The secondary structures


The demonstrator of Heaven



I will now speak you about a pretty structure which one calls the demonstrator of the Heaven. This is often women.

The demonstrator of Heaven has a total perception of the Heaven. She does not know really what it is, from where that comes from but there is « something » which is beautiful and which runs in her. She likes to show it.

She can have completely futile human sides, like the pretty small jewels, to get well dressed, be appreciated by the men… Nevertheless she has a kindness, a beauty, prettiness inside her. She has vitality, vigour.


She is making the demonstration of the movement of the Heaven on Earth.


She lives nicely, flexibly, lovingly. She shows the good side of the life. That will be a laugher, very positive, somebody which will not make much stories, which will not worry considerably, which will always take the events in the constructive and interesting side and will not be blocked by sadness, by all these feelings which immobilize, sadden and darken a space. It is mobility, clarity, the demonstration of a movement, an existence of kindness, of prettiness, of freedom, of flexibility, etc


It is a pretty small structure of the Heaven. I call it « small structure » because it has a difficulty: it is related to a problem of recognition from the others. It needs to be looked at and that one says to it that it is good. It is very linked to the look of the others to revitalize its movement, to revitalize its enthusiasm for the life. It is the look of Earth, the working of the Earth, which is the main thing for it.

It is thus a small pretty female structure, which is very exuberant, sometimes even funny. One appreciates its generosity in movement. If it is wounded, because one can very easily wound it by saying to it that it makes silly things and that it has an useless exuberance, that it demonstrates things which one does not need to demonstrate, it will have the tendency to return in its egg, to lower the head. This suffering is touching. But, it will not remain suffering for a long time. It has such a vitality that as soon as new events arrive, it sets out again in the demonstration of its Heaven.


How will one accompany such a structure? It is necessary to encourage it to its mobility, to its movement. One will show it how the Heaven is satisfied with its dance and that it has the capacity to cure it from its wounds.

In this approach of the Heaven it will discover more and more the beauty of the Heaven and will have the desire to dance much more with It. This is thus that quietly, this pretty small structure will become a great structure Heaven side.

What will it become Heaven side: maidservant of God, warlike of God or mother-Heaven? One does not know. Which orientation will be taken, how the structure will evolve, as the pruning of the karmic trees which settle around it? In its love and this dance with the Heaven, there will be a pruning of some trees, other trees will be planted. According to the events some trees will be chosen and it is what will make develop this mobilization towards a structure.

It is a pretty small structure to accompany, completely pleasant and deeply sensitive, very grateful of what one does for it.