Structures and karma





What makes that you cannot touch this so fine vibration, this smoothness of life and of will, of impulse which exists in each particle of your body? : it is the state of your energetic structure. To take care of the structure which does what you are, now, in this life, it is to be concerned with your death of the previous life and how has developed and has set up this structure that you have now.


In the previous life you had also a structure. All is always in evolution. It is the law of cause and effect. It is the only law which exists in the universe. Therefore, according to your satisfactions and of your actions, you commit yourself in a relation of cause and effect. It constitutes the structure of your life. Then, it is it which installs the mechanism of orientation and of attraction, and even of attention to the events of the every day. It is an error to consider a structure like a rigid state. It is much more immaterial. It is an energetic network, it is a method to circulate in the world and to decode it. Each one thus perceives the world with its manner.


This structure is continuously in evolution according to the law of cause and effect, it means the karmic law, the law of attraction and the law of satisfaction.

The karmic law is very precise. It applies to three points: it is necessary that there has had the intention to make, it is necessary that there is the action, it is necessary that there is the satisfaction of the fruit of the action. It thus should not be believed that the karmic law settles for all the ordinary things of your life. One must not believe at all that each time you have crushed a small fly while walking, in a field and on a path, you have engaged a karmic system of return. It functions when you have had the intention to make, that you have made the action and that you have, especially, had the satisfaction of the fruit of the action. It is for that that I have told you that the system of the cause and effect functions on the satisfaction all the times where you did not want nor decided the action because you were engaged in a movement which involved you. It is possible also that in this movement it is not you who have made the action but you can have had the satisfaction of the action made and his contentment. Then there, the karmic system intervenes. Satisfaction is the key of the karmic system, even if it is not oneself who makes the action.


The system karmic is a law. It could be used and directed towards a liberation or an alienation, which can weigh down your energetic structure or lighten it. You cannot plan to think of your liberation without being worried of the law of the cause and effect since it is this karmic print, this comprehension of the action and the return that you make on you which is, in itself, your energetic structure. That can seem difficult to you to understand by the brain but your body can understand it because I have told you that an energetic structure is a network of orientation, a network of circulation. It is a print of you that there is in the universe because it is your possibility of circulation, which is the print, which is your structure.


Modify the karmic environment around you,

your possibility of circulation is different,

your print of life is different, therefore, your structure is different.


Therefore, there is nothing which is final. There is nothing which is formal in the order of the condensed material. I would say that it is material non-condensed in the sense where it is energetic material.


The structure is like a young tree. You put a seed in the ground in the middle of a forest. According to the state of the forest it will grow and be directed to find a passage. If you look at, you will see its structure and you will appreciate its manner of being. Its manner of being is entirely conditioned by the environment which is there. It is that an energetic structure. It is all the bypassings, the networks, all the manner of crawling or of being rectified which has been set up and it is the print even of the energetic environment in which you are. This energetic environment is, in fact, the karmic environment. Your karmic environment at you and the collective karmic environment, it means the kind of society, the kind of the humanity in which you exist. You cannot dissociate your liberation of the relation of cause and effect. You cannot dissociate the state of your karmic structure of the system surrounding, which has made that this structure is thus now.


The key word for the karmic environment is satisfaction. It is the satisfaction which will make that the karmic system will function. The karmic system is a return of the action. But it is a law, which functions in the two directions: towards the increasingly strong condensation or a broader breathing. It is that the beauty of the life and it is for that that one should not be afraid of the karmic system.


For your structure at you, the essential word is: your attraction. Where is your attraction? It is another manner of speaking about satisfaction of your fruit. In other words, which is the attraction with certain fruits, of which in the final analysis you are satisfied? That wants to say, in the preceding example of the tree which grows in the middle of the forest, that the forest makes a print on the tree and conducts it to act in a certain manner, to draw up itself in a certain manner. But the tree, while growing and swelling, implies also something on the forest because of its existence, it is also part of the forest. There is not one and the other separate.

Then, one is not seen very well, if one misses attention, how the young tree will lead an impulse on the forest. But any forester will be able to explain you how the implication is closely linked between the two and that one is returned to the other permanently. It is the same thing which exists on your energetic system. The karmic environment leads your structure and your structure, by the phenomenon of attraction to certain fruits, conducts, enriches and develops also the karmic environment. Then, the essential word for your structure, it means for you, for your intelligence, for your will is: where are your attractions? It is your system of attraction to certain fruits, therefore a perfect satisfaction, which links you and develops continuously the karmic system of cause and effect around you, this karmic system as much personal than collective.


Then, all is always in evolution. There, I am in your previous life. I explain you the mechanism of working of your previous life, of your continual evolution where according to the fruit, you will be satisfied and because you are satisfied you will have again a complementary attraction to go in it. On the contrary, you can also be dissatisfied and not to have attraction any more to go in it. There is thus a continual modification of your energetic structure by the karmic modification of the environment, which functions and has an impact only according to the pleasure and to the satisfaction that you test with certain movements. All is in continual evolution.


Arrive the death, this physical death. At this time, you are in a kind of privileged attraction. It is this phenomenon of attraction which makes that you will restart this new life, this new body, with the energetic structure corresponding to your attraction. In other words, the new seed, which revives in the belly of the mother continues to being you. You continue the movement of your previous life. Energy death does not exist. You are the normal and natural continuity of the life previous.


With this apparently new structure, in this life, which is only the normal continuity of the structure of your previous life, which are your possibilities of modifying you. Here what we will examine structure by structure. There is not any generality. Each one is particular.