Relation main structure – karma



I now will speak you about the principal structures which one meets the most usually. But, before approaching them, I recall you what I have previously said to you concerning the close relationship between the structure and the karma.

It is necessary that you keep well in mind, when you study the phenomenon of the structure, the relation, on the one hand of the structure with the karma and on the other hand the absence of reality of your personal karma, it means the absence of reality of what you will be able to call your individuality.


The karma is like the neighbouring forest. It is the energetic space in which you live and in which you are integrated as soon as you have returned in the system of the Earth. This collective karma, this karma of humanity will direct your behaviour. Therefore, finally, your structure, what makes the tool that you will have in your relation with the world, is linked to the karmic system surrounding. It is the first point.


The second point is to know the karmic system surrounding, this forest around you. Why this karmic system of humanity can have an implication in the development of your structure? It is because the action is not massive. This forest around you is not due randomly. The type of forest that there is around you is conditioned and in direct relationship with what is you. One and the other have been made mutually. The forest around you is always the still ignorant side and unknown of the collective karma, of the karma of humanity. All that has been perceived, digested, decided is not there any more, around you. Except, of course, what you have liked and what you still want to keep from the proposals of the collective karma.


In fact, the forest around you is constituted by all the collective karma that you do not control, that you do not know and of which you are in complete ignorance and which can, thus, have a total action on you. I often say that you believe to be responsible beings because you have an apparent activity, but you are like puppets on a scene of theater, in front of the curtain, whereas behind hides the real governor, the one which holds the strings. The system of the karma, this forest, is this governor. It is the very essence of the karma around you.

With that, is added what you want to keep, what continues to attract you in this collective karma, that of which you have had the knowledge and which implies forces which you know, on you but that, in the final analysis, you like.


Thus finally, the forest around you, this very-karma, which will lead all the movement and the development of your structure is on the one hand what you are still unaware of the collective karma and on the other hand what you want to keep of this collective karma, in full knowledge. Here is the second point of this notion of the relation between the karma and this structure.


There is a particular notion. Those people that one calls illuminated, those who have a total perception of this karmic system are thus no longer related to it, to this feeling. They have become masters of the karmic system of humanity. They have a complete knowledge of it. They are completely released from all the underground and unconscious movements of this system, of its possible influences on their decisions, their behaviours, their actions and their emotions. But if somebody who says to have been illuminated in a previous life and claims to be remained illuminated in this one, it is not true. At each time there is a reincarnation, that one returns in a body, one will find, on the one hand an increase of the collective karma, which will have still developed since the last passage on the Earth and of surplus, one will still recover karmic systems and orientations which will be printed by the new father and the new biological mother. Therefore, the illuminations obtained in a preceding life correspond to the collective and personal karmic forest that there was around oneself at this time. But when one returns, it is a new forest. It is still all this work that should be remade. All that one does not know yet, which is new in all the karmic system, all the new essences, the new paths, the new clearings created meanwhile in the forest, it will be necessary to take knowledge of them and to be released, there too, of that. To be released does not want to say to reject, it is to understand and perceive the implication and to be master of it. It is what does that each deeply advanced being, with each reincarnation readjusts his illumination in this life of now. If it does not do it because he is caught by certain proposals of the collective karma because he likes that, he will not find his character of illumination.


That shows you that all is replaid with each reincarnation and that a new reincarnation is not at all a facility because it is always a plurality complementary of new species of trees, of lianas, and grasses in the forest. It is for that that its life should much be preserved because as long as you are in this life, the most conscious and the most present, you have a forest, which has at least a kind of stability, that you manage rather well to know and that you will, perhaps, have the capacity to become master of it. And when you become master of it, you return in the space of illumination. That does not mean that there is not yet work to make. But you have already there, a tool, a glance, a fantastic perception on all the environmental system and a possibility of decoding immediately, in your body, which is about dignity and what is about unworthiness. What is about the meeting with the Heaven and what is about separation. It is for that that one must preserve its life and that the suicide is something of absolutely inadmissible because one has come there, on the Earth, to take part and make so that this life is not vain.


The third point is the fact that you do not have a personal karma. Your personal karma is the part of the collective karma which continues to be able to act on you, in full unconsciousness. By the comprehension and the continual lucidity of what there is around you, it means from all the pressure of all this forest, you will be able to say yes or not, agree or not agree. And each time, it is automatically a modification of the forest.


But, initially, in first approach, you keep always an unfavourable part because you go without the knowledge the Heaven and of God, except for certain very particular case of people, who from the departure, love God exclusively. But it is very rare. So, from the start, what you will keep is about a more or less unhealthy pleasure, it means a little dishonest offers who are made by the system of separation. You remainders attracted by the pleasure of the tools and the fruits created by the system of separation and because of this attraction, these trees which build and produce these fruits, remain around you. It is your personal forest.

Then, there is a great reserve for this comprehension by all the people who have a fantastic pretentiousness of them. For the reptilian brain, it is intolerable and it puts all the brakes and obstacles to go to this comprehension and to make so that it can find its way in the everyday life. When one realizes that, finally, one is nothing but the space and that it is the space which leads you, it is intolerable for certain.


You can also ask you the question: I am nevertheless something somewhere? It is true that you are something, somewhere. You are not only space. There is precisely this presence of the Heaven inside you. There is this memory, this initial coding of each one of your cells. From the departure, I have spoken to you about the passion for the life, of the enthusiasm for the life. You have it, you feel it well now, if you have really worked until now. Then you could simply ask you the question to know WHO is this presence. What is it? You will have your answer. You are also other thing that the space because there is something inside you which has this possibility of not being only the movement of space. You have something, in you, which have this possibility of saying: that I take, that I do not take.



What is it that?