WHAT to look at ?



Very soon you will have all the « highly spiritual » explanations in scientific magazines. Scientists have recently observed that an object, viewed by a human eye, modified its radiation. This is the great “mystery” of all the spiritualities: LOOK AT ME AND YOU WILL BE FREED !!!!


They are right. But only on the physical principle, which you could also call « energetic ». What you look at radiates onto you. But is that what you are looking at liberating ? Does its radiation produce in you an essential modification of your understanding, your lucidity, the movement of the cells of your body? Well, it is advisable to be very careful about what you look at !


In the Direct View, the look is an essential means. What are you looking at ?


Quite naturally you look at your emotions, your suffering, your former life, because these are the basis of your sensations and perceptions. You are obliged to work with what you have in your hands. Moreover, all human therapeutic resources push you into these studies. So this is what which radiates onto you, saturates your energetic body. Your chances to get yourself out of trouble and to escape from your suffering are very minimal. It is the poison itself which examines itself with its own tool of working, which is the thought.


In the Direct Way, we do not look at the unhappiness of the world and its suffering. You came, for sure, on this way because you suffer. Those who come by love are rare. But we increase the energetic tonicity of the being in order to open the ordinary and deep memories very quickly. The “ordinaries ones” have the facts of life stored away. The “deep ones” have all the information of the universe in them, which, by the way, scientists already know. Their expression is: every single cell of the human body contains the entirety of the knowledge of the universe.


What are we looking for in these memories?: all the beauty of Creation and of yourself. You know then how you work, where you come from and what personal task you have planned to do on this Earth.


As a result, this is what you look at in every event, every gesture of life. Then this Force of life radiates onto you and supports you in your action.


You build your new home, your new environment, your new breathing in the former space.


All what I have told you in the previous teachings takes on all its meaning. It is so attractive to use this energy, newly freed from the cells of your body through the techniques of the Direct Way, to examine, understand the origin and the development of its suffering! All your education and your desires to “understand” are pushing you towards this diversion of the energy. Then you will lose the benefit of these practices. To be more exact, your cells of the body will lose the benefit of this energy freed from them, because the long-awaited return will not be done. You will come back home with empty-handed. Your energy will have been diverted towards the analytical brain. You will not be able to progress profoundly for your freedom. The emotional system will always be dominant. Your biological brain will then work with it. You will know deep inside yourself that another manner of living exists, but your body will be incapable of putting it into movement and application. Technically unfeasible !


So, what are you looking at? It is very easy. But it is also very difficult. Only the courageous and those who are intrepid can fulfill this challenge. Actually, you must really love this new manner of living, of breathing which relates directly to what is so intimate in you, in order not to look at the “old”, its reactions, its modifications, even its destruction. To be interested only in this new thrill !









Sit comfortably, back straight, without stiffness.


1. You breathe in into the bottom of the belly, under the navel, in the zone of the TAN TIEN. Supple but slow and lasting. When the direct passage of the breath is made naturally and without effort, you will direct this breath to very precise zones of the belly. Firstly on the front part. The operation is successful when you feel that the breath pushes frankly the abdominal wall while the rest of the air normally inflates the belly.

Then, you will start pushing on the back part until you feel that the wall of the belly pushes against the spine, the rest of the belly being in simple normal push.

Then, push the left side of the belly, then the right side.


When you have put into activity the four main zones of the belly, make enter the breath in pushing in these four directions at the same time. That is easily done through a slow and long breath that you direct by a push from the center going towards the periphery. Two or three times to have the certainty that the belly is inflating well, then cease and move on to normal breathing. You must then observe that the belly is wider, has more tonus and that even the breath would like to resume this slightly forced breathing. It is then time to go on to the second stage.

If you do not have this sensation of width and of well being, do it again. No need to continue with an erroneous or uncertain basis.


2. You will proceed in the same way but this time with the breathe out. It is the breathe out which will become predominant, slow, strong and long. The breathe in will be shorter than the previous action (in 1) but you will notice that the breath has acquired habit as also the belly to be dilated. So it will be naturally and without effort, quite rapid.

So central breathe out two or three times, then afterwards to the front, the back, the sides.


