Secondary structures


Cleanliness, space: healer of the Earth



It leaves an Earth orientation and comes in a Heaven orientation. But it does not look at the Heaven with sufficient frankness, clearness, decision. It is a light structure, of cleanliness, clarity and space. It is a structure which makes clean. But why is one clean? To have space to circulate. Why does one clean? It is to see better.


It is thus a spatial structure which goes out of the heaviness of the Earth and starts to enter in the aerial. One notices that to enter this aerial, it is necessary, to clean a lot, on oneself residues which remain of the Earth.

It is thus frankly a structure healer of the Earth.


One finds it at a lot of these healers that one could call landsmen, these healers which leaves the countryside, which have the capacity to cure the shingles, the fire etc. Even if their possibilities of healing are more extended, it is always towards the Earth that they carry the healing.

They are not healers of the Heaven, of the spirit, of the secret side of the being who have the initial intention which is printed in each cell.


This structure of cleanliness, of clearness and of space is as female as male. One finds it a lot in female by its aspiration to be light, clear. This is very discrete. One realizes of its existence when it is not there anymore. And indeed at this time, there is heaviness, darkness, there is something which becomes much sicker.


How to help this structure? It is to be able to show it the Heaven, who is in it and towards which it goes timidly. It is not a structure which one can be rough with. It is somebody with whom one will take the time of a very soft, quiet, accompaniment, at her rhythm, without precipitation, or else she will return in her burrow, in her protection of the Earth.


She is well attracted towards the Heaven but she does not know very well and does not know which her protections are. It is to the accompanying to arrive at showing it.

It is the radiation of the Heaven on the Earth which has made that she has matured and that she has left the head of the Earth and that, now, she wants to look at and go up towards the Heaven. There is a light, there is a luminosity which interests her.


It is an essentially luminous structure. At it, it is clear, it is clean. At it, it is serene in the sense where the life deserves to be lived and which it likes the life, the contact with the others, the contact of its body with the others.

It is a pretty accompaniment which can give a lot of pleasure because it is fresh, it is honest. It is a healer of the Earth, but because she already looks at towards the Heaven, it is honest, frank and she tries to understand. But she has a difficulty in understanding because she does not have an energetic fabric sufficiently important Heaven side so that the Heaven can run relatively freely in her.