The secondary structures


The lawyer of Heaven



The lawyer of Heaven is a secondary structure from the main structure which is called the warrior of God. You can look at again all that I have said on it because it is so fine and sensitive that I cannot do a small digest to you.

The lawyer of Heaven is completely contained in the warrior of God. Except that the lawyer of Heaven is strictly localized in the defense of Heaven. She remains with the exclusive assess of the word.

She has a rather selective warlike side, distanced of the environment, it means that it is a structure, which has the capacity to cut a piece of energetic fabric which is not clean, which is not correct and to completely dissociate it from the general energetic fabric. She can be a very good surgeon or a very good lawyer.

She wants to defend something of generous. She has an orientation towards the Heaven with, alas, a manner of making of level Earth sometimes with a completely astonishing brutality.


What can one make with this structure of the lawyer of Heaven? It is not so easy because it is a structure rather pretentious of itself because it perceives well its lucidity. It perceives that there is a result, an action on Earth and this action on Earth gives it a form of recognition which can, completely, satisfy it.

Then, one can bring this structure of the lawyer of Heaven, like almost all the other structures with secondary character, to perceive more amply this Heaven and to be a little a more ecologist: an ecologist is the one which analyzes a part compared to the whole.

Therefore, when one has this look, when one will insert something or extract something of particular, one has a concern of the whole of the space and fabric on which one is and in which one intervenes.

Therefore, one will make this structure much more discrete in its intervention as much with the word that with the lancet. It should be led to be, more and more defender of a whole. It is a structure which it is enormously necessary to relativize on the level of its action.