The karma, it is very simple: an Asian word put on a universal rule: the law of cause and effect.


This law is quite simply what is occurring now,between you and me.


How is the karmic system, the relation of cause and effect articulated?

Me, I am a cause, the one who is emitting, who makes an action. This action makes an effect on you. You, because of your transformation, you will also have a different action on your entourage.

Thus, You modified, the effect modified by me, becomes the starting point of another effect: your action on the world. Thus, you become a cause which makes an effect.

At most, when one says « the law of cause and effect » it is still too intellectual.


One should say that it is a stone thrown on the water which continuously makes ricochets eternally.


How does that function in detail?

If I speak to you, what is my intention on you? Do I want to control your mental, to direct your conscience, to possess you so that you would be content of me, that you come to adore me…

…. Or do I go in the direction of your liberation, of making you free of all and even of me?


The intention will carry the energetic movement, will carry the word, will carry the action. It will create an « energetic object ». But this object is carried by an « energetic fabric », that is to say a space of action. It is this energetic fabric which will make that the word will be received and will move in a certain manner inside you.


I have often taken the example when you throw a sound in the top of a mountain. If it is clear and luminous, the sound goes very far, if it is the fog the sound is immediately deadened. It is always the same sound, it is always the same will for life. What makes the difference is the environment.


The difference is made by the fabric which will carry the word, it means the intention which will carry the action. In other words, if external side, the system of cause and effect is an action, the internal side is a fabric of intention. Even more precise, it is an intention which has set up an energetic fabric on which will be carried the action.


There are only two intentions, in the universe:

The one original of the Creation

And the one of the grid, which wants to create its personal little world.


Also, which is the movement implemented? From there, you can understand all the multiple applications in a simple relation.


It is not linear but spatial!


One speaks about karma only when one has fallen into this separating space because there, the system of returning of the effect on the cause and the cause on effect etc…. ends up creating problems. It is not free. It is the organization of a closed space, it is the organization of a lie. Nothing is released on itself. On the contrary, all cumulates and by dint of pluralities, to put refuse everywhere in his house, one finishes by no more being able to circulate and that begins to smell frankly bad. Without counting that one opens the window of the house because of the stink and that the neighbours grumble.

Also at a given time, one is obliged to ask the question: what is one making? Then when this question is asked, the conscience, the reasoned spirit, discovers this law of cause and effect, this karmic law.


If you are in the dimension of vibration of Dignity, the events are released from themselves since you are in triangulation and no more in a relation of duality. So, finally there is nothing which accumulates. There is an action, a fruit and the fruit is released from itself inside this cosmic space.

There are no owners of the fruit who would like to file. There is no archivist. There is only the spontaneous action, which intervenes according to the circumstance.


This manner of explaining the system karmic can surprise you. You are not accustomed to this spatiality, because thus one escapes at the mechanics of the karma.


It is a dance in a space.


Either the space is opened, or it is closed. Side of Creation all is opened, you are in triangulation and there is not a return to the sender while in closed space, there is always a return to the sender and you end up being locked up by your own system of production. Therefore, you should not make a story of it by telling you that if you will do this, it will arrive to you that etc… As if you calculated like a business man a system of life and action. That does not calculate thus. It is much merrier, much more mobile. It is imposing in its spatiality.

Then, please, do not rack your brains with this notion of cause and effect, this karmic notion. It is a cosmic play, which functions according to your affection, according to your love.


With what are you in love?


Then, as the friends of my friends are my friends, there will have the karmic forest around you according to what you like. And I remind you that any energetic structure is maintained as long as the advantages are higher than the disadvantages. That is always brought back to this notion of interest, of affection, of love with certain types of vibration.

If I could simply give you an advice, be relaxed with the karmic notion. There is no karmic debt towards a personal being. It is a karmic relation only towards flows, towards your attraction, your love for a certain type of vibration, of working in your everyday life. It is exactly that!

So, be perfectly relaxed towards your supposedly old karmas, be perfectly relaxed towards your individual and karmic relations. All that does not have any interest, does not have any substance of reality. You are only in form of attraction or form of repulsion towards certain means of action, with certain energetic flows. And it is in this cosmic fair that you intervene. You are automatically the actor and the victim. Not only your own victim but in fact you are the ball of tennis that you send and that the other returns too. It is the total cosmic fair.


You, in your action you only have to look at: what you like.

And at this moment you give yourself the means of your love.


In conclusion, the karma is never but one relation of cause and effect: the only law which exists in the universe. Then, do not make a fuss of it. It is necessary to live! Do not spend your time worrying you about good or bad karma because finally all that will determine your mobility of action in the life. It is necessary to come from somewhere, it is necessary to be somewhere! With the result that there is a karma around you. And then, the good deal, it is necessary to have one! Do you perceive the humor of the situation?


It is necessary to have one!!!!


Then, everything can be transformed by your attention. Where is your attention? If it is in the movement of Dignity, everything will be put in vibration according to that and the corresponding space will be in you and around you. Why waste our time on that? Where is your intention of life? Where is the action, your will of action? What passionate you? In what do you like you? In what do you launch you?

The space of your attention will be created, will attract what will correspond to this intention and will reject what is not it. Whatever the intention is! The mechanism of attraction and repulsion is exactly the same one if your attention is of splendid nobility or a swindle and a total perversion.


Then, in the final analysis, basically, the concept of karma does not even interest me.


What do you want to do?