Earth orientation


The good small horse



It bears its name well. The horses are courageous and go until the end of their forces until the total gift, until the death. All of a sudden, the horse collapses, it stops functioning.

It is an excessively serious structure Earth, a structure to which one can make confidence. It is imaginative of the means to settle so that the work that one asked it is perfect. It is in this meaning that one can trust him.


This good small horse will draw a quite right furrow, it will draw the plow by hoping that its work will use to nourish the Earth, that there is somebody behind whom puts seeds in the furrows to make push something of correct.

You have structures which use the space, the others. You have others of them which make the space, the force of life. And the good small horse belongs to the seconds.


Like all good small horse, when it is charged too much, all of a sudden it collapses. It does not know to say no. It always takes something on the shoulders, it is always a little more charged and it accepts.

It invites even the others to charge it because this being is recognized by the furrow that it traces, by the quality of the work which it gives: it is in love with this recognition. It is thus petitioner of the load, until the day when it collapses because it is at the end of forces.

It needs of the caress the evening, of the thanks which say: «We have worked well together » and not only « You worked well» but « We have… ». If there are not these thanks, this structure is not vigorously nourished. It is nourished by the return of the recognition, of satisfaction. It does not have a direct nourishment of the Heaven. Its nourishment is recognition of the Earth for all that it does for the Earth. If the Earth does not recognize it and quite simply uses it like a slave, a machine, the discouragement settles, there is a loss of vitality, a loss of tonicity. But, the small horse does not realize of this loss of tonicity because it is, by nature, very vigorous, very undertaking, very imaginative in the action. It is this kind of people who will be essential, which do not do much noise but which take part completely in an environment. But, one does not recognize very well, currently, in our Western social systems, the quality of the good small horse because one is accustomed to like those who can play with the virtual, with the feelings, the imaginations, the ideas. One has no much of interest for the one who makes gently, quietly his work.


When a structure of the good small horse comes to see us it is that, already, that does no longer go well at all.

It is necessary to perceive this structure and to make it recognize to it, to explain to it how it functions. It will recognize itself very quickly. But, then, how to lead it out of trouble? Because it is a structure with primarily Earth orientation. It is nourished by the Earth, it is nourished by the thanks that the Earth makes to it. It does not know too what wants to say to be nourished by the Heaven. It does not know too what is this Heaven. It does not know really what this relation with the Heaven is. It is courageous on the Earth: a good small soldier.


Then, initially, with the first two bronze men it should be protected from the others, but especially of itself because it is the weakness of this structure of always proposing to the others to render a service to them, to charge it a little more.

Then, the bronze men three and four will put in activation its decoders so that it can start to understand that it can make a decision and make a choice of its activity taking into consideration what is important of what it likes. Therefore, that it can know to say: “No, because I do not like the space that you will build from there. And I do not like your manner of making, to use the space that I plow for you”.


It is one very, very, large work with the four bronze men and the good small horse.

It follows very precisely the orientation that one gives him. It is a friendly, respectful, gentle work. It is a work of a human who cares of another human. But it is not an easy work because it does not have the perception of the Heaven. Thus finally, what will you make for him: you will plow the Heaven so that it can perceive that it can put its seed in this furrow. The plant which will push will be in the Heaven rather than on Earth and the thanks that it waits, because it is thus it functions, will come from the Heaven. That will give again life to him, heart to go, that will give again vigour to him. It will have a foot on the Earth, a foot in the Heaven. It will try to plow the Heaven on the Earth and to thus continue its serious work.

This work is long.


One would like to help it but it is necessary that you understand that it is it which makes its own unhappiness because it is related to the recognition. Its nourishment is the recognition. Then, when it does not have the recognition of the Earth, it arrives at you and you must manage to make it perceive the recognition of the Heaven. But it is not sufficient so that it bursts in the Heaven. It will burst in the Heaven when it will put an end to this working of the second energetic law: the nourishment by the recognition, the mobilization by the recognition. It is its problem.