The secondary structures


Elf, will-o'-the-wisp: kindness of the Earth



You know what an elf is in the druidic mythology: they are these small forces, these small beings which go out of the Earth and make funny things to humans but help them, accompany them and guide them. It is a pretty small structure of Heaven, generally female. It is really kindness for the Earth. It is light. Generally they are people who have a very fine body, very light, very floating, very mobile, very dancer.

They are small persons who seem nothing at all, that is to say which do not take a colossal importance in an environment: they do not impose themselves. They pass in the environment like a will-o'-the-wisp, like a small light, merry, very spring, very light, very luminous flame.

One does not pay truly a great attention to them. It is especially when they are not anymore there that one realizes the vacuum of their absence. All becomes heavier, darker, that loses light, lightness. That loses prettiness.


It is a pretty structure of Heaven, very fragile. This fragility obliges them almost to look for a companion who is much more Earth, who has stability, who is peaceful in his decision, in his life. And it is necessary that this accompanying Earth side perceives the quality of the Heaven of her partner because if he wants to bring her back to roles of Earth, this pretty small flower of Heaven will fade, become depressed, be cut off behind her tears. She will become less and less active.


It is a very pretty structure to accompany but it is not easy to make it going up truly to the Heaven because it is timorous to move away from the Earth. If necessary, it would go up by montgolfier but the plane is a little dangerous for it. It does not want to move away too much from the ground. For the moment the ground and the Earth are still its safety.

It is the structure which passes from the structure Earth to the structure Heaven. It is still a bit ambivalent between the two.


Then, it is merry and nice to work with them. There will be a really sincere friendship which will be established, but it is not at all obvious that the accompanying will be able to bring them very high because they will take their time. And the trouble when one takes its time, it is that there are the events of the life which come and they are seldom pleasant, and manufacturing. They are, most often, aggressive and cause sufferings. It is a pity that the time that one takes to advance often finishes in acceleration by the suffering, whereas acceleration could be made by love. But so that it is thus, it would be necessary that they want to take off more quickly of the ground and to get into the plane that the accompanying proposes to them. But, it is difficult for this structure elf.