The result and the responsibilisation



It is about the working of the second energetic law: the recognition by the result and the enlivening by the recognition of the others which appreciate your manner of making, your action according to their own fields of adventures, their own internal chemistries, their own vibrations, it means their own space. In fact, it is a trap, because we are not master of the result.


It is each one who makes its result.


I can speak to you about a 17 year old young girl to which I have opened the profound memories. It is a splendid person, a lover of the love. Initially, she sees the power of action that she has on the Earth, on the men and in the Heaven. And all of a sudden, she begins to be afraid. To my question, she answers that she does not want to do them harm. She perceived very well her power, she did not want to do them harm. She did not want to hustle them, to be sharp with them. There exists the spontaneous love towards the others, a spontaneous attention. They are people who can have such a life integrated to the ordinary world, to the social world that one does not realize of all their resources. Their love, their testimony of love is the work that they make on Earth.

And thus this young girl is almost terrified of the power that she has. She does not want to do the men harm. She is there to help them and not to hustle them. I say to her to look better at and she calms herself down.


She understands that the men take only what they want.


She cannot thus maltreat them, violate them, force them. She is reassured. At 17 years, she saw that each one makes its result. That must be perfectly perceived and understood for all your ordinary life.


And it is there that the question that I put continuously intervenes:


What do you want to make of your life ?


Said frankly because if you want to be mistaken by you, you will have the empty hands and will return in the disease of the effort. Who would dare to say: «I, God really do not interest me. What interests me is my small personal comfort, with a little spirituality to tint my life». Then, who would dare to say: « Here is the result at which I do want to arrive, for the moment»? There is very little of it. But, it should be known that in any case, will not be taken more than it is necessary it to obtain the result that in depth they want. But they do not want to recognize it.


I have spoken of this relation between an individual and another individual. It is the same thing of the individual compared to him. Each one makes its result. You, whoever you are, which is the result that you want to have? Up to where do you want to go? Your result is yourself. By your result, you testify exactly of what you like and of what you want to live and of what you want to breathe and the union of your breathings. Your breathing makes the union with the Heaven or with your emotional system which likes itself.


Each one makes its result. When that is understood, one is deeply aware of its responsibilities by the result that one produces oneself. At the beginning I could say: to make the relation between the result and the responsibilisation, it means to feel responsible of the result. But finally, there is no responsibilisation of the result. Do you understand? If you understand that, you perceive that the responsibilisation is not related on the result but to the state of your heart, it means to the state of your relation with the Heaven. The result is never but a consequence of this relation. Then, one does not stick to the consequence. The consequence does nothing but highlight what is, it means this relation, the quality and the importance of this relation.


The responsibilisation is exactly there, in this relation and not

regarding the result.


Then, be flexible with the result. But at the same time, be deeply lucid of the step to go to the Heaven and your relation with him.





Reversed breathing


So that it can be done without any effort, without any particular muscular contraction, the reversed breathing ought to take place only from the moment when you have the possibility to constitute the general sphere inside the belly in a very normal way. You are thus in the phase of the bronze man three.


This sphere, you have noticed, is a very important energetic condensation. You can reduce, compress this energy even more. This means keeping the same energy, but putting it into a smaller volume to make it more compact. From there, you can work with it in a far stronger, far more percussive and far more precise manner.


The mechanism is done very simply. When your sphere is well constituted, always with extensive and natural ventral breathing, you put a very particular breathing into action, which is normally only intended for pregnant women, that is to say, a clavicle breathing at the top of the lungs. The pregnant woman is obliged to breathe like this, because she has the belly filled with her child. So, very naturally, with a very strong sphere, when you begin to breathe with little butts like a pregnant woman in the top part of your lungs, the reversed breathing will settle naturally, without any effort and there is a compression of the energetic sphere inside your belly. There will be a retraction of the belly. Not only of the front belly, but also at the back and on the sides, as you will be taking small breaths with the top of the lungs. And at a given moment, very naturally, without any particular muscular effort you will end up with an hourglass figure. It condenses the energy in a very strong manner at the level of the sphere, and you can, through this condensation, extensively increase all the techniques of the bronze man, starting from the third. In fact, you make a concentrate of energy. This is a very strong power in action.

Perhaps you will not need it with the techniques themselves and their applications, but when you are caught up with the movement of life, with the attacks that rise from all sides, you may need a very condensed energetic matter of an enormous force in a small volume to be able to act, to be able to give an energetic impulse to a word, to an action, a movement and so on. There the reversed breathing will help you. It is an excessively precise means of projection of energy, as much inside you as outside you.


One must be very clear. To be able to concentrate some energy, you must firstly have energy. You must already have a very strong sphere. So, you must not be content with a simple reversed breathing with the sensation of what it can produce and be satisfied with these sensations as a reality. No. You must have an enormous amount of energy beforehand, so that you can then condense it. You cannot escape to the practices of bringing your energy together and quite simply using a reversed breathing, which always effectively produces rather significant physical effects. But, if you do not have energy in your sphere, it is as if you were putting gas under a saucepan without putting water in it. You will perceive that you have sensations, but that nothing happens as transformation of the energetic system as much inside you as outside you. Be attentive to this reversed breathing.

This is why I prefer that it is only learnt starting from the third bronze man, when you have already had the ability to create an excessively powerful sphere and in a very natural manner.