Heaven orientation


The lover of Heaven



The lover of Heaven is a secondary structure with orientation to the Heaven.

She likes the Heaven, she is attracted by him. She has the desire to understand the operation of the universe. She needs this comprehension to commit herself. She needs a participation of the reasoning, and analyzing brain. It is for that that it is a secondary structure and not a principal structure. Her love towards the Heaven is not total. It needs the approval of her « reason ».


Then, it is a structure which can be deeply disturbed by a deficiency of the father. If the biological father were non-existent, especially at the time of puberty and of adolescence, this structure of lover of Heaven will be very apprehensive for the future because there is nobody who will have said to her that in front of the way is correct, that there is no hole. She will be always of fear of all the faults, the chasms, of what can arrive to her. This structure will require, then, from her husband to ensure to her the presence of a safety of life. But she will never be satisfied.


Moreover, it is a structure, which is still very cautious to her commitment towards the Heaven. Also she seeks the security at the level of the Earth and will seek it in her past, in places, territories, houses, where she has been happy or has tested a feeling of happiness. She will be in the search of this security and can fall into an important passeism.


This structure is interesting but dangerous if one does not realize that it is a secondary structure and that one takes it for a principal structure. One will not manage to understand why, having obtained by the opening of her memories a form of knowledge and vision of the beauty of the world, she will continue to be cautious. It is a rather ambivalent structure. One should pay attention.