Bronze Man 1



Creation of the space for life







1. Presentation.


If your intention is coupled with the one of the original strength that has produced your creation, only action will provoke this freedom and this happiness you are looking for. But you need a field of adventure, a dance floor. You have noticed human space is not always welcoming to your movement. So, what can be done without always being at war? The state of Freedom shows it. It does not fear poison, because it is capable of changing it into nourishment. This practice reproduces this state of inner chemistry that protects you. So that you have enough room for breathing.


Why this name? It is an energetic wrapping around you like a piece of armour. The body makes it by using four diaphragms: belly, chest, neck, and forehead. To get them to work, you need an energy generator we call Tan Tien (TT), to use a very well known word.


You must contact this generator in your belly. Almost three fingerbreadths below your navel. Push your breathing towards your belly. Guide your breath like a hand, which is trying to catch a small ball of a few centimeters in diameter. Do not force it. Above all, do not imagine it. Do not look for the perfection of the feeling. If you really want to live, this intention will make your energy system vibrate. You will feel this ball. A start is enough. Work with it. The rest will follow by itself.


If you do not feel this presence in your belly, lie down on your back. Legs outstretched, press your left heel against the floor. Hold four seconds. Release. Recommence four times. You feel a contraction in your belly from the groin to the navel. Now do the same with your right leg. Then do it with both legs. You perceive a pinching in your belly. It holds a small ball below your navel. This is the Tan Tien (TT).


Now work! .... For this glorious state of being which is no longer frightened by poison and gives space for the breathing you love.



2. Practice.


Let us approach the first stage of the bronze man 1.


To begin with, there is the perception of the Tan Tien. Then you settle a strong belt around your belly. You are going to press on it with the breath. Some heat is going to radiate.


When your belly is really warm, strong, you let go of the pressure and take off the belt. Another one has settled inside you! : It is an energetic reality. If you now press against it, you immediately mobilize your energy and you empty your entire cerebral system.


In other words, you can perceive and notice that if you have had a need for an external belt, at the beginning, that is to say the pressure from the environment on you to waken your energy, once your energy is mobilized, it can work alone, in complete independence with the surrounding space. That then is the beginning of your freedom.


Now you are going to be acquainted with the strength of your belly and the presence of a bowl receiving your energies. Clench the buttocks and push hard against your inner belt. A clothing materializes on your belly and your buttocks. It is warm, reassuring. You strongly empty the mind. All your energies are in this bowl, ready to act. Desire to live!


Then you go up to another Tan Tien existing at the level of the heart. The heart, this is the action for life, the will to be alive.


You are going to settle, here too, a belt around your breast. You are going to push the breath against it.


Here too, gently….breathing in….breathing out. Later on, you will feel that the mechanism is perfect when the push is done with a long exhaling, quiet, strong. But above all, do not set out from an ideal. Take yourself as you are, to make progress without effort and with relaxation.


Heat is going to radiate into the torso.


If it happened that you had too much heat, which goes up into the head, push in your belly.

When all is quiet again, resume slowly.


When you feel the belt very well, you stop pushing and you take it off. You breathe quietly. Do you still feel it inside yourself? If not, you recommence the procedure.


If yes, you come back onto your Tan Tien of the belly. You press strongly into the bowl. From it a cylinder ascends, which is fastened onto the belt of the breast. You are clothed with a metal made protection!


This first step of the bronze man, the installation of the protection between the abdominal belt and the belt of the breast, leads to a very great calmness, a presence in you. I will say a clearness of the body and a clearness of the spirit.


If you are a beginner, you have already worked between half an hour and three quarters of an hour. It is not worth going further, strain settles itself. It is best to stop here, until the constitution of this first stage of the cylinder is made quicker.


We continue with the third belt of the throat. The throat is very important because this is where the energy points of communication are.


Here also, you are going to put a belt around your neck: a soft cloth. Above all you must not feel strangled.


The work at the throat should be very gentle. It is better to postpone it than to push against resistances that come from very far away through your emotional and psychological system.


You have a Tan Tien in the throat. You push against the belt, quietly.


There can come many recollections, because this work is going to speed up memories that are buried in your mind. You can cry a lot. You can have difficulties with breathing. If this is too strong, cease to press and put your strength into your bowl. You will regulate.


When your inner belt is very present, push again from the bowl and the cylinder will continue its rising. The making of it always starts from the belly. It is the belly that pushes and makes the cylinder progress upwards, beyond the heart, and joins the belt of your throat.


