The basic structures





All the preliminaries have been said. They were essential in order not to let rove the dreams, the uncertainties, the false interpretations: it should be recalled that an energetic structure always has two orientations: a vertical orientation, side Heaven and a horizontal orientation, side Earth which is besides the very essence of your presence on the Earth and your existence. Finally, you are the Heaven incarnated on the Earth to take part and act on the Earth. So, there is always a vertical axis: your relation with the Heaven and a horizontal axis: your relation with the Earth.

If one really followed and were in agreement and intimacy with the movement of the Heaven, the movement of Dignity, one would say, quite simply, that there is the Heaven, which is concerned with a certain manner of nourishing the Earth. That is the natural and dignified movement. On the other hand, there can have been such a development of the Earth that the Earth ends up wanting to live all alone and to suck up the Heaven and not to be satisfied to be enlightened by it so that it becomes a witness of the Heaven and its presence.


So, each time I speak to you about a structure, there is a vertical side: side Heaven, an orientation towards the Heaven and also a horizontal side: modes of enforcement of the Heaven on the Earth.


Already, I have just made you some commentaries which testify that there are nevertheless orientations of the structure which will be perhaps much more Heaven side that Earth side. It is thus I will differentiate them.


That will have an enormous orientation in the manner of leading the person, to help it to progress in the self-knowledge and of its possibilities.