How to read ?




the Art of Looking.



Easy to decode the words with the eyes in relationship with the reasoned and analytical intelligence.

Difficult to read the words with the eyes in relationship with the Intuitive Intelligence.

These texts that I send to you, WHO are they ?... I do not ask you WHAT are they, but “WHO”. They are ME !!!!!


My look, my intelligence, my elocution. Each word is a Strength of Life which is organized according to a rhythm, a dance of Heaven on Earth. It is Heaven which comes into the matter of the Earth. In itself, it is Heaven which brings the Earth to its own “illumination”.


How can you perceive, feel, understand that ?


This is not one more practice ! Have you not enough of always these efforts, these obligations of attitudes, of looks, of actions, of movements ?... Going towards what ? Towards whom ? Can you tell me what you are looking for? Why you get up every morning ?


You can wear out your life with these researches, with these questions, these constant interrogations and categorical, castrating opinions, not only for the others, but more often for yourself. You are always cutting yourself in the arms and the legs with the motive of an ideal, of purity.


I will always repeat to you that the happiness you are looking for is in the action. To read is an action. There are not only the ordered words according to a comprehensible sentence for the analytical brain. Above all there are the gaps, the silences, the spaces. It is these which are perceptible by the intuitive intelligence. It is these which inform you of the dance of life.


So be very careful. These texts are loaded with Life and I have taken great care in their creation. Do not look for the words and the “profound” understandings…. Bring your attention only to the “blanks” between the letters. Do not look at the black but at the white of the gaps. Fix your eyes on these blanks. Firstly those between the letters, and then those between the words. Finally, bring your attention only to the blank between the lines. Do not read the black letters. Follow the gaps. Do not seek to understand the characters and the words anymore. No longer bring your attention to them. Do not let yourself be swept along by the logic of words and ideas. Leave that for those who look for their reptilian securities. You only take care of the “blanks”, the gaps. It is these silences which are putting you in touch with the heart of the One who places the words in the space to create sentences and sounds. You will understand his heart, his intention, the very reason which makes him write, this form of communication with you.


It is suddenly, in one go, that you will understand the heart of the One who writes. No progress in this profound understanding. It is abrupt. A stroke of the sword in the air! All is said. All is understood. No need to continue your reading. The words are here only to permit you this comprehension of the heart. No need to go further! No need to take the small boat on your back when you have crossed the river.


These texts that I am sending to you are unique in the Universe. They are created by The One who has passed beyond and further beyond the shores of Illumination. Far beyond ! Because HE comes from there ! So, do not make the mistake of taking them like information in a library. Read as I tell you. It is magical!


I am training your brain, your two intelligences and your body to be quietly in its place in ordinary life and to be happy in every society. If you know how to perceive my Strength and my Intention in the gaps between the words, you will know this greatness and this enthusiasm of Life which are mine. But beyond that, you will have the body and the intelligences in action to continue quite alone in your ordinary life and discover the beauty, the grace, the color and the sounds in it.


Because ALL is ALWAYS THERE ! It is you who does not know to see, feel, look… The worst and the best of the Universe are here, in you and around you. The relative and the absolute are mixed. But they do not have the same space of movement. Everything is in these words! They do not have the same space of movement. So which space are you looking at? You will receive comprehension integrated with the space that you look at. This is the great Mystery of the Universe.


So, I am giving you the first steps of the Art of Looking. No effort. No research of comprehension. No logic. No link with the past. No link with the future. Your dreams and hopes do not come onto the table ….


And the magic of the Universe and its Great Mystery are there! Your body trembles about it. Your analytical intelligence succumbs to such an Intelligence. Your heart bursts. Happiness is here. You know how to exist. You do not even worry « why ».


Then the royal road of the rider of the event opens for you, which does not look for anything but to be here, in the gaps and silences of each instant. Peace flows in him and he no longer has any doubt about the reality of what is there.










There is a means to improve one’s connections between the Tan Tien and the main points of the high loop: a sucking ordered by the Tan Tien. It is like a computer shortcut; it spares you a long procedure of setting up and moreover it opens reinforced energetic possibilities.


The principle is simple.

You must become well aware of your Tan Tien through small movements of the muscles of the belly. It is more an impression than a reality, because eventually it will be the will that will do the work. Through muscular movements, make the tough ball of the Tan Tien move to the right, to the left, back and front. Change the directions and alternate. You must feel yourself master of this Tan Tien and of its movements.

Then, you will make this Tan Tien function like a suction cup that unblocks sinks: you make a sucking from a point chosen beforehand. You concentrate primarily on the Tan Tien and your secondary awareness is of the point to be sucked up. You will feel this point sucked up towards the inside of the body beyond of what a simple muscular contraction could make. This sucking is done while breathing in.

In the following exhaling, you will release everything and you will observe that the point is heated.

In this procedure, the main attention is on the Tan Tien. You must pay attention to its sucking while breathing in. The observations on the targeted points are “in the background” of the attention.

After about ten attempts, it is clear: there is an attraction from the point towards the inside of the body while inhaling and a warming up which is produced while breathing out.


