Assembling of the BM 1




the sexual energy




We are arriving at the first stage of our meeting. Now the assessment!


You do not need to meet me for this checking. It suffices that you assemble the practices of the bronze man 1 and the one of the sexual energy. If this meeting between these two strengths does not open your heart towards the Heaven with this flow of ecstasy and intense pleasure into the body, it is because you have once again looked towards the past, “the sweet harmony of your sensations!!!!” and that you have not known how to use this Strength of Life that I have always shown to you in each of my words, each of my sentences…That you have again let this liberating energy that I have passed on to you flow to the river.


On the other hand, if all this happiness flows into you, with this extreme freedom, then you understand the logic of all this work that you are doing on your body and your spirit. Those four months of confidence that you have had in me have produced a fruit.


Now the practice!


You begin with a very strong belt and a powerful bowl with a great production of heat in your belly. The central axis is naturally getting into position, around which your body is balancing.


You push into your bowl. Energy rises up into the axis and you stop it at the heart. You make the belt of the breast with this quantum of energy.


Then you make the protective cylinder rise up from the belly to the breast. It is comfortable, with a lot of space and breath. You stay there, in this well being and do not go further in this BM1.


Now you go through the sexual practice. No need to recall it to you. You go as far as the nape of the neck and you stop there.



Then the connection between the two practices.


Very simple. You clearly perceive that there exist two axes in your body. One central (BM), the other rear (Sex Eng.). You make these two axes rotate at the same time, clockwise. The whole body mobilizes itself very strongly from the pelvis to the breast. Bring your attention mainly to the rear axis with the sexual energy. This is the “motor”, the main actor with the extraordinary strength that it carries. It is the movement of the rear axis which is opening the heart to such an extent that it is a true bursting towards Heaven, like an immense flower which offers itself to the sun!


You continue to rotate the two axes together, with this particular attention on the rear one. The bronze man ends all by itself at the neck, then at the head.


Be insistent on the rear axis and this bronze man will find itself connected to a higher space (above it) through the fontanel. There is a light flowing through here and a heat which floods the heart open like a great flower. It is the power of the sexual energy which permits this connection at the fontanel and this opening of the breast. The bronze man alone could not arrive at this result. You understand the power and the interest of the sexual energy even more deeply and how it is important to preserve it and to enrich it.


What is more, the process does not stop here. When the heart and the breast are enriched with this light coming through the fontanel, this strength goes down into the belly. The orgasm is not far! Gain intimacy with this enjoyment in existing so fully. Continue to make the two axes rotate at the same time. Increase the pressure according to your desire, your enjoyment! Do not be afraid of this word. Enjoy! A certainty for life is born from this enjoyment, from this pleasure.


You can be very close to fainting. Enjoy!!!


To go out of this “dimension”, you bring the sexual energy back from the nape of the neck to the belly, then to the TT.


Then you remain quiet for a long time. Perhaps you have the desire to lie down. Do that.



You have just finished the first stage of the constitution « without gaps » of your energetic body in order to be able to have full confidence in it in the event of life. All goes so fast! Your reasoning intelligence is not quick enough to deeply follow the actions of life and provide the right answer which does not leave a karmic trace. Only your body has this quick intelligence in its cells. It is the awakening of this intelligence that we have put into action during these months by a systematic mobilization of your cells. The energy goes where the attention is.


I am saying this to you now, because if I had done so in prelude, your reasoning brain would have searched to clone this intelligence by the production of a vibration “almost” similar. It is so in love with always wanting to control everything, this analytical brain! A true, small monkey, always in search of a new discovery to play with and to attract attention so as to receive the applause of the public.


Now, with this new energetic body, there is no applause. Nobody sees the transformation of your being. But you, you know, you see, you understand, you distinguish DIFFERENTLY. It is a new life that begins, like after a new birth. Stay in this freshness, this spirit of a child who discovers life with constant astonishment.


So, we could now soundly embark on the ART of DANCING on a FLOOR without gaps.





Assemblage HB2 et énergie sexuelle.


you practice in the same manner like with HB1.... but with HB2. Same process, same comments.


But you can notice an increased power which will prepare you to the bronze Men communicating with you and with the others.




The art of not doing.