Look at this process well. It is very interesting because it will reassure you of your personal possibility to make your own protection, very simply by the power of your Tan Tien, into which you have put all your will to act and your breath. It is very important to perceive that everything starts, always, from the belly.


When you feel good and if you still have the time, you go up to the forehead, there where this famous third eye is, which is the centre of lucidity. You can put a headband around your forehead, push far more gently than in the throat. One must never make a compression of strength in the head. It is gentle, delicate. You do the work until you feel this inner belt likewise, which settles as a reaction against the external belt. When it is there, you make the bowl ascend and you continue producing this matter of protection up to the forehead.


When you reach the forehead and all is well closed, it is enough to take your attention to the fontanel. The closing is done by itself. Perceive all of this operation well and this peace that settles.


How do you make this protection descend on to the arms and the legs?


When the whole cylinder is settled, you place a bracelet at the top of a biceps of one arm. With a pressure from your bowl, the cylinder of the bronze man will progress and the clothing will be made from your shoulder down to your biceps.


Same action when you go to put a bracelet over your elbow. First an attention on this bracelet until you feel its presence inside you, then from the bowl, you push and the cylinder of the bronze man progresses the clothing from the shoulder down to the elbow.


You will do the same thing at the level of the wrist.


For the fingers, it is the attention at the tip that is enough to perceive this clothing. If you want to go into detail, you can do finger-joint by finger-joint, finger by finger to really perceive this difference, this intimacy. It really is not imaginary. There is a reality of energetic clothing.


Now the other arm.


You will understand why, man as woman like to decorate some parts of their body. It is an energetic reality. The feeling is a reality. The enjoyment, the perception of a presence is a reality. It is the use of this reality that makes nobility or alienation. I will always draw your attention to this alternation of reality.


When you are perfectly accommodated with the clothing of the arms, you can do both arms at the same time. And even, later on, as a whole while merely settling the belt at the wrist. Thus you will provoke the clothing of the arm continuously.


Likewise for the legs. The first of the belts is found at the top of the thigh, a little beneath the groin, at the place where ladies put suspenders. The following belt is at the top of your knee, then the ankle and you finish the foot exactly like the hands. First one leg, then both together.


You have got a full clothing and a total protection. But for ordinary life without important disruptions, the clothing of the torso and the head will be enough.



3. Commentaries.


1. This experience with the external belt is important for the understanding of your ordinary life. Through this practice, you can realize that your energy system finds itself mobilized by external limitation. It is very important, because all the work that we are going to do together is done in order for you to be led to this magnificent dimension where there is no disease of effort, but the loving enthusiasm to participate in a movement. Because in this movement we feel good, we feel cheerful, we feel free.


But before reaching this freedom, this cheerfulness, you will find yourself in an environment that is more or less alienating and oppressive. It is like that, there is no need to judge. If you did not have this provocation, perhaps you would never begin this work. Mostly we start it because we suffer. Then you will cease to cry, as you will physically perceive that you can lean on this attack against you, so as to put your power of freedom into action.



2. In the beginning, compress as you can. Do not go into the disease of effort. Be very relaxed. Take yourself as you are. You push with the belly. When you have the capacity to bring your breathing here, it is the first essential stage. There is no use in going further if there is nothing happening here. Perhaps you have seen a donkey letting out its cry? Maybe you have seen how it has an enormous compression in its belly and how it lets out its hee-haw from here. The lion is identical. It roars from its belly and this is what produces its enormous strength. When you are engaged in pushing from the bowl, you mobilize your strength to live, you push your own cry, your own roar.


This will, this action of pushing in your belly produces a cerebral calm and an increase of your desire to act. This is the miracle! There is the possibility to recover all the energies that circulate in your body and to transform them into nourishment.


We are still at the beginning, but we are already engaged in touching a very advanced transformation: the one from negative to positive, from what is poisonous into nourishing substance.



3. When you start, if you need half an hour to perceive the belt of the belly and the emptying of the head, do not go any further, because you are going to be tired. You then search for the result and you are no longer in the liberating movement. So stop there. Later, a quarter of an hour will be enough, and you will use the following half an hour to continue. Then it will be a few moments. It is in this way you have to progress. The danger is to go back into this dimension of the disease of effort, because we come from there.


In the end, how long is the practice? It depends on you. Do not stress yourself, please. A practice should last between half an hour and three quarter of an hour. After this, you cannot keep up your attention. You will have half an hour of high attention and a quarter of an hour to allow yourself to taste the feeling. Do not be afraid of the words. You have a pleasure, an enjoyment, a comfort. Accept them fully. Be alive!



