Heaven orientation


Father of Heaven



There are the words: father and Heaven.

The father is the provider of goods: to provide in goods, to give the material insurance, the environment, allowing the family to function. But, at the level Heaven, this father provides the environment with goods, not only to bring a material comfort, but to make so that these goods constitute a ground of take-off towards the Heaven and a landing strip of the Heaven. In other words, the father of the Heaven is the one who will constitute an environment that I would call an aerodrome.

What is the concern of the father of the Heaven?


It is to constitute a material space allowing, the child, because he is a father, to have a base on which he can fly away towards the Heaven.

But, the problem is not to lead somebody to fly away towards the Heaven because there, I would say that it is still relatively easy. But, why the child will want to go towards the Heaven? It is because it is a landing strip which is, also, given to him: he knows that he can return in all peace, in full safety after his take-off, after his voyage. It is for that that I speak about landing strip, much more than of ground of take-off. It is at this level that the relation with the mother, and mainly with the mother of the Heaven is a splendid state. If there is an assembling between them, it means a coupling to constitute the first of spaces, which is that of the family, the mother, when she has been recognized and protected by the father, will give courage to the child to go to make his take-off towards the Heaven. When this coupling is carried out, then, there is a benefit, a fantastic radiation for the Earth, there is happiness on Earth. It is a benefit on the Earth. It is a royal and divine aerodrome.


I will not extend on the coupling, the relation, the completeness between the father and the mother of Heaven because generally one of these structures is solitary because it is coupled with an energetic form which is not in partnership. Generally, it is coupled with a structure which is nourished from it, which needs it, which is made safe of it, but which is not particularly participating with its action and its enrichment.

I thus will look at the father of Heaven all alone because generally he is alone with his concern.

He does not have any doubt about the quality of his presence and the quality of his action. It is a being which has this safety to be which naturally imposes on the others. He has this calm, this presence which makes that he does not act much. He makes an aerodrome. He acts much less than the mother of Heaven, which she, will have to take care of the problems almost in the everyday life. He, it is the constitution of the environment. In other words, if I could still make a small assimilation with the mother of Heaven, if the mother takes in the soup-tureen this soup that she distributes to each one according to their needs, the father has been the maker of the soup-tureen and its contents.

He thus gives the materials means, of environment and space so that one wants to take off his plane for his life. Therefore, it is not somebody who is interventionist in the indications. He creates the ground of take-off and of landing and his presence even is reassuring. He has an intuitive comprehension of what the other is. He does not give many advices but deals with the vitality of the being that is in space that he has constituted. He is a splendid complement of the mother of Heaven because she is the healer of enthusiasm. When the enthusiasm, which is this principal character of the presence of the Heaven on the Earth, is attacked, the mother of Heaven is the healer. The father of Heaven, him, is the provider of basic vitality, vitality to act. What makes that in all his action with the men, in his everyday, he will be always in a situation where he will touch vitality. For example if he is doctor, because they are naturally structures of assistance to the good health of humanity, he will be a doctor rather specialized towards the kidneys because they are the bodies of energetic vitality, of vitality of the being. That can be also a specialist in the heart. He will not be a specialist in the liver or somebody who will deal with the medical rehabilitation of the foot, of the bones or the articulations.


Always on the plan of his social activity, it is somebody who will have an essential communication, from heart to heart and which will be adapted in what one calls human resources, the human inheritance. It is a structure which can direct the professional life of people. This man has the capacity to connect the one and the other so that all functions well for the overall vitality, it means for the space in which will be exerted the action.


Therefore, it has three fulcrums: the perception, the desire for making and the imagination to find the means of action.


But he is not a healer; it is essentially a creator of space. And that without stress. Especially without stress. So, it is a peaceful and reassuring man, and very naturally he is liked.


The danger is that he becomes too much a large good-natured and who will intervene less and less. He can let make the things, he can let too badly take off of his aerodrome or too badly to land. It is there where there is a danger for this father of Heaven, the danger to intervene too late.


If I wanted to summarize the disadvantages, I would say that it is a relatively fragile being because his satisfaction, his happiness, is related to the perfection of the flight of those which he makes take off and land of his space. It is his happiness: to see somebody taking his life in hand, his vitality. But, if there is in his space people, and too many people, who are timid in their movement, in the deployment of their vitality that makes him suffer. Therefore, at this level he is fragile. If it does not realize that, he can become too painful.

Then, it is necessary, when it is accompanied, to specify well to him and to show him that he should not hesitate to hustle space, it means to change the space.


Here is the essential of what I could say to you on this structure.