Extra techniques


Sexual energy



This is an isolated technique that you can practice independently so as to have more sensitivity of the body and to use your sexual energy in a better way.


This is a powerful energy whose disorder leads to disturbances which are not always visible. There are people who have come to see me because they could not manage to be separated from work. They had “the work disease”, besides always being addicted to intellectual work. Manual work regularizes the energetic system through the hands. So these are people who study files, like judges, lawyers, accountants…and so on. These people understand that the file has arrived at its conclusion, that they can finish it off and take a decision. But they never have enough. Physically, they cannot arrive to a closure, an end. When I test them, nine time out of ten, I observe that there is an abnormal diversion of the sexual energy towards the head. Their sexual energy, which has not been used naturally, is diverted to the brain.

So, when one speaks about the sexual energy, it is a range of action far wider than one can initially believe. For these people, it is a shock when I explain to them that after having reorganized their system of sexuality, their trouble with regard to work will cease. Three or four sessions of energetic regularization and all ceases. Some of them are touched. Some others very simply say thank you, without asking more questions, being content with the result, the origin being neither their problem nor their interest.





You need to know how to use your sexual energy to develop, control and widen your space of life.

You bring your attention to the sexual parts, ovaries or testicles, then, by taking small breaths in, you make the energy come inside them. A reaction comes about: a modification of temperature: the woman will feel her ovaries heat up whereas the man will feel his testicles cool down.

You must take your time, because the charge of sexuality has to be considerable since you are working without any manual handling of the sexual organs. This is what one calls the cold sexual energy. But, if one wants to be able to master the movement of the warm sexual energy, meaning the natural excitement, you must begin with this state where it is not in direct mobilization.

When it is fully charged, with small inward breaths, small muscular contractions, one brings the energy of the ovaries or the testicles to the perineum, until one feels that they react, heat up, prickle, widen. It comes very quickly, because the perineum is an important erogenous zone.


From the perineum, one makes the energy go up to the anus. One always pumps with small inward breaths from the ovaries or the testicles. The liquid, the energetic strength always comes from the ovaries or the testicles.

At the sacrum, you feel the place where the energy goes from the internal side of the bone to the external side of the bone, that is, the rear side. There, one must take ones time, because this energy is thicker than the one of the Tan Tien, which is already refined and made fluid. If you feel that there are difficulties in making the energy go to the sacrum, you can help yourself with small, swaying movements of the pelvis at the lumbar joint. If you are accompanied, this person puts his hand on this joint to draw this energy up and help it to pass. For some people, several sessions may be necessary. This can be very complicated, because throughout their lives, all their sexual energy may have been limited and blocked into the abdominal prison.

Once that this has passed, one goes up to the bearing point in the middle of the back. These are the bearing points of the usual loop, which is a general technique in the energetic world and not a particular technique of the direct way.

Then, from the middle of the back, you go to the middle of the shoulder blades, that is, to the heart. You feel this liquid which rises up very strongly into the rear channel.

In fact, you have the impression that it rises up into the spine. Already at the level of the heart, this can have a considerable effect on all those who have been disrupted in their sexuality. When one really feels this strength of sexuality rising up into this energetic point, it can cause a lot of memories to come up.


Then you go to the nape of the neck. You stop there.

The first time, when it passes at the nape of the neck, it can install a considerable perception of strength, of rigidity, like a stick that is in the back. You are planted straight onto a stick. This gives a phenomenal perception, an effect of straightness, of uprightness. There, you realize what the importance of the sexual energy is. The clean and well used sexual energy renders upright, vertical. It makes you stand straight, your feet on Earth and your head pushing towards Heaven.

Thus, for the first operation, you stop at the nape of the neck. You stay like this, continuing to pump into your testicles or your ovaries for a good charging.

Since there is an important energetic reservoir at the nape of the neck, there is no risk to make a strong compression. But, observe this uprightness and this strength for life that develops the well conducted, well guided sexual energy.


When it is the first time that it is going up into the nape of the neck, you do not continue higher, but you take the energy back into the ovaries or the testicles. In fact, you make the reverse movement. With the breathing out, you go down from the nape of the neck to between the shoulder blades. You take your time, as if your will and your breath were fingers which were to drain this channel so as to leave no energy in the nape of the neck anymore and to take everything back to between the shoulder blades. If the sensation of uprightness has not been perceived on the way up, it can be perceived when the energy is going down.

Then, from the middle of the shoulder blades, you bring it to the middle of the back. This is what you do, gradually, until you reach the ovaries or the testicles. Until there is nothing else that remains in the channel, because if you have left some of this energy in the channel, it will mobilize itself and pass into the head. And erotic fantasies and dreams will begin.

For the following sessions, you will do the same thing again, going beyond the nape of the neck. You will go up to the fontanel through the back of the nape of the neck, by the back of the head. You will perceive, at this very moment, an important tingle in the scalp, which will begin to become alive. Very often the scalp is an energetic desert.

Then you will make this energy go down into the loop through the third eye, then the throat, in order to take everything back to the Tan Tien, which is enriched.


Your belly is strong, your uprightness is clear, your impulse for life and action well present.






The mastery of the space



So, what is the mastery of the space?


It is to realize that the space has two functions: one passive, which is called the function of welcome, and the other very active, which sets up a pressure onto those who are inside it.


You have often realized the passive action, the function of welcome. It is, for example, when you send out a sound on top of a mountain. It is very light, it is very clear, the sound goes very far. If there is fog, the sound is muffled very quickly.

Yet it is the same sound, it is the same will for action, it is the same will for life. What makes the difference? It is the space, it is the welcoming of the space for the sound. Your will, meaning your hope for life, your pleasure for life, your impulse, your desire, your enthusiasm, cannot go beyond what the space accepts to carry. This is the first perception.


You can also understand the second perception through some natural elements of your life. The space imposes its vibration onto those who are inside it.

When you come into a house where there has been war, a stormy discussion, and although all is over, you feel oppressed. This system of vibration is acting upon you. If you stay in this space, you are going to mobilize thoughts, words, and discussions in accordance with the movement of war, of reproach. It is the second perception that one realizes least. The space acts on the energetic system of the people who are inside it. This is its more important action.


Then, as you want to be the master of your life, no longer being this leaf submissive to all the winds, you must ask yourself the question: « how can I be master of this double system of the space, be master of the welcome and master of the vibration on me? »

What are you realizing of at this moment? It is that you can only act on what is going on now, immediately. As soon as you make reference to a future or a past, you have no matter of action anymore.

The perception of the present movement frees you from all theories, from all assessments, from all fears and at the same time gives you enthusiasm for action.

This is the mastery of the space.


It is not made by contraction, but with this relaxation, with this attention on that which is.

At the same time, all your dreams burst. Your dreams, your longings, your theories, your hopes, everything that is made by your mind has no longer its place in this intensity of attention, and you escape from all and everybody. You are the master of your life.


But the space is not only a space printed on you by the external, by other people and the environment. In the end, the space is that what you write to the inside of yourself. So, how do you write it to yourself? With all your hopes, with all your dreams, with all your theories, all your ready-made longings? You are then manipulated by your own creations. This is you, warder of your own prison.

The mastery of the space is the mastery of ones own prison. More precisely, it is the full comprehension of the existence of this prison, at every moment, which produces the bursting of this prison. This comes about naturally.


This is what being master of the space is.