Then, once this point is well linked to the Tan Tien through this process, you will change the centre of attention. Instead of being mainly concentrated on the Tan Tien, what you have done during the previous procedure, it is now on your point that you will principally concentrate yourself. So the perception of the Tan Tien is in the background in your attention.

You will focus on the point and you will suck it up through your inhaling, which will naturally start from the belly, because of the habit that you have given it. You will notice then that the sucking is clear and that the Tan Tien has done this work by itself without having to be manually controlled. The order has come from the head: you have wanted to suck the point up; the rest has followed by itself.

It is at this final procedure that you must end up, so that the gestures of ordinary life are easy for you while always being directed from the belly which obeys the will (or the head !).


You will perhaps tell me that it is not easy to precisely find the points on the loop and that in the two previous exercises you have a hard time of it. This is precisely one of the concerns of this procedure: you will now localize the points without effort.

It is simple. You know in which approximate zone you have to find the point looked for: be satisfied with sucking this zone up through your inhaling from the Tan Tien. Slow and deep inhalation without effort. Release without looking for the slightest result and do not carry a particular attention to the warming which can be produced in this part of your body. After three to five of these suckings, you will feel that a particular point in this zone stands out: it is warmer, firmer; it can prickle, it is more sucked up than the rest of the body which is surrounding it. This is it. Your energy from the Tan Tien has found its correspondent by itself. It will suffice then for you to concentrate more on this point for the remainder of the exercise.

Why then I did not indicate this procedure right from the beginning, instead of letting you look for the points in the two previous techniques? It is true that it would have been possible to reverse the efforts. But now you have a confirmation of your choices if you had some doubt. It is an irrefutable verification and this confirmation will only be able to give you more confidence in yourself.

Now let us approach the points to suck up. They are the same as for the high loop and the passage of the sexual energy. However, you will perceive a very sensitive acceleration of the movement of the energy and then you will be able to command it better.


1. Perineum.

You start from the Tan Tien and you suck the perineum up, then you release according to the procedure that I have explained to you. Breathe in and relax, two to three times. The perineum comes into the belly and heats up. This can moreover provoke a few sexual excitements, but ignore them.

Then, you suck up through the perineum and the Tan Tien must be in contact with your will of execution.

Do not neglect this special relationship between the Tan Tien and the perineum. Take your time until this warmth blossoms out in this zone and even in the whole belly, which feels strong.


2. The sacrum. This is the second point to not neglect. You do not know where the passage is? Suck the whole sacrum up. The point will become evident by itself and you may even feel that the energy comes against the bone. Move the pelvis a little from front to back to permit the passage.


3. Then, there are the kidneys, middle of the shoulder-blades, basis of the skull, fontanel, third eye. It should be done by itself. Feel how these points are sucked up towards the inside of the body, like by suction.


4. To pass to the front circuit, connect the tongue to the palate and continue in the same way: throat, heart, plexus, stomach.


5. The ultimate is to suck the Tan Tien up on itself. If you manage that, you are a chief! You will then know how to order your energy into all the points of your body. You will even manage to treat some of your weak parts through projection of energy. You could also treat others.


Now that you have done all the points, you will make the high loop rapidly, by passing from one point to another in sucking-inhaling. The exhaling will be a simple releasing of the breathing effort.

You will observe that there is no difficulty to connect yourself and moreover that a warm force conveys itself from one point to another in the rhythm of your action. It is the passage of energy which comes from the Tan Tien and goes to the point onto which you have brought your attention. Because energy always goes where the attention is, and it is really here that the problem of people without attention is, who have the impression that things will not always go in the direction they would like. But now, you will be able to order this natural action of the energy and to increase it to your liking.


The ultimate is to choose any of the points of the high loop. Suck up-breathe in: the energy is immediately there! It has moreover covered the network of access in one go; you can observe this by calling on a point underneath the one on which you were just working.

It is really an energetic shortcut, like those for a computer, such as I told you a moment ago.


Finish by a collection of energy in your Tan Tien. Concentrate on it two to three minutes. You can massage the belly or move your hands around your navel. The techniques are numerous. The important thing is not to let the energy be conveyed in your loop only, because you will come to produce energy beyond the ration of maintenance. You are already in the world of energetic work, which increases the possibilities of human action.

In the case where it will remain extra energy, it is the maintenance at the level of the sternum (heart) that is most cumbersome, or in the head. The procedure of elimination is simple:


*for the heart, pass your opened hands in front of the chest while bringing them towards your belly, with the will to attract this energy down below. It is like a washing with a facecloth. In three passes the feeling of oppression has disappeared in the chest.

There is even better, because more advanced: concentrate on the point of the kidneys (same level as the navel). Just concentrate yourself. You will feel that the heart immediately relieves itself of its tension and that this point on the spine heats and palpitates. For the most gifted, there will be a perception of a luminous line that develops between the heart and this point. The Energy is transported through this connection, which, although unknown to modern medicine, is nevertheless very real and would permit to relieve many heart patients.


*for the head, concentrate on the point of the nape of the neck, beneath the skull. You will have the feeling that the head becomes unblocked and that the zone of the neck becomes stronger. You can leave the energy there. You can also make it descend towards the Tan Tien, like a return of the sexual energy.