Earth orientation






The master-Earth is the one who will know very well to make use of the words, of the theories, of the ideas, and will know how to handle them very well. A structure which will have the capacity to repeat like a tape recorder.


They know how to handle the words and the theories in a so artistic, so esthetic way that they make believe that they are opening other spaces, to open other doors to you whereas it is only a manner of turning the same diamond differently. In other words, they are people who have the capacity to take the objects that there are on the table, to change them place in such a way that you have the perception that they are other objects and another table. Thus, while passing from theories to theories which they will have assembled, from the systems of explanations to explanations, you will have the impression to be in a mechanism of evolution and of liberation. But no. You are quite simply in your prison, in the same prison in which you learn others steps of dance, it is all.


They write so pretty books, give so pretty teaching about the liberation, about the relation with God. They say that the message that they give is higher than themselves, as person. Also one should not pay attention to the imperfections that they have them, as person, but that it is the message which counts.


And one needs much attention and force to put the question quite simply: for what is used your teaching if, you, you are not transformed by it and not linked to a reality which is in there? It is necessary to be courageous to uncover these liars because one lives in the world of reptilian which is always at the research of the safety. He prefers the reassuring lie to the truth which makes burst the space.


It is a structure very manipulator of the Earth and of the other. Master is not an exclusively male structure but it is also female. When one has a structure master-Earth in his environment, one has not left the inn because it is the structure which knows how to turn argumentations in all the directions and which finishes by making you believe that all what you think is false. Even if you have seen at the beginning that what has been shown is of blue color, after all the speech of the other, you will end up believing that it was red and that you have badly seen.

It is a structure which is linked directly and very attentive to the organization of its comfort. If it refers to something broader than it, that one will call the religion, a theory or a teaching, or to the education system, it is because this support that it takes permits it to be established well in its personal satisfaction.


Finally, this structure is not defendant of nothing, except of itself. Super difficult to transform it.


But finally, there is not great risk as accompanying because they are not people who will come really to see you to ask you for the assistance. On the contrary, they belong to the structures which will criticize a lot all the mechanism of the Direct Way, which will be a mechanism disturbing for all the social tranquility to the reason that the truth can kill: « Oh my God, since that kills, one should not. No, the organization of the lie, which regulates the homogenization of the space is much better. We, we love the men. We are there for their tranquility, their preservation. The truth which destabilizes, O my God, one should not». Thus, to help a structure like that is very rare because it is not it which comes to ask for aid. You will rather have it like enemy permanently, in an excessively effective way because they know how to make use of the words, to handle the ideas, the theories, the diagrams, all the security chains.


But at him also, it will arrive incidents of the life that can destabilize his certainty. When there will be the crack, the wound, one should not above all arrive with the drug anaesthetizing but with the bottle of acid or the liter of vinegar. The pain should not above all be closed again very quickly because they await only that to invest themselves again in the omission of reality.

It is structure which discusses all, which brings everything to it, which remakes continuously a space for it, it means that it remakes continuously something, it handles its own words, its own ideas, it tones down the facts. In fact, it makes an entirely artificial world, completely virtual but that it estimates to be a reality.

They are people who will say that they love their husband, that they love their wife, that they love their children, that they love their family. Although all is based on the lie but that does not do anything because it is a quiet organization. Each thing in its place. Each one finds its place in this lie and finds its nourishment in it. And that functions well.


The lie is easy to organize because it closes the space.


The truth releases the space. But once space is released, you do not know too well how it will evolve. The truth is lived on itself. Once it is deployed, it is the flight of the bird in the Heaven. You can no longer direct it. You do no longer control it.

You open its cage to it and you thought that it was going to make a pretty song for you and you realize that it goes very far, that it goes elsewhere. And in the final analysis, for you it has not made a pretty song. With the result that the one who is in love with the truth, frees the truth for itself. It is a pleasure for him, it is a joy for him to see the Heaven, this freed bird, which flies, which sings. While the one who is Earth frees the bird because he wants that the bird sings for him. If he does not sing for him, he puts it back in its cage because there he can make it sing in his manner. He will put a cap on the cage, and when he will remove the cap the bird will sing. It is a process used by the Chinese when they arrived at this very refined decadence. To make sing the birds in their manner, they put out the eyes of them with a pin, making them blind. The birds did not have any more perception of the day or the night. They did not sing. When one wanted to make them sing, one puts them near a lamp. Under this luminosity which arrived and which they could nevertheless perceive by the heat and which for them represented the sun, they sang.


Pay great attention to that because you can be abnormally worried about the very obvious love, very sincere emitted and formulated by these people for their families, their children. They take care about their children, whether they are the biological children or their spiritual or educational children. They have the sincerity of this love and you can be questioned by that. Therefore, you would be brought to look at the imperfection of this energetic mechanism which one calls the sincerity and you cannot, either, base yourself on the movement of sincerity to judge and appreciate circumstances. Sincerity is still a possible mechanism of energetic handling. A true liar is completely sincere in his lie.