The two players


If I have made myself really clear in “the challenge 1 of life”, there are two centres of decision in your body. I have said “of decision”, not “of energy”. There is only one energy center: your cells of the body. In every one of them there is the entire knowledge of the universe, it is moreover this which permits you to be able to free yourself from the yoke of “the false energy center”. This latter is only an energy thief. Then, thanks to this theft, it can believe in its genuine existence through the creations that it is capable of inventing.


So there are two players in your body who use your body as a field of adventure as they like. But the second one cannot exist without the first one which is the only producer of energy. Nevertheless, its presence is really genuine and effective, thanks to the energy that it reclaims through the attention that you bring to its mental and emotional constructions. So, how will that organize itself in your everyday life ?


Do not delude yourself ! As long as this Look of God in your cells of the body is not in constant activity, the energy centre will nourish the thief centre. Each of these centres will develop its own movement at the same time. I say “at the same time”. So there are two players in your body, which is the chessboard. It is this fight that some people have perceived very clearly. It is summarized in this simple conclusion: what quantity of energy will the thief center be capable of diverting towards itself ? This is what will determine your position as an actor of Creation or as a participant of the Grid.


Each of the centres will develop its own space, which you will recognize by its vibration. That means that you will have a double vibration inside you. Do you understand the importance of what I am telling you now? You can perhaps understand now why you can be pushed into the best as well as into the worst at an interval of only a few minutes, because each event is a new provocation to act and in each event the choice is remade. If I go even further I would say that the choice is made with each respiration.


Thus you have permanently « two » points of support in your body. Two systems of vibration. Each one of these systems corresponds to the vibration of a space which is an entity in itself: in each space there is the totality of the data which permits it to live. All its references are there, its desires, its landmarks, its emotions, its sufferings, its imaginations.


So what is going to happen with the Direct View ?


The energy centre of your cells will receive more return energy, since from the 0, 2 to 2% of energy usually freed through them, you will perhaps reach up to 20%. The Intuitive Intelligence and the Comprehension will develop better. You will have more perceptions, more visions, more information about your development and your relation with the universe. You will believe yourself more evolved, thanks to the existence of this new knowledge. Other people will also consider you as such, since you will be able to explain to them what they do not understand by themselves.


But at the same time the other center will develop and will also gain some self-confidence. Usually it will be enriched more strongly than the first one, because you will be able to divert up to 90% of the energy produced by your movement towards it. This centre will manage all your reasoning comprehension and will direct your behaviour by reflex, that is to say, your action, whether by the movement of the body, the movement of speech or the movement of thought. Also, it is the Grid which will have control over the body and the behavior « reflex » movements. Do you understand the importance of what I am telling you here ?


This is what I mean when I say: « your visions, your perceptions, your understandings … do not interest me ». At the most they tell me that there is something of interest happening in you and that there is a return of energy to the cells higher than the normal return regulated by the Grid. But in the end, what I do look at is your behaviour. This is what tells me how much energy freed by the Direct Way you divert towards the Grid.


It is your behaviour that tells me what you are because YOU




It is really a big problem for me. The Direct Way is a way of Love. It is not a way of abstinence, of coercion, of destruction. It provides the possibility to feel, to see, to understand the best of yourself, your perfection and your relation so intimate with Creation. The practices of the body and the spirit of the Direct Way thus develop the power of this first ORIGINAL centre of command of action and of behaviour. You enrich the best of the being in the hope that this best will carry the other centre along with it, and that it will no longer put up such a resistance to abandon its ridiculous game when it perceives the beauty of life with which it is faced. Because on the Direct Way we do not “castrate” this center of the reasoning intelligence. It is a tool which you need to organize your ordinary life. We let this reasoning intelligence participate in this new discovery of life and of a new field of adventure. This reasoning brain is full of fears and of prejudices. Normal that it should be reluctant about this transformation! It is up to the other intelligence to take command of the operation of life in each event. How is it going to do this? Not by reason, which is under the control of all the patterns of the past. It can only do it through the heart. It is the heart, this love without limit for this beauty of life that you perceive inside you, for this original perfection, which will make the decision. Then something extraordinary will happen: you do not make the decision for yourself, but for this Force of Life, so that it can radiate on Earth.


One has forgotten oneself ! Incredible !


There are no more old landmarks; everything has exploded! Then, the return of this energy of action to the cells increases the liberation of the energy even more … which will put the tools of the senses into movement even more strongly… and the tools themselves, under the conduct of this Intelligence of Love, increase the vibration of the space of life … this space of sensuality created by the vibration of the senses … And so on and so on, with the return to the original loop.


This is what it is, to become a « normal » person again.


The Grid will continue to divert a part of the energy produced, because there are some of its fabrications that we cannot go back on, such as for example the separation of the sexes, which is now part of the human genetic capital. But it is not important that it diverts 10-20% of the energy produced, if the main part comes back to the cells and this intelligence of Creation can live fully on Earth in the body that now welcomes it completely.


What is more, when this Intuitive Intelligence is in action, when it is this which controls the will again … at last! … it will know how to use everything to make you enlarge your space of life, that is to say, your space of sensuality. It will thus know how to use the development of new senses settled by the Grid, such as for example the electromagnetic gap produced by the separation of the sexes. You will then observe a MARVEL. Under the impulse of this Intelligence, there is never anything to throw away! Everything is useful and usable. Castration is a word and an action invented by the reasoning intelligence which is afraid of everything. So you must always clean, break, cut … what sadness !


