hands and the head you will observe that the orders are transmitted spontaneously from one to the other.