4. Later on, with the strength of the habit of repetition, as soon as you enter into the intention and the push of your breath in your belly, your energy system puts all the mechanism into action. You then no longer have the obligation to do the practice in its detail. From here, you know how to use this protection in the ordinary of life. A snap of the fingers and everything is there, integrally.


You are then in a state dissociated from external pressure. You are no longer led astray. You have this possibility to consider without emotional implication. You are in your freedom of appreciation and movement. You see the others moving about without emotional reactions. You have the possibility to be the spectator and to do something else and in another way.


5. That is the essence, the designation itself, of the first bronze man: to protect from the outside. To make you impervious to external pressure, which can no longer enter inside you. You are free. You have unfettered the system. Physically, it is very clear.


So, work on the first bronze man for a long time, until you really perceive how it permits you this step back from the event, this possibility to see the madness of the world without participating in it, while preserving a power, a mobility, a desire, a colossal intention to live.



Open Letter 1


How should you look at and retain the teaching?




The space determines what can be carried, attracted by it, and also what it lacks. The space conditions everything.

These are very valuable teachings that I could give to many people. They have been adapted to their needs. They were not given as general teachings, but as nourishment that I could bring to them according to what they were.


So, I had this role as father provider of information, but also this complementary role of the mother who divides the nourishment up to each child around the table according to the needs of each one.

All of that is very beautiful. Except that this beauty has been soiled, because they no longer have perceived that it was a nourishment that was adapted to them, exclusively, according to their energetic state.

They have lost sight of this profound relative aspect and they have made an absolute aspect of it.When they met, they compared their different teachings as being the only absolute and the only real teachings. I have found myself in a space of war where each person criticized the other person. Of this relative aspect, each person has made an absolute aspect of it. It has been a chaotic situation.


The only way that I can show, is the way of going out of suffering. I have found myself in a space, which, in the name of what I could explain and show to them, continuously made unhappiness, war, coercion with a phenomenal control.



So, do not discuss too much! .......

Do not make the same mistake of considering that what you perceive as “absolute”……….





Because there are TWO intelligences in you: one of reasoning and the other intuitive. The first one is integrated with the analytic brain, the second one with the cells of the body. Which one will be nourished by your energetic system?

In fact, your body is built to act and your cells are always in movement. They put the energy that they contain into vibration. Who is getting back this energy developed through action? Normally, you are built in order for this energy to come back into the cells of your body, to encourage their vibratory strength even more.That represents a cycle of life: departure from the cells, return to the cells. And in these cells there is this Intelligence of creation, which can then direct your life. Modern physics has moreover discovered that in every single cell of your body there is the memory of the universe. … I will add too, the Intelligence of God. … That which is called “intuitive intelligence”. But this energy must come back profoundly, because it has been made more dynamic on the periphery of your body by the “senses”, consciousness and thought being a part of them. … (You will gradually notice the reality of all that with the development of your practices). While on this “return” journey, this energy meets a filter, which is the analytic and reasoning brain. It wants to understand EVERYTHING, retain EVERYTHING. It is very tempting with its theories. … If you pay attention to it, the energy that you carry will serve to nourish its system. It is capable of diverting for itself almost 90% of the energy produced by the body. Therefore, there remains a return of 10% to the cells. Just the energy for survival so that you can still continue to exist!

In addition, when you take something « relative » for « absolute », you stop the returning of the energy to the cells and you nourish the analytic brain. I would often have to talk to you about the “details” of the working of this process.


BUT WHO IS THIS « YOU » WHO makes the choice to stop at the analytic brain? All the work is there. Understand, perceive this mechanism.

However, for the moment, you are “YOU”. You must take yourself as you are!!!


Therefore, it is very simple. ALL what you perceive, think, feel, you accept it completely, because it is “YOU”. …. But this “YOU” is also RELATIVE and you also accept that!!!! Then you will notice something extraordinary. Your energy will make a little “roundabout tour” within your analytic brain and will then continue its way towards its original destination, the cells of the body. There will be no loss of energy. On the contrary, a kind of humour over the activity of your reasoning system will develop. …. Like a presence that is inside you and gives you another type of analysis. Where does this presence come from? You will find it later by yourself. You will then be filled with wonder by the intelligence of creation and its imagination for making you return to it.


But it is only if you agree to look, understand, feel « within the relative » and so escape from « absolutes » that this humorous presence can be put into activity.