Heaven Orientation


Mother of Heaven




On the structural and energy level, a mother is the one who when she gave food to everyone at table, knows exactly what to give as needed. So it is a structure of generosity. It is a structure that has the very clear perception of the moment, of the instant.

So it is a very strong structure in her presence in the space of the others. This structure of mother of Heaven is easily recognized by the ordinary man, by the ordinary life. We give them immediate respect.


These are structures which are safe earths on which we can take refuge

in case of difficulties.


It is the structure which is essentially a healer. She is donor, She is generous. She is healer of the man, of his sufferings. She has, like a mother, an immediate interest to make so that suffering ceases. She is a very special structure because when she enters a room, she immediately sees what is going wrong, what is not tidy But when it looks at someone, she sees also, immediately what is wrong with him. So it has, at first, this perception of what is wrong. It is physical. At the same time, and in an immediate and spontaneous way, she has the urge to do that it goes well. So it is the structure of generosity and of gift which wants to repair what is wrong. And which has, in third movement, the force of the intuitive intelligence to perceive what must be done so that it goes well.


To sum up, it is based on a three-legged organisation. Firstly, spontaneously, she perceives what is wrong. Secondly, she automatically wants that it goes well. Thirdly, she knows very quickly how to do, what the medecine to give is, to make so that it goes well. It is therefore a structure of healer.

But there, not any healer. A healer of Heaven. What does this mean? What is the quality of Heaven on Earth ? What is the testimony of its presence on the Earth: it is enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is completely included in this force of Heaven. It is not a moral, cultural evaluation. It is related to the matter of Heaven and it is this enthusiasm, the manifestation of this enthusiasm, which is the first testimony, the most obvious, of the presence of the Heaven on Earth.


This mother is a healer of enthusiasm.


It will show this momentum to take her life in her hands, to bite quite frankly in life as we bite in a fruit, to have this impulse to share, to own, to love. She will have all the activities that can help this, as being a wonderful teacher, a wonderful therapist. In fact, all what will help the man in a presence and a perception that is not exclusively linked to the matter.

The participation of this structure mother of Heaven for the Earth, will led her in all the situations in all the jobs where she will have a direct effect on the enthusiasm, the psyche, the commitment for life. The range is wide. It might be a great artist, who takes care of bringing children to perceive their dimensions through painting, or other activities. It is a structure which, through art, can make a form of assistance that can be called Art and Therapy. But she is not wandering in the event. It is a space, it means a big house where the others will come. A job is a big house. It is a brand name placed somewhere : psychotherapist or anything else, School of ... It is that a house. There is a space which is made by her and the others come in this space to work with her. There is thus a rather precise formalization of the activity in the world, of the activity with the others.


As any structure, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of this structure is the return of one of the advantages, the consequence of one of the advantages. A moment ago I said that this structure has the advantage of being easily recognized by the social system, as public utility, as necessity. This easy recognition of the world, of the other, can involve a considerable development of pride, of conceit. She can very easily consider herself a very great spiritual person, profoundly evolved, who knows how to help, to perceive, and to treat a little the others with a form of condescension. Naturally she carries a sort of claim of herself, if we do not pay attention to her.

So to help this structure, to work with mothers of Heaven, it is to make them perceive, consciously, their relationship with the Heaven and their importance on Earth. You have to be very stable and sure of yourself to be able to work so precisely in conflict situations, since the mother of heaven is someone who takes care of conflict. It is someone who has, as first perception, as first definition, to perceive what is wrong, because she has the possibility of finding a solution. If she was not doing that, she would feel useless, she would miss something. So it is her impetus to go into troubles.


So, in this importance she has for the others, in this conflict in which she is, sure of her, she can become deeply heavy in her certainty. When we help someone like that, we make her perceive all the quality, the beauty of what she is and the need she has to sbe ure of her. But we must bring her, also, to perceive that if she wants to progress, to go even more in intimacy with the Heaven, she must have humility because humility is what decondenses. Humility is not a decision of the brain, of the intelligence. This is not a decision at all. It is the heart that cries. Naturally, she asks God to come to help her. That is humility. This is something profoundly natural.

But if the person has fallen into the claim of all what she perceives: the recognition of others, the effectiveness of her work, she is not humble. She believes she has the tools in the hands, the forces that allow her to juggle with the life and with people. And moreover, people will pay her a lot and thank her.

She benefits from the Heaven, she lives with the Heaven, she has this contact, but will she continues to progress?


Every structure is made to evolve, it means to disappear.


Without humility, the mother of Heaven will not progress. I would even say that the karmic forest which will settle around her will become heavier, thicker and her perceptions will be less subtle. And gradually she can become more brutal in her decision, in the making of food she gives to the others.

We must draw her attention to the insufficiency of her action, even if her action is wonderful, so that she perceives her limitations. This will make her, naturally, humble again because with all the love she has for others she will long for having more subtelty of action. She will look then a lot more the Heaven than her activity on Earth. Be careful with that.