The secondary structures


The dancer of God



The dancer of God is a secondary structure with Heaven orientation. There, the notion of secondary structure is very clear. In fact, she dances God but she does not dance necessarily for God. She has completely the possibility to dance also for her, for the pleasure of dancing, for her pleasure of dancing, for the pleasure of the looks of the men, of the women, in fact of the environment, of the humanity.


The dancer of God loves God. She loves this spiritual, esoteric, very aerial dimension. But, beyond the love of God, she likes, also, much, herself and she is not ready to give up the whole of her dreams.

So, it is pretty. This dance puts in vibration and one feels indeed the presence of the Creation, the presence of Dignity. Except that when there is a little false in a lot of truth, all becomes false. It is the danger with this structure of the dancer of God: all can be easily recovered by the Grid and generally, all is recovered by it.

There are people who look for God, there are people who are satisfied with less than God, and as soon as you are satisfied with less than God, the receiver of the action is the Grid. Automatically. On the other hand, if you deal only and exclusively with God, whatever the imperfection of your dance, of your movement, the receiver is the Creation, it is the Dignity, it is God. You are thus nourished directly by the Creation, by this radiant energetic flux which you serve.


Moreover, this secondary structure of the dancer of God is often coupled with a tantric structure which is a direct making of the Grid to be able to collect the energetic system of the sensation, pushed to its extreme, to its aestheticism.


What can one make for her? It is to make her perceive that she wounds the White Woman in whom she moves, it means in which she dances. But in finality, she is much more concerned by the look of the others than by the one of the Creation. I would say that the only means of healing her of her attention to her, like besides the majority of the structures with character of dance and tantrism, it is the perception of the pain of the Source and of the indispensability to mobilize the Gentleness which is the true medicine to this wound. From there, one can be ashamed to be concerned with its personal feelings, with its personal advantages, with its personal objectives and results. It is the best manner of accompanying this secondary structure: to bring it to perceive the primordial wound, the original wound of the Source and the exact reason of its presence on the Earth.


If after this direct perception it is not ashamed to continue its own personal research, then you can leave it. The life will deal with it. The karmic system of cause and effect always works and in all the directions, and all the cases. There, it should be remembered that any energetic structure is maintained as much as the advantages are higher than the disadvantages. Then, cease to increase the advantages of a structure, which does not want to change. On the contrary, let it to itself. It will very quickly increase its disadvantages and perhaps that it will have the possibility to be modified. One likes the Heaven, but one likes still more oneself.