3. You will observe a very important fact: the resistance to the action. In fact, when you  breathe out strongly it creates a muscular resistance to this action. It is as if the muscles tried to maintain and obstruct this breath.It is this natural side that you must develop and make still more conscious. It is this resistance which will permit you to put into place your structure and give it enough strength. It will maintain beyond the time of your practice.

This resistance is naturally born in refusal of a modification of the structure already in place. In fact, the constant principle of each structure is to maintain itself, thus to preserve a stability (sometimes dearly acquired). There will always be an obstruction to the new. However it is this new which can only bring the modifications indispensable to evolution.

We will make use of this natural resistance. It will be, during the long and regular breathing out, a matter of provoking a bigger resistance through a push even more voluntary and strong from the inside. When this relation of couple ( inner push and external resistance)  is well perceived, you will then increase the external resistance through a bigger concentration onto it.

This supplementary concentration on the action of the resistance can be done only when the mechanism of the inner push is well positioned and can be done alone.

So you push the breath inside the belly creating at the same time an external push against it like a hand which would resist by pushing against the belly ( but do not use your own hand because it would be pushing against your own energy). If at the beginning another person can help you by pushing effectively against your belly at precise places of your work (front, back,…) the mechanism must be able to be done rapidly through the action of your own effort. You then push as much from the inside as from the outside.


4. Very curiously you observe that the stronger the voluntary external push is, the more powerful the inner push will be, instinctively and naturally. So the more you feel at ease in the inner mechanism of pushing, the more you will put your effort into the external resistance in order to increase its power. Your inner answer will be made naturally and will be directly linked to the power of the external action. It is a capital point to perceive. By the way, this will surely help you to relativize “the inconvenience” of attacks. At least I hope so because all this work is not useful if it is to stay in closed circuit, except to take pleasure in new sensations and a more important sense of existing and of feeling well. But be quite assured that in stormy times, those little satisfactions will not be enough. A proverb of Breton seamen says that “when the weather is good it is my little daughter who steers the boat”. But do not be masochistic !

While prolonging the practice beyond about ten respirations you will observe that the inner push, once well put into place, will always be stronger than the external resistance. So there will not be a situation of balance but of gains.


5. Installation of the belt.

Long breathe in and push onto the upper zone of the belly. Concentrate on a width of a few centimeters (3 to 5) at the level of the navel. Release the breath out without forcing. Restart again three times to five times. At the end of those breaths you must feel that there is a very localized resistance on this strip. It is the beginning of the perception of the belt.

Then, with the same long breath in, instead of releasing the breath out straightaway, you will retain your breath (what one calls: block) by pushing strongly against this zone around the waist. Again three to five times. That must be sufficient to observe that this zone takes force and there is a real feeling of a belt.

Finally, the breath in will always try to be long and strong, you block a few seconds with an effort and you add the force of the breath out against the belt. Again three or five times. You perceive then a considerable reinforcement of this belt.


So the complete process is :

    *long and strong breath in against the circular zone under the navel.

      Push from the inside.

    *block the breath in and force strongly against this zone. Push from the inside.

   *short but very strong breath out in opposition to this zone. Therefore a push coming from the outside.


The circuit is successful when in normal and supple breathing, while feeling well the entire belly already toned up by the initial breathings, you will clearly perceive that the belly benefits from a circular zone very strong and rigid in its top part. Generally a width of 3 to 5 cm below the waist. It is the reason for its name : a belt.

The exercise is successful when the presence of this belt maintains later with normal breathings and in the daily life.


6. Installation of the bowl.

From this belt we will reinforce the side walls of the belly, far beyond of what the first breathings provided. That will be done by blocking the perineum. It is its opening which prevents the energy from going to the circuits of the back: as soon as its pumping into the Tan Tien is done, it goes directly into the legs and evacuates into the earth.

Closing the perineum in this practice while starting from the belt, it is not easy. So, to short-circuit this difficulty, you try to start from the closed perineum and go up to the belt. Effectively, it is easier to “feel” the bowl being formed by starting from a fixed closed point towards a circular strong zone. But, in the event of a storm in life, it will be absolutely impossible to manage to close it correctly in order to use it as a lever to the practice and to form the bowl. Fear does not only give wings, it can also give the trots. Quick to the toilet!

