Heaven Orientation


Maidservant of God, warrior of God



The first structures oriented Heaven, and the most beautiful, is called the maidservant of God.

It is an almost exclusively female structure. There are very few men who have this structure of maidservant of God. The woman has a capacity to perceive the inner Earth, while the man is really oriented in his claim of the outer Earth.

The woman has a much more secret, more internal activity. It is less seen, but it is much more powerful. That is why it is her who gives birth, it is her who creates the child. I remember once, a rustic meal where there were very popular people and gentlemen who criticized the ladies. Then an old country woman stands up and says: « Listen, gentlemen, you give us a lot of hassle with your stories, your claims, because you, you wriggle for five minutes, but us, we work for nine months. » It has put an end to the discussion. The woman has a very much higher capacity, to meet, to touch, to have intimacy with the Heaven and the subtle Creation.


So this structure of maidservant of God is almost exclusively female and is well named: one serves God. It is a so intimate contact with the Creation that there is around her an environment of the Creation, an entire karmic system, an entire forest set up by Creation.

It is a person who has no other impulses that to serve: she serves the beauty of life, she served its dynamism. This person knows very well that there is no separation between the Heaven and the Earth, even if she does not have an intellectual understanding. For her, it is physical. It is not possible to abandon the Earth to itself. It is always an interventionist to help the Earth, to nourish the Earth, to heal the Earth, to enliven the Earth. Seen from the outside, she can do a very physical work, but in reality it is an essential spiritual work, essential from the Heaven that she is putting into action.

As it is someone who serves, who gives a service, the perception that the others have of her is not automatically rewarding. For her, her enthusiasm is that God lives freely and fully on Earth. And to what and in what God can live fully and freely on Earth? In men. So, she is concerned that men go well. She will always look for solutions. She is completely involved in the destiny of God and her own pleasure, her own enjoyment, her satisfaction is that God is living well.


She receives the recognition that God has of her. There is a return of contentment. She did not look for it. But God, this force of Creation, knows to recognize the one who serves Him. She has this recognition and this fulfillment. She has this happiness in the heart when she knows that things are well done.

May be the result will not be the one that she has hoped the one for which she has worked because man is man and the nourishment, the fruit, the attention she will give him, will he really use it in this orientation, in this intention, in this movement, or will he make a detour and bring it in another field?

But it does not matter, she has done what she must do, she has done the right thing and then that lives all alone. The maidservant of God is essentially this: to make live it all alone. She helps a movement, nourrishes it, but she has brought an enormous attention to do so that the other is free of her. And to be free of her, we must develop in the other an enthusiasm for life which is his own turbo, which is his own fuel.


It is thus she makes him free of her the whole movement, every action she creates because she leads them, she tries to lead them in their enthusiasm for their live.


This structure is truly a master of the space. It is part of this dimension. It is the one who cares about the environment so that it goes well because she has a physical perception that it is space, the quality of space which leads, which involves the mobility of the structure. So, this master of the space can be peaceful or wrathful.

I have approached the explanation of the structure of the maidservant of God by its peaceful side. But it can be very wrathful. It is then a warrior. If I said, to this warrior who attacks frankly the problem, who goes directly to the truth and who tells it like it is and who is in her outward movement, extremely positive and active, that she is a maidservant she would not understand. This, I express it by saying that she is a warrior. But it is the same thing. It is the one who loves God. Eminently. Exclusively. But who loves him in a side, in a fantastic dynamism, a dynamism of external action that sometimes we can also say violent. In fact, both are in the peace of heart.


This is an exclusive structure of Heaven. How will it be organized on Earth? How will this structure of the Earth be adapted?

She has found ways to serve and to intervene. These are ways in which she will easily be judge : to immediately separate fact from false as the very definition of the judge, in his noble side is to state the law. The law was initially based on morality and the essence that there is good and evil, there is God.

She will also be a lawyer, who will try to put things in order so that the false finds the truth.


In fact, it will always be structures telling the truth. Whatever it is. But not just to tell the truth, it is in addition, to open a space of life and of circulation. We will tell the truth so that this truth frees space. So it is an eminently religious truth. This is not just an informational truth. It is not the person who will do journalism as it is experienced by the emotional shocks. However, it can be a great journalist who is going to feature leading articles, linking always a particular event to an atmosphere, a general space to show how things evolve. But it will not be only a journalist since he will not only shows how things evolve, he will always have the impulse to show how things can evolve and to find ways to put in place partners so that they can transform something. What makes that beyond being a journalist, if he begins his activity so, he could possibly continue as a diplomat, the one who is around a table and tries to find a solution so that the noble and worthy life starts again its rights.


The maidservant of God, if she is on the soft side will be in a system where she will do for the others. She can be a quiet mother. She will care a bit about the business of the district, of the religious world etc. She will try to do good around her, without pretentiousness but very curiously she will be indispensable, even if she does not have recognition. And we feel well that without her, things do not work in the same way because she knows to nourrish the space. It is a structure essentially mother. It is a structure nourishing of Heaven. It is the Heaven really which nourrishes and which helps and which develops the Earth, which lights the Earth. So she can do it on a deep peaceful side or almost unnoticed. But she can also do it in a most obvious side, it means wrathful, and there she becomes warrior. And her demonstration is much more blatant. But basically, it is the same heart.


It is a beautiful structure that is part of the first category of people: those to whom when we have shown the Heaven, immediately recognize it and is immediately commited and enthusiastic in this communication, and who, therefore, is very attentive to the perfection and to the quality of the techniques and means, ways, which permit to go to Heaven.

The only thing that interests her is to have the key to open the door of Heaven, every days in her life and in her daily life. She asks to know where to find the key and to know to open the lock and the door and she will do very scrupulously what we tell her to do and she will be very attentive and precise about the means.


But this structure has a weakness. She has such an intimacy with the Heaven that she must also arrive to be known on Earth. And that is her weakness. The Heaven will recognize her by a natural impulse of the heart, a happiness installed inside her, a deep contentment that is not of the order of satisfaction: this is contentment.

But the men do not know to recognize the quality of this structure in its quiet side: the maidservant of God or in its wrathful side: the warrior of God. They can not touch, perceive its mechanism. She can greatly be neglected. Except that very curiously, when these people are no longer in the environment it becomes a big mess. So there, you realize they may be useful for something.


This movement to go to serve is quite normal. But what is not normal, it is to be controlled by the movement. We must remain in control of the service we give. We must remain in control of the space in which we enter. It is a partnership structure. She is a partner of God. This is not a submission to God. She serves his movement, but she is fully participating. She is part of this movement.


Finally, it is the movement of God who helps himself.


It is God who serves himself. So, by her difficulties to be recognized by the men, she will forget this egalitarian partnership with the object she serves, with the force she serves and she will put herself in a form of submission. She can no more control anything and slides into the process where space becomes master of the situation. She does a self-ignition in servitude.

So it is very important to make an accurate assessment of these structures and to explain to them how they are and how they work.

It is a beautiful structure, but unfortunately extremely rare. What a shame that many men can not reach this structure because they are too pretentious of themselves.