The mother, it is the one who can distribute soup at table, to the children and to the guests according to their needs. But, still it is necessary that the soup tureen is filled. It is filled by the father. He is then provider of goods and the mother is dispenser of the good. She radiates. It is the spleen inside your body energetic system which diffuses nourishment to the different organs according to the necessities and needs for the moment.

The mother, it is the one which immediately perceives what it is necessary for somebody, who has the generosity to want to give him what he needs and she has, then, imagination and manner of doing it.

Therefore, the mother is always installed on these three points: perception that there is a problem and it is spontaneous for her: she does not need to make an intellectual reflection, it is very physical. When she arrives somewhere, she feels and sees immediately if that goes or not. That it is a badly arranged room or a being badly arranged inside him. She has the generosity to immediately want to find a means of healing, a nourishment. Then, she has the imagination to find a solution.


Now I will speak you about the secondary structure within the framework of the Mother-Heaven which is called Mother-Lucidity. Which lucidity? It is not lucidity at the cerebral level because it would be a general structure Earth. It is a lucidity of the heart. It is somebody who has a very strong comprehension of the space and of the others starting from the heart.


But it is a lucidity of the heart which always has a concern towards the Earth. She does not have this same lucidity of the heart for an essential concern towards the Heaven. It is for that that it is a secondary structure. In other words, the person is in a Heaven structure of Mother-Heaven which has a Heaven orientation but its concern, to her, is a concern on the Earth. Then, by work with these concerns of the Earth, there is an enrichment of this structure. It which will open more and more the arms towards the Heaven than to open them always a little more in the Earth.