Basic structures


Master of Heaven and Earth : the Expert



The master is the one who teaches the men, but has not automatically reached the end of his walking, the end of his way.


On the other hand, the expert is the one who teaches the masters

on the essential points of the practice.


In other words, the expert is not looking for students to teach but is looking for masters to teach.

The expert is a eminently structure of Heaven because nothing interests him except Heaven. He is here to show the way to go there. But he does not have the same impetus for popular communication. It is a more elitist communication. Thus, the expert is not the one who gives a general information, he is a specialist.

It is true that the expert also, by lack of masters to teach, can go to look for students in the street to see which ones he will be able to lead to the level of master to then teach them on the essentials points of the practice. In fact, in a humorous way, I could say that he is a Ferrari which makes school bus service. It is true that we can also make school bus service with a Ferrari, but it is still not the most appropriated tool: there are collective buses that will do very well.


A structure of expert has this capability to perceive immediately what is going wrong, where it stucks, to understand how one can unblock, which is the information that is to be produced, which is the energy force to implement. It is thus a mecanic, an engineer of Heaven. So, it is very clear that the structure of expert is a structure, which is continuously looking for matter, it means the force of Heaven. He is always looking for means of Heaven to be able to be exercised on earth.

You can understand, a little, the expert only after your illumination, only after the perception of all the grandeur and the beauty of the universe. Otherwise, you cannot understand what this structural state is, which is a direct emission of Heaven on Earth and which gives a so subtil information that it is necessary to have receptors already very well coded, very well sharpened to understand it and receive it. And these decoders are masters. It is why in the teaching that I give you, I have associated the structure of the expert with the structure of master.


However I would not leave any dialectic ambiguity. The structure of expert is not there to teach the structure of master. It is not a structure which is linked to the one of the master in order to bring the one of the master to go beyond its evolution. I have said that it is the structure which teaches the master. Not the structure of the master. It is the structure which is there to teach to each one, to become master of his structure to be able, then, to escape to it.


Everything is in evolution. Nothing is static. So, when somebody has a structure it is to perceive it, to implement it, to become intimate with it. And it is where the structure of the expert will intervene. When there is this intimacy of each one with his structure, he will permit the person to become master of his structure, to go to its success, to go to its fulfilment as a flower which opens, which opens. And when it is so open, it turns into another flower. It is that the work of the expert, his reason for being. It is thus to teach each one of the structures, in their mastery, so that they go beyond and return in the original matter which has built them up.


The expert, is the one who makes burst the relative in the absolute. He leads to the perception of this matter which is the life itself so that the other do not need any structure as guide. He has this matter which is his nourishment and this matter guides him. And it is still very poorly expressed. This matter lives in him. There is a mutual recognition which makes that there is no longer any doubt on the reality of existence, on the reality of working, on the reality of his reason for being.


There is no more structure. There is a state of being which works naturally on itself and with itself and which is nothing else that the space which is there,

in the entire perception of its dignity.

This perception possesses its own mobility of action.

There is no longer the notion of choice.


We are not there to go from one structure to another structure as we would jump from a dress to another dress. Each structure is supported by the original matter. Each structure is one of the manifestations of God in a form which is not pure but of which the matter, it, is pure. All the work of the research of the life, is this intimacy with our structure to escape to its impurity by the knowledge and by the blooming and to touch the matter itself, which builds this structure, it means the purity of the structure which is God himself.


Finally, what you are looking for is nothing else but yourself.


You are what you are looking for and the expert is the one who knows how to articulate the essentials points of your structure so that you meet YOU, in full consciousness. There is nothing to throw because what you are looking for is always only you.

On the other hand, the structure of master which has becoming a structure of research, in its pretentiousness, will put aside on the right and on the left, and will push back a lot of things. He will establish categories. The expert, him, has this capability to make burst all the categories and to manage to make you perceive, through very precise actions on the subtles articulations of your structure, that there is no separation between you and God.


The structure of expert is conditioned by nothing, by absolutely nothing. Not even by his own structure. This very movement, this movement of the expert is there to make burst all what is a structure and make beings enter their dimension of mastery of their structure so that they can go beyond this perception of mastery. But finally that is always the same result :



To make explode, to make burst.