The secondary structures


Carrier of the word



The carrier of the word is the one who carries the word, the sound. On the religious level, the carrier of the word can be regarded as a priest or as the missionary who walks from village to village and which speaks. It is not quite simply to speak, but it is to have a structure which makes it possible to emit sounds which will cause something in the intention, in the vibration, in the resonance of the other.

It is also the theater, the actor. It is the one who will act with the word, with the sound and thus with all the modulations of the sound. The mastery of the word, it is the mastery of the vibration of the sound. But between two sounds, there is the silence, so it is also the mastery of silence.


The carrier of the word is the carrier of the sound, of the germ sound, of the germ sentence, of the word which strikes and resounds in the other. He does not express it in any manner. He articulates it with a vibration of the throat, of the tongue, of the lungs. He is helped by the environment, which is air, by the wind, music and beyond all that, he is an artist of silence. And it is through silence in a sentence, in a word that he retains the attention, that he retains the breathing of the listener. And when the other retains his breathing, it means that he is in inspiration, he breathes in the energetic matter, the energetic space that the teller of words is preparing for him since the words are a vibratory space.


Thus, in essence it is the storyteller, the one who tells the tales, the one who makes the tales. The tale touches a dream, a life expectancy, it goes beyond the Earth. It is not only to tell one story, it is to make dream. One goes in a virtual and one tries to give to this virtual compactness, a matter which fills with enthusiasm, opens up, dilates. This virtual mechanism, this creation of virtual space tries to put into vibration a matter inside the body.


The accompanying must pay a great attention to this structure because it carries a dream, an illusion which can make believe that it is interested by the Heaven. But it is also possible that what interests it is to make vibrate the Heaven in order to recover this energy and to pass it on in nourishment to the Grid. These people often nourish their listeners instead of releasing the energy which they dynamize in them. The Grid is always a robber.

The accompanying must be very vigilant. He should not be let involve by the first movement which is filling with enthusiasm. It is really necessary to pay attention to what occurs afterwards. And if one realizes that one has less and less of love and of momentum for these people, it is that it is a structure cloned by the Grid.


If this structure is cloned by the Grid, one tries to make it perceive the beauty of the world and to give birth in it to the real compassion for the other, while making it see that the other suffers, has difficulties, that it is necessary to respect the totality of his work, the totality of his energetic mobilization and pay great attention not to be nourished of him.

If it is a real Heaven structure, it is the same work: to show it the Heaven, always a little more so that it has more and more the means of mobilizing this Heaven inside the dream and the tale which it installs for the other and inside the other, by paying great attention, in its mobilization to the fact that the Heaven opens well for the other, for the energy which it mobilizes inside him.


It is also a very pretty accompaniment which is not easy because generally they are rather pretentious beings because they perceive the force that they have in the word, in the expression of the word, in the natural choice of the word, in the accompaniment of the word, in the silence of the words. When one starts to ask them for a work much more precise and particular on this art of silence and this art of the words, they can be very easily cut off from this innate gift which they have, this sensual movement, without seeking too much to understand it, letting themselves carry by this basic wave saying that universe carries them, that the words leave thus, that the movement is there and that the words are registered with the movement. What is also true. Except that they do not pay attention to the intention which makes the movement, which settles the movement. They have interest only for the word made by the movement.


In fact, the carriers of word are interested by the word, by the word and the making of the word. They jump on the horse which is already in race. But, they are not worried too much to know which is this horse and who is the owner of the horse. Thus, it is the role of the accompanying to show them the difference, that there are two types of owners who make gallop the horses in a different way. Therefore, it should be paid great attention that the energy mobilized by the words does not go back to an owner who is not the Heaven because this structure is announced very religious by definition.