The secondary structures


The instructor of Heaven and Earth



This structure is well named because it instructs either the Heaven, or the Earth, according to its particular orientation. They are people who have access to the adamantine intelligence, the intelligence archived by the evolved beings of this Universe. They then will speak about it.


In fact, if I make right now this amalgam between Heaven and Earth it is that for these people, there will not have very clear separation between them, since for them, all the information and the knowledge which comes from Heaven is to fall down on Earth so that the Earth organizes and manages itself much better.

They have certain knowledge, but they do not have access to the real matter from where this knowledge stems. Also one observes that in their daily life they are in the usual confusion and difficulties. Therefore, finally it is really an instructor, but which will try to make believe that he is a fully accomplished person, especially on the spiritual level.


What can one make and how to accompany this structure? It is to bring them back to humility. They believe to have truly a good hold with the Heaven. Then, one will present the Heaven to them truly in matter and they will realize that they are not able to decode it, to perceive it, to recognize it. There one will put them in a relatively difficult and completely uncomfortable situation.


This kind of structure must be put in the perception of the relativity of their own perception so that it ceases being this pretentious instructor. But that does not function very well when one works with these people because they have a dialectical facility to attract the others and to make them dream thus, all in all, they are installed in a very comfortable system.