Earth orientation





The first destination of this structure is worried of the organization of human space for the human space itself. The principal intention is that human space functions well without one paying truly attention to its destination and the means used and if they will make of unhappiness for the Heaven.


This organizer of space can make a super politician, a super trade unionist and so on. But he is very mechanical in the organization of human space, very defendant of the existing. He will not have the reflex, the attention naturally drawn to the finality of this space, of its orientation and of its ethics. It is the attention to the fact that this social machine, this car, functions well and to see how he can always improve of it the engine without caring for knowing what one will do of it.

It is a structure very interested by a social perfectionism, a perfectionist of tools. If I wanted to push towards a negative extreme, it is the one who could finally put in improvement a splendid weapon of war, to arrive at a fantastic sophistication, but who will not arrive at being touched by the finality of the object. His heart will not be touched by its use. He makes a weapon, it is thus so that it is used somewhere. No, it will not look at this side. He, he will be deeply captivated, and even captured, by the perfection of the action, the organization of the tool. He will become entirely mechanical.

Also he can manage to do something of completely wretched for the humanity, but engaged in this dynamic he will not even realize that. Later, when there will be the catastrophe and that one will come to reproach it to him, he will remain stupid. He will not understand at all the reproach that one will make him to have taken part in it. He will say quite simply that he has done his work, his trade, his role.


He will be well recognized like a very good worker, and he will be recognized, naturally, by the others because there is a whole social system, a reptilian system, which likes to have good engineers, who do not ask too many questions and which are not worried too much by the finality of the objects that they build. Then, it is necessary that system functions, that there are engineers, technicians, it is necessary to live as one would say! And if it were necessary to be concerned with all and with the finality of what one does, one would not move anymore!


He can get bogged in this recognition and at the time of his death, the day of his burial, one will say of him that he has well served. But, the fact of touching this constraint, of so deeply touching the object of working, the organization of the space, enables him to awake memories inside him and to ask him, at a given moment, the question and to be touched by the finality of his action. And, as well as all the other structures, he has the possibility of making it burst and of coming in these dimensions of the matter of which, also, its structure is made.

It is difficult to touch, to transform a father-Earth because he has such a certainty that what he makes is right. He will say that he works for his children. He is not easily eradicable.


His essence comes from the Heaven, but it is a Heaven which has been left well involved in the separating space, in the space of the Earth, which wants to be managed all alone and which does his own references, his own laws and rules. But there is always Heaven, there is always heart. It is always necessary to hope and count, with these structures that there will be often difficult, conflicting events, that will give him to think and show him that the life is not so obvious, and that he is being made roll in the flour, that he is being made handle by a whole system of human logic resulting from the reptilian brain.

One must count on the intervention of the Heaven to bring difficulties to him and when the difficulties are there, one should not especially put jam and honey on them but rather a good bottle of vinegar. Not to help him to put an anesthetic bandage. However, it is what it asks but that would not be at all to help him to awake the Heaven in him.