The art of not doing results in a much evolved inner chemistry. This art is truly a phenomenal humour for the whole of ones emotions made by the vibrations of the Grid. To have this humour, it is necessary to have a distance with regard to ones emotions. One must not be stuck to them.


For this distance to exist, you must have the presence of the Intelligence of the Source in the body. But this is still not enough. You must not have a rule. You must not have a will to do or not to do something, because then you still print a kind of coercion onto the action. So, you must be very fluid and have a comprehension of what is right. This comprehension may already come through the opening of the deep memories. But beyond the comprehension, the presence and the Intelligence of the Source inside your body, you need a force to be able to live in another way than with your emotions. This does not at all mean that it is a force for going against your emotions.


What happens at this very moment? What does this really mean,

the art of not doing?


The emotions are continuously made by the Grid, which puts our own energetic systems into action. You must of course always remember that our body is inside the Grid and that the Grid has become a real master in magnificently knowing how to tap away on all the systems of our sensations, of our desires and so on. It knows magnificently how to play with desire. It can give you the desire to drink a beer. And this becomes absolutely indispensable. You feel it, physically, in your mouth and the satisfaction of this need, of this desire, can become a priority. It can be the desire for something else, a desire for food or something a lot more virtual, sentimental, emotional: to have the desire for a couple, for a woman, for a movement, for a dance. And the Grid has the capability of making your body vibrate in a magnificent manner, absolutely impeccable. If you do not decline with regard to this, either you will satisfy the demand of the Grid, meaning in fact that you will satisfy the system of vibration which is inside your body, or you will resist. But, either one is not a way of liberation.


On the other hand, when you have this possibility of the double look, the intelligence for the event and the strength to live in another way, it is as if you were looking at yourself living. You are on the riverbank and you look at yourself swimming. Until now you have just come to look at yourself swimming, because presence suffices to have this double look, but you have seen yourself in good conditions, in relatively pleasant and comfortable situations. But here, it is a matter of seeing yourself in a situation where the Grid is exciting your systems of vibration so as to be able to organize some emotions in order for you to want to satisfy them and from there you will nourish it and fall back into its domain.

When you are attacked by these demands of the Grid, these emotional desires, all this vibratory system, it is not at all easy.


So, the art of not doing is rightly one of not entering into this satisfaction, not by resistance, but very simply by the distance that you really have with regard to your personal emotional system and the fantastic humour that you have with regard to yourself and with regard to your desires.


I will not elaborate on this, because if you have not perceived it, you will understand almost nothing of what I am expressing.

Also, if I make these commentaries and give this information, it is to invite the beings to become master of this double look, in this art of not doing, in the development of this possibility of a fantastic humour with regard to your emotional system. At the same time, while developing this possibility, you will reinforce this magnificent flow of Creation, which will permit other beings to make progress more easily. Those who have gone through before widen the way and render the light of the flow much more compact.


It is absolutely fascinating. It is a fascinating life to be in this double look, in this humour with regard to your emotional system, and not only this double look but in this double life, in this double action, because at this moment you have two lives: you have the entire emotional system which vibrates in a certain manner, which wants to have satisfactions, which emits its radiation and on the other side, there is this tranquility which pays unique attention to life, which continues its life in day-to-day existence, while at the same time in your daily life your body is in a vibratory state of constant demanding for something to satisfy. The more the being will be evolved, the more the Grid will amuse itself in playing with the emotional system of the body. As long as you have a body, you have the entire emotional structure which has been made by the Grid for thousands of years. You cannot escape from this.


These are the commentaries that I have to formulate on this art of not doing. It really is an art, because each time the Grid puts emotional systems into vibration in your body, each time, it is a new adventure with this new event. It is not a continuity of action. And it is not because you will not have fallen into the satisfaction of the emotional system the last time that you will not fall into it the next time. The astuteness of the Grid is fantastic. It knows how to intervene at the right time for it, that is to say, at the worst moment for you, when in a state of physical or emotional or sentimental weakness you have lowered your enthusiasm a little after all the attacks of life, and here, you can say to yourself: « well, well, why not, and what if I take a small break ». And it is in this way that the Grid comes into your system of assessment again. When it has entered a very little bit, you can be sure that it will widen the flaw. This double life, which is beyond the double look that you can have before illumination, is absolutely fascinating and it is full of humour.



I invite you to it!