Structures and karma


The heart



Structures: the good deal. One makes fun about it completely. That does not have any importance.

It is the manner that one has to move inside a space. But since one intends to make this space explode, why going to consider the priority and personal manner which one has in his mobilization with the other and with oneself?

Finally, if I have well made understand which is all our dynamism, which is all our Art, our orientation to go to God, to be completely withdraw from this cobweb and to make explode it, it is well the intention which guides the vibration of the moment and which creates space.


It is thus a new space which will arrive!


The space from which one comes?: it is necessary to come from somewhere, it is necessary to be past by somewhere. One does not have to pay a special attention to that.

It is where one wants to arrive that its attention should be transferred. What do you want? Then, if it is this Dignity, if really your intention is complete for it, your energetic system will be put naturally in vibration of this Dignity and the remainder will explode. It will be exposed on the right, on the left, above, underneath. It is the Cosmic Force. So what? It is necessary that explodes somewhere, that goes somewhere.


The warrior uses the world and does not make an affair of it when the world uses it.


Then the structures, in the final analysis, it is not important.


All explodes by itself when the intention of total liberation is there.

That one explodes somebody or that one explodes oneself, that does not make any difference. For the one who is truly in this attention and in this intention, even if he knows that by doing something it is his death, but that this something is right and dignify, he does it and no matter if he dies.

All the remainder is burst by itself. There is no more any attention, no more any immobilization with all the emotional peripheral, which in any case will always exist, always, as much for oneself that for the others.