So when the sea is rough and there is an important disturbance inside the body, only the belt can be constituted through a strong breathing blocking at the top of the belly. At this moment, it will not even be useful to make an external opposition to help its constitution. The opposing environment will do  the business itself. Then there will only be a very strong push of the breath from the inside in breath in and blocking, or very simply in a long and powerful breath out. At this time you will not even try to choose. The mechanism will be made by itself. On the breath in or breath out or blocking ? : without importance.

But for this « without importance » to work, it is imperative to « train » correctly.

So you start imperatively from the perception and the composition of the belt.

Then, you tighten the buttocks (later you will know how to work more finely). A soft tightening.

On this soft tightening, you breathe in into the belly, globally. You already feel that there are two zones of perceptions: the perineum at the bottom, the belt at the top. Then you frankly tighten the buttocks and you breathe out strongly inside the belly. You notice then that naturally this effort produces a reaction in the belt which enlarges downwards. After a few breathings it is clear. There is a rigid wall which goes from the belt and which closes onto the perineum.


The exercise is successful when resuming normal breathings the entire bowl is strongly formed and maintains. This presence can actually stay for hours.


7. Checking of the state of the bowl and its maintenance.

You have a bowl inside the belly which pushes towards the abdominal walls. The bowl would like to enlarge under the push of the inner air. The abs resist. The consequence is the reinforcement of the bowl.

Now with simple breathing you can feel the bowl and its maintenance; it is not imaginary.

To reinforce it, it suffices thus to increase the external constraint. But do not go too far! Be satisfied with feeling a strong, even very strong belly.Tap on it! It must bounce like the skin of a drum and no pain must be transmitted inside the body.


The bowl is there; make the turn of the owner from within. Breathe in or breathe out: without importance. While breathing, push with the flat of the hand or with the closed fist against the wall, on the inner side, to check its consistency. Do not forget any zone, check that there is no gap. If there is one, take another forced breath in the zone.

Do not forget to check that the perineum now closes well. Push on it in the same way; nothing should come out.


Then at last, when everything is there and well formed (in a few weeks the making of the bowl will be almost instantaneous) feel that everything is warm and protected inside. You may have perceptions of movements of warm and colored matters; it is a perceptible reality. This bowl, it will become more and more, in a constant manner, the crucible of all your decisions, the starting point of all your actions. Soon we will burn in it the residue of the negative emotions which still block you.

But now feel how the Tan Tien feels well in this hearth. It is more or less in the middle and happy to feel in safety, it permits you to handle it more easily. Take it between the fingers, massage it. Feel its consistency, see its colour and its radiance.

Then you are ready for the final : make the forces rotate into the bowl through the loop. No need to concentrate a lot. Everything is already in the bowl and now only aspires to work. Then breathe in through the back, breathe out through the front, return to the bowl; then restart. Also make also the 8 through your legs.

Continue until you feel a pleasure that settles in the body, a contentment which relegates at the background your cultural stories ( family an that stuff). Actually you may have started the practice with some worries, fears or problems. Tell us now where are they? You are certain that there are still some ?

You can now attend to your familiar occupations. If a problem arises, make the bowl instantaneously  through a pressure onto the belt. I advise a strong breath out in case of strong problems. The rest will be done naturally and you will observe the presence of the bowl. It will burn the anguish which was carrying you away. But it will not solve your problem for all that! But you can now approach it seriously.







You will be affected by some movements of fear. To control it and to make it  disappear rapidly, it is possible to use the “bowl”. So learn it well because when you will be submitted to these negatives emotions it will not be the time to think about it.

I insist ! The belt is essential. I hope you will soon have a very emotional disturbance to become aware of this importance, only way to obtain a material certainty. Faced with strong and immediate perceptions which go beyond it, the thought is silent. This is the reason why it tries to prevent the setting into activity of the mechanisms of perception: it does it through the absorption of the facts and the insertion of the fear. Also, do never try to reduce the facts and the fear, you have to accept it as the unavoidable mechanism.


So, if a very intensive emotion takes hold of your body, there will be a real invasion of different forces which will lead to an energetic state of shock. You will no longer understand what you are, there will be enormous flows which will electrify your body preventing your spirit from pulling yourself together. You will be entirely destabilized in your deepest being and there will no longer be any room to act. Besides it will not be question of acting; you will no longer hold together !