This is the hope of the Direct Way. But experience shows that it is very little fulfilled. The being wants so much to control and to understand everything. Go over everything that I have told you until now.


The heart is not sufficiently present at the meeting !







It is the main energy circuit in the body. We will approach the high loop, from the pelvis to the head then the low loop from the pelvis to the feet. The whole makes an horizontal 8 which is the shape of the energy movement in space.

WHATEVER YOU DO, everything goes from a point of support in the belly, three fingers below the navel. This space is called the TAN TIEN. So it is necessary, firstly to be connected with this force stored there.

Imagine a small zone the size of a ping pong ball (for some people it will be a tennis ball: take what you have!) three fingers below the navel. We will focus on this ball so that the things become concrete.


1.When lying down on the back, press frankly the edge of the hand onto this zone after a small breathing in. Release while breathing out.

After several breathings in of this type you feel a sensitive point under the skin. This is the Tan Tien…

Continue to breathe without the pressure of the hand and observe through the force of your attention the presence of a small heavy ball.

Now you will make the ball move into your belly. In breathing in you will imagine that the ball is rising and will force against the belly muscles. Do this several times in order to feel the movement well.

Then, you do the same thing but you will drop the ball towards the ground while breathing out. You notice there is a reaction of the muscles towards the spine.

It is possible to use these two points localized in front of and behind the Tan Tien in advanced techniques of energy work, but for the moment it is only important for you to become familiar with this small ball of concentrated energy that you have in the belly. Later, you will also have to feel it in the upright position  if you want to be able to use it in your daily life.


2. The high loop.

Sit. If it is difficult for you to localize the points, touch with the finger and release. The impulse that you will have given will remain and you will know where to concentrate. Let your fingers find “alone” the point: the energy knows itself and it will go directly to the right place. Trust this immediate action even if intellectually you have a doubt.

The points follow the spine when going up and the middle of the body when going down.

*Start from the Tan Tien. Breathe gently; you must feel its presence, even if it is light. A kind of warm sensation.

*Concentrate on the perineum. It is the zone between genitals and anus. You must feel the heat of the Tan Tien going down there.

*Concentrate on the coccyx. It is the bone at the bottom of your spine. You must feel the heat coming there.

*Concentrate on the point above the kidneys. To localize it, pass a string around your waist, at navel level. The point is on the spine at the opposite. You should feel the heat coming there.

* Next stage in the middle of the back between the shoulder-blades. Each one his point. Touch in reflex a zone with your finger; it will be the good one.

*Then at the nape of the neck, directly under the bone of the skull.

*At the fontanel.

*Between the two eyes. It is the « third eye ».

It is the end of the back channel. You must have felt a sensation at each point. The most gifted will have perceived a warm sensation going from point to point. Now you must place the tongue against the palate to connect the governor circuit to the function one which starts at the mouth.


*Concentrate on the throat, in the hollow. You must feel heat coming there. The luckiest will perceive this arrival along the nose and across the mouth in giving a particular taste, sometimes a bit more saliva. For the moment, the important is to localize the points and that they connect consciously.

*Then, it is on the sternum at the level of the heart.

*At the solar plexus.

*Finally return to the Tan Tien under the navel.


3. The complete high circuit.

At this stage of our approach, it is useless to sophisticate. After having localized these points, make an effort of imagination and link them with a silk thread. Go from the Tan Tien + perineum + sacrum + kidneys + shoulder-blades + skull + fontanel + between the eyebrows + throat (not forgetting to connect the tongue to the palate pressing firmly) + sternum (heart) + solar plexus + navel (Tan Tien). The most gifted will feel that there is an intermediate point between the solar plexus and the navel, the one of the stomach.


Complete this effort by visualizing from the Tan Tien to the eyebrows during a long breathing in and going down from the eyebrows towards the Tan Tien breathing out. You can also stop the breathing in at the fontanel and start breathing out from there if that can make your effort of imagination easier.

You can perceive a sensation of warmth (or a little something new!) conveying itself from point to point. That can be also a shudder under the skin. But the most important and this is what will say if you have well connected the circuit, it is that there will be a feeling of relaxation, even almost of happiness after around ten breathings rounds. Also do not stay fixed on some localized sensations; this contentment is a perfect proof that it is working. For the moment useless to go further. Besides you can make this energetic loop at any time of the day and in all the positions: that will provide you relaxation and pleasure.


4. The low loop.

From the Tan Tien, you go to perineum while breathing out.

From perineum, while breathing out, you go down the back of the legs until you get underneath the feet.

From underneath the feet to the perineum, along the front of the legs, you go up while breathing in. Arrival at the Tan Tien.

You feel like a cleaning of the leg while the going down breathing out and a warmth which comes from the Earth and from the feet when going up while breathing in.


5. The complete high and low circuit.

It is the whole of the 8 which must be done :

    * Breathe in: Tan Tien and rear of the back.

   * Breathe out: go down from forehead to Tan Tien, little stop there, and continue the breathing out along the back of the legs towards the feet.

    * Breathe in: from feet to Tan Tien, short stop there and continue the breathe in along the rear of the back.


Both the breathing in and the breathing out are long and regular, without forcing. There can be a light retention of the breath when passing through the Tan Tien. For those who are short of breath, take again your breathing at the Tan Tien and start again either with the breathing in when going up or with the breathing out when going down. There is then a break of rhythm which is not important. Later the respiratory capacity will increase and the 8 will be completed in the same breath.

Always start with the Tan Tien.