Heaven orientation


The lover of the love



It is a being, who knows in the deepest of him that only silence loves. The true action rises spontaneously from this silence. This true action does not leave any trace: not any karmic system behind. Only the slug leaves a trace, not the flight of the eagle. So, only silence loves. And this being is constantly in the search of this silence. As much inside as outside him. In fact everywhere. It is that, the lover of the love: a structure which is very female.


Therefore, it does not have anything to see with the lovers the sensations. From this silence, this being has his freedom. He carries, from there, his look on the event. It is a true look, which goes directly in the heart of the event. This glance is not encumbered any more of a whole social, cultural interference. He has this double look which seeks behind appearances. He does not look at with accepting the only material presentation, like an image. There is something behind the picture, there is a space. And this space, I would say that it is the truth of the picture. It is in the search of this truth. This structure is in love with this silence. It is in love with the love.


Then, this being, generally a woman, has a total commitment in the event. There are other structures which have a total commitment. But her, she has an absolute confidence in the Heaven. It is this confidence, which gives her all the force of her total commitment.


That will lead all her mobility to the life. Her choices are rigorous although simple. They are rigorous because where there is not the enthusiasm of the love, where there is not this creation loving the movement, that does not interest her.


It is a person who will have a powerful contact with the nature, which will always like to show. It can be a splendid photographer, painter or writer. But it can, also, be a very great practical person. Finally, it is the event, the meeting, which will make that her orientation will go rather on a side than on the other.

It is somebody of very practical. She is very practical because she is in communication with God. She feels him physically. Therefore, it is always an eminently practical structure, eminently precise in its action. It is for that, also, that seen from the outside she does not appear grandiose for all those who are only in love with the demonstration of the richness, of the success, material as spiritual.


It is an eminently delicate structure to discover this silence in each thing and behind each event and in each event.

And that can make difficult its contact with the ordinary man who is very noisy and not at all delicate. The lover with the love generally encounters difficulties of communication with the ordinary man because she is forced, she is shocked. She can take refuge, a lot, in the perception, the communication, the breathing of the nature, that it is of tree, of water, but also of the cloud, of the rain. It is not an escape from the man because she is very practical in her movement of the every day, but she is washed of the roughness thus. It is a structure which reacts very badly to the coercion, the brutality, the pressure.


It is a structure which needs time and space to find itself in the event, to move in the event. It is the quality of the breathing which is done now, here and now, which is paramount for the lover of the love.


She needs of human return to feel accepted. If it is not the case, if there is not this recognition of the immediate entourage, then it can have a form of cutting off with the man. She is less invested. At this time, she can, perhaps, derive towards a love, which is more immaterial, one will call it of a spiritual character.


It is a structure, which is deeply attentive and perceives very finely all the fluctuations of the space in which it moves. The husband for this structure, the man who accompanies her is somebody of very important. It is not only the husband and the woman, it is the husband and the spouse. It is not only an association of two beings to make an administrative family and children because for this structure the children are not automatically an absolute necessity or an absolute obligation. It is a relation of husband with spouse, it means between two people who make the same voyage in full consciousness and in full very intimate and happy communication. I say well: who make the same voyage. It is deeply clear. And in this voyage, there is this deployment of the love. That is palpable in all the activities, daily, what is the result of the silence of what they could organize and create between them.


Then, they are people to be accompanied in dimension in love with the Heaven. It is necessary to do everything to bring them again in contact very physically, very consciously, as quickly as possible with the Heaven, they can become exhausted.


One does not need to guide her, to blow something to her, to lead her reflections. To perceive, to feel, for her, suffices. From this direct perception, made by the sight, by the heart, by the intelligence she knows what she must do. And as her commitment is total, her confidence is total in the Heaven, which does not raise any difficulty for her to take a decision on the Earth. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to push her in it, to direct her. It would perceive a kind of brutality. The lover with the love would feel forced, obliged, in a space of coercion, of state control and so on. She cannot be directed. She directs herself her life.


In fact, the Heaven directs her life by the direct perception of the Heaven and

the total confidence that she has for him.



To conclude, I summarize. This structure does not have any doubt about its profound close link with the Heaven, with God. Where it has an interrogation it is on the methods of its action on the Earth. It is that its interrogation. And very curiously, it is not worthwhile to intervene on this. It suffices that it finds again consciously all the presence of the Heaven and it knows immediately what it is necessary to do.