So the only help, like the drowning person who only has a ring to stop going under, you will have the belt and you will push onto it with all your forces. The manner will not be important. When there is an emergency you do not ask if the glass is clean!

Then you will push from inside exclusively onto the belt because there will be no possibility to enlarge your will beyond those 3 to 5 cm around the belly. You will push! And something of extraordinary will happen at the end of one or two minutes, no more. The flows of energy which carried you and have even made your scream, you will feel them very distinctly attracted by this belt. Then it will make them disappear.

It is exactly this process which occurs: the belt attracts the perverted energies like a magnet. You will observe it very physically; you “will see” literally, inside you, all this draining towards this zone and at the same time you will notice the freeing of your thorax, your heart and your head. You will be once again aware of them and you will be able to act, which you could not do a minute before completely carried by the storm.

The belt will have « swallowed » these energies. It will be your first noticing through the return of your will.

And the second noticing will be even more extraordinary. You will notice that you are stronger than before! The belt will have not only purified your body of the perverted energy but in addition it will have provided a supplementary vigour. Furthermore, this gain will enable you naturally to act.

What is the reason for this gain ? Here we enter a very serious world of an extraordinary power: the transformation of energies. A lot of techniques are “purifications”. This one is a “transformation”. It is the one which will make you no longer be afraid of the poisons because you will know the antidote.

What occurred is that the efforts that you have made in your belly to form the belt, have activated the TAN TIEN very powerfully, which has immediately responded as if you brought him energy to refine. The origin, it does not care. All its need is gazole. So by attracting the energy that the negative emotion transports into its immediate sphere of purifying (the bowl) through the intermediary of the belt which has worked like a magnet, it has recovered the energy back. As for the negative energy, it has gone back to where it came from, it means to nothingness, lacking of power to maintain.

You must in fact understand well that all those thoughts, emotions and others things need a force of moving and of maintenance : it is energy. Energy is neither good nor bad. It is simply energy. It will serve to make a vehicle work. It is the kind of vehicle which matters and you will always have to choose with great care.It is the main topic of the great religious discussions of all times and of all traditions: what to choose ?

I have already told you, when you have an important choice to make, to ask yourself frankly and not in a roundaboutway « would I like myself like that ? », « would I like myself in there and in this action …. » That is not to say that you will take the best of decisions (although this way to proceed leads you most often to what is very desirable for yourself and the maintenance of your forces) but at least your stupidities will be yours and this is the only approach capable to perfect you. You never learn anything in falling on the stupidities of the others, except to understand that you would have been better off making yours, but it is a lot of wasted time. It is also one of the means to short-circuit all the religious formulas of “good and bad” which have been cluttering the energetic being for millenniums and self-lead to stereotyped answers.

So, you get back the energy of the troublemaking vehicle and with this gain you make start your own which will have a much greater reserve than what you will obtain through endless introspections or purifications.

Even if the disruptive energy does not come strictly speaking from the outside but comes up from inside yourself, the process is the same because this inner energy is an accumulation of the « old » which came one day from the outside. So fundamentally there is no difference between the exterior of the moment and the memory.

So, by accepting strong situations to permit you to observe the material reality of this structure of energy transformation, because only action can encourage the knowledge, you will push back gradually this old bitch that we call fear and which is the plague of all research of greatness and which finally makes you choose defeat rather than “to grow”.


Because growing takes you into the world of uncertainty while fear keeps you with what you know. And it is the extreme and comical irony of the situation: you reach the world of security by entering fully into insecurity. It is so funny that the one who “sees” globally for the first time energy in action and its movement, bursts into a thundering laughter when noticing the huge fraud set up by the thought. In fact this last one only creates problems to you by assuring you that it is the only one capable to solve them. The one who “sees” chokes when the noticing that “it was so simple and so near !”.

So first the belt. As soon as “the recovery”is done, it means two minutes later, the bowl will be formed by itself because there will always be an answer of the TONG at this new power of the Tan Tien. It will be sucked up by it and will close by an automatic mechanism. So this bowl will  be